VOAT FOR ME ... er ... VOAT FOR US!!

Back in the days ... when I was a kid, some of the older kids -- teenagers hoping to avoid the draft, probably -- wore red, white and blue patches that simply said "VOAT".

I thought it was perfect in a multilayered way.

It appeals to the semi-illiterate segment of the electorate.
It gently mocks the electoral system.
And so on...

Those patches inspired the title of this post.


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More Screwed Now Than Ever Before

I can't shake the feeling that we're more screwed now than ever before, though it seems hardly anyone agrees with me.
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Tales from the nuclear black market

I came across this blog post after a friend mentioned the Tinners family to me.
An engineer is on trial in Germany for allegedly attempting to help Libya develop a nuclear bomb. But the network the man was allegedly part of was under surveillance by intelligency agencies, with the CIA getting involved early on.,1518,560131,00.html

I thought it was interesting reading, especially in the context of some of the stories WP has followed regarding domestic terrorists and the people behind them.

The Biggest Lie Of All

I happened to be walking through the living room while my wife was watching Laura Bush address the Republican National Convention, and I actually heard the First Lady say this:
George is using America's influence to lift up lives around the world. Millions of children are protected from malaria by mosquito nets the American people provide. In Afghanistan and Iraq, 50 million people are now living in freedom. And let's not forget President Bush has kept the American people safe.
Four simple clear sentences punctuated by lots of applause. Let's look more closely, shall we?
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Different Day, Same Shit

Why is it that everywhere the US military goes, the people don't welcome them with flowers and candy? Those of us who pay attention have noticed the double talk regarding "success" in Iraq, and the nearly non-stop calls for American withdrawal by every legitimate (or otherwise) Iraqi representative.

Now (again) we direct our attention to Afghanistan. It seems almost likely that children, civilians, and wedding parties are used as shields/ targets by military forces specifically because of the headlines they garner;

Foreign and Afghan forces killed five children in two separate incidents Monday, further inflaming tensions in the country over the killings of civilians by troops from the U.S. and other countries.

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