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Expanding US Drone Facility- Egyptian/Pakistan/Saudi Troops at Iraqi border

pennyforyourthoughts2 - 6 hours 2 min ago
Starting from early July and bringing this right up to date
 Drone Facility Irbil, IraqThe presence of this drone facility tells me there was no way in hell that the ISIS "surprise" invasion of  Mosul went unnoticed and unaided by the US/Israel/UK/NATO global tyranny. The presence of this ever expanding drone base tells my disbelief in the spin was correct and that the US is prepping for a wider war.

Check our Irbil- In Kurdish run territory- Check out Mosul- Location?I will highlight the interesting bits-
A supposedly secret but locally well-known CIA station on the outskirts of Irbil’s airport is undergoing rapid expansion as the United States considers whether to engage in a war against Islamist militants who’ve seized control of half of Iraq in the past month.
Western contractors hired to expand the facility and a local intelligence official confirmed the construction project, which is visible from the main highway linking Irbil to Mosul, the city whose fall June 9 triggered the Islamic State’s sweep through northern and central Iraq. Residents around the airport say they can hear daily what they suspect are American drones taking off and landing at the facility.Really? So the drone facility is right there along the main highway linking Mosul to Irbil and the ISIS take over of Mosul was a surprise? Completely unexpected ? Coming out of nowhere? No! No! And, no way in hell!
Expansion of the facility comes as it seems all but certain that the autonomous Kurdish regional government and the central government in Baghdad, never easy partners, are headed for an irrevocable split _ complicating any U.S. military hopes of coordinating the two entities’ efforts against the Islamic State. Against ISIS. I laugh.

Expanding the facility
Within a week of the fall of Mosul we were being told to double or even triple our capacities,” said one Western logistics contractor who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because he’d signed nondisclosure agreements with the U.S. government on the matter.
“They needed