These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. ~~~ Thomas Paine, 1776

How Not To Be Anti-American, Anti-Semitic, No Better Than Hitler, And Beneath Contempt

As you may have noticed, in our current so-called culture, it is extremely and increasingly important neither to be, nor to be perceived as, on the "wrong" side of certain issues.

Being, or simply being called, anti-American, anti-UK, anti-Israel, anti-NATO, and/or (especially) anti-Semitic, can jeopardize one's supposedly inalienable rights, among them: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Fortunately, it is quite easy not to be anti-American, anti-Semitic, and so on. There are ten rules that you need to learn and understand. Once you begin to apply these simple rules, you will be pleased to see that they make difficult thinking totally unnecessary.

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A Hero Sandwich and a Side of Fries

CORNFIELD, Iowa, July 19 -- Released by his Taliban captors in a deal arranged by the Obama administration, Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is back in America. Six years having passed since his disappearance, America had nearly forgotten Bergdahl. Now he's back he is momentarily infamous for being suspected of desertion from the U.S. armed forces. Nobody in officialdom yet claims that Bergdahl is guilty of anything, but YOU-ESS-AAY! YOU-ESS-AAY! YOU-ESS-AAY! uber-patriots are certain. They want to roast Bergdahl over a slow fire because, for them, any rumor is proof of any crime.

Then we have former Marine Sgt. Josh Sweeney, now a co-captain of the U.S. Paralympic Sled-Hockey Team. Sweeney was named “America Strong” by ABC News on the evening of July 16 because Sweeney helped Team USA take sled-hockey gold from Russia at the Paralympics in Sochi last spring. Also on July 16, Sweeney received the first annual Pat Tillman Award for Service. The Pat Tillman Award “pays tribute to the lasting legacy of selflessness, leadership and sacrifice that Pat represented,” said Connor Schell, vice president, ESPN Films and Original Entertainment.

Dogface Bergdahl claims he was out for a walk in Afghanistan when he was abducted by Taliban fighters and held captive for 6 years. Jarhead Sweeney was on patrol in Afghanistan when he stepped on a Bad Thing that atomized both his legs and blew him into early retirement from our beloved Corps.

Sweeney overcame a handicap that might have destroyed lesser men and became a champion sled-hockey player. For that, he was featured on ABC Evening News (July 16) and declared 'America Strong'. Bergdahl spent 6 years eating rice in some Afghan shit-hole. Now many Americans suspect him of desertion in the face of the enemy -- a capital crime -- and hound the Army to courmartial him for that.

I'm an off-duty Marine myself and though I was never in combat, I am also an American citizen and as such I do feel entitled to say a thing
or two or ten about emblematic warriors such as Bergdahl and Sweeney and Tillman. So let me first say that I have nothing against any of those three men. All of them have my utmost respect. I'm not sure I could endure as Bergdahl endured six years in some Afghan goat pen. Neither do I believe I could recover as quickly or as well as Sweeney seems to have recovered from having his legs blown off.

Of Bergdahl and Sweeney, I see at least one thing in all the above that strikes me as more than a little funny. As for the Pat Tillman Award: If I wanted to create a thing with which to “pay tribute to a lasting legacy of selflessness, leadership and sacrifice,” I would never hang Pat Tillman's name on that thing.

I say so because Pat Tillman did not give his life for his country or his comrades. Tillman's life was deliberately taken from him by one or more of his fellow soldiers. The deed was done under fantastic circumstances that -- short of calling it murder -- could not and cannot be satisfactorily explained. Suspicious facts about Tillman's body and evidence found at the scene also remain unexplained, and for the same reason.

In short: the Tillman shooting required dozens of coats of whitewash. When, despite the pretty paint job, ugly facts remained visible, the
Army stumbled around and fell all over itself trying to present as 'heroic death by friendly fire' that which looks exactly like 'murder most foul.'

I would that Pat Tillman's ghost were here now to tell America how it feels about The Pat Tillman Award. Few Americans would want to put “The Pat Tillman Award” where Tillman's ghost could tell them it belongs.

During his stay among the living, Pat Tillman was surely a great athlete, a good man, and a fine, brave soldier. But he did not die a hero's death. The manner and circumstances of Tillman's death defy the Army's attempts to hush it up or glorify it. Together the shooting and the cover-up amount to nothing more or less than a national disgrace, just as America's Afghan War is a national disgrace, just as our Iraq War was (is) a national disgrace, just as our actions in re Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Palestine, Pakistan, Somalia and Elsewheristan all disgrace America.

All around the globe, scores of people are killed every day because so-called 'leaders' in Washington and in Wall Street decree that things must be so. Nearly the whole world is aflame just because of U.S. How long does anyone think America's rampage can go unchecked before. . . .

But excuse me, please! I seem to have slipped. I recall now that I promised you something funny (And I know America loves a funny). So here is the funny I promised:

Josh Sweeny got his legs blown off and we call him a hero for that. Pat Tillman was killed by his own unit and we call him a hero for that. Bowe Bergdahl ate rice for six years and now stands accused of desertion in the face of the enemy – a capital offense. If the Army courtmartials Bergdahl, and if Bergdahl burns for desertion in the face of the enemy, we can't call him a hero. But we must call him something, and so now I want to know: Can we maybe call Bergdahl a Freedom Fry?

Pat Tillman -- wherever he is -- knows the answer. So do all the dead warriors in all the body bags shipped home from the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Latin America. . . .


Solomon Sed.

Ukraine Resistance Says Kiev Is Planning False-Flag Attacks

According to the Ukraine Resistance, the Kiev Junta is planning a false-flag attack, or a series of false-flag attacks, to be perpetrated in Ukraine and blamed on Russia. The attacks would provide a pretext for a military clampdown against Ukraine, and pave the way for a NATO attack against Russia.

Yesterday, Resistance spokesperson Anton Guryanov issued the following statement: "According to our information, the Nazis of the Kiev Junta are planning to conduct a major terrorist act in the next several days. Or a series of terrorist acts. On the territory of Ukraine".

"For the past several days, Mr. Avakov and his assistant Shkiryak have been conducting preparation for this in the mass media. The goal of this is to blame the terrorist acts on Russia and to introduce a regime of total dictatorship on the territory of Ukraine".

This comes from Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey in Pravda, July 27, 2014. Needless to say, I cannot verify these statements personally, but it does seem prudent to pass them on.

The Resistance warns the Ukrainian people: "What should the common people, now listening to this address, do? In the next several days, do not visit places of public concentration of people. Try either not to use public transportation or to use it as sparingly as possible. In particular, this concerns the metro system. Pay close attention to looking after your children. Look after your buildings' cellars and entranceways, to ensure that no strangers go there and that no unknown cargos are deposited in your cellars and entranceways. Please disseminate this information to your acquaintances, friends and neighbors - to anyone that you can. And may God help us".

You can read the whole column here. And there's more from Bancroft-Hinchey here.

Avoid big gatherings. Avoid public transportation. Look after your children. Watch out for strangers. Watch out for unknown cargos.

Watch out for everything else, too.

Please disseminate this information to your acquaintances, friends and neighbors - to anyone that you can. And may God help us!

Indeed. May God help us all!

Layers of Deception

In my last article, Ukrainian Goulash, I took Robert Parry to task for framing his article in such a way as to bring about the opposite effect of what he was apparently trying to achieve. I outlined the methods that could be seen in his article and explained how they were counterproductive to the cause of exposing the truth. I copied his article in full and placed what I called 'minimizing language' in bold in his article and added explanatory notes in the text indicating misleading words and statements within brackets and highlighted those notes in blue.

I added an introduction and an epilogue to provide a context and give an explanation of the meaning I arrived at from my reading of Robert Parry's article.

The Saker at The Vineyard of the Saker blog has repeated the visual method of bolded text and comments in blue with an article he has copied from AP but has used it in a different manner to me to arrive at a different sort of conclusion. But more on that below.

Disinformation articles are poorly arranged logically. This shouldn't be a surprise as the intent is to confuse. The masters of this art are able to confuse the reader just enough so they are not consciously aware that they are confused or mislead because of the inconsistencies and contradictions.

So it is beholden on someone who wants to convey truth to be clear and consistent. There is a tried and true method of doing that using what is commonly known as a logical structure. This used to be formally taught in schools a century ago and was called 'the Trivium'. It consists of laying out the data using sentences or language that makes sense grammatically. This might include some history and a context. There will be facts which will be sourced and are verifiable. Next these facts are arranged in a logical sequence that is consistent and with no contradictions or fallacies. From this might be drawn meaning and wisdom; true knowledge and actionable understanding, in other words.

For an example of this clear, consistent and logical layout, please watch Zack Taylor make the case for the breakdown of the Border Patrol effectiveness in southern United States and the government's active and deliberate participation in this breakdown of what amounts to a gross breach of national security. The subject is important in itself and has parallels to what is going on in Ukraine in so far as US govt lying and asymmetrical warfare are concerned.

Ukrainian Goulash: served up by Robert Parry

I am going to feature an article by Robert Parry. I've called it "Ukrainian Goulash" because Mr Parry presents for us a 'hodge-podge' of ideas and events (many that include mention of Russia) that mix some real events with others that never happened or that are irrelevant. This is served with a sauce of supposition and minimization that leaves a peculiar after taste in the mouth.

I will include the article in question in full but will add editorial comments in blue and in brackets that refer to events that may be real or not; or minimized or irrelevant. The 'minimal sauce' of Russian references and minimizing language that Mr Parry peppers (sorry) throughout his article will be highlighted in bold. There is very little in the way of facts or sources and the language is vague.

Before we start, though, it might be useful to refresh our memories of a few facts that are generally available to the public and would certainly be available to Robert Parry with his connections to various government and intelligence agencies.

It must be borne in mind that all employees of US intelligence agencies sign agreements to the effect that they will not speak or publish anything that even hints at national security without submitting it the agency concerned for vetting. In other words, when someone like ex-CIA analyst, Ray McGovern, publishes an article, it has been approved by the CIA.

Similarly, anyone who conveys intelligence information to a journalist like Robert Parry, whether through a third party or not, is breaching his contract of employment and the law and maybe guilty of treason if his action and information has not been previously approved for distribution or 'leaking'. Also, the journalist concerned will be breaking the law if this has not been approved.

So, given that Robert Parry has quoted CIA sources and has not been charged with any offences arising from this article or any previous ones quoting 'inside information' and remains employed as a publishing journalist, we can take it that the intelligence agencies, at the very least, are not upset with the 'leaks' or, more likely, have approved the distribution of the 'information'. Either way, the logic says it must suit the CIA's purposes.

Also, Mr Parry represents the State Dept (bad guys), the CIA (good guys) and the Obama Administration (clueless guys) as all acting independently from one another. And, indeed, certain individuals such as Victoria Nuland actually facilitate coups quite independently to further their own personal careers and presumably without any harm to said career. This is not credible, especially in time of war.

Why Don't We Have Eyes To See?

Below is a short article found on Club Orlov. The link was sent to me by a reader, Michael.

It deals with a view of the Ukrainian crisis that we have discussed here before. So I largely agree with the writer although I differ somewhat on the implication that Putin is rather coldly calculating in setting a trap for the bankers in his approach to dealing with them and their neocons who are running the US and the EU.

Vladimir Putin has tried to head off the violence in Ukraine at every opportunity to the extent that he is being criticised for doing so too much. The way I see it is that he is allowing the bankers to walk into a trap of their own making (against his advice) rather than deliberately laying the trap for them. There is a difference between manipulating someone into a vulnerable position, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, taking advantage of a vulnerability that your self appointed opponents insist on placing themselves in thinking they are trapping you.

It is the bankers from New York, London and Brussells that turned Ukraine into a Tar Baby. Putin can hardly be blamed for not picking it up and, instead, leaving it for the bankers. Br'er Fox is not as smart as he thinks he is. That's nothing new for the psychopaths.

The author's position is quite simple and easy to comprehend, so why do so few commentators and pundits not automatically see this as a real possibility or a very valid way to see the situation in the Ukraine regarding the US and Russian administrations?

I think it is because growing up in our western civilisation and being indoctrinated with its culture blinds us to many things. Our culture functions on the basis of state imposed coercion and violence. We have been trained through the example of our authorities throughout our lives to think in terms of "might is right" or perhaps more accurately, "might is righteous" which accords with the oxymoronic religious notion of the 'Just War'.

I'll expand on the 'Just War' and the apparent trap being laid for the bankers after the article from Club Orlov -

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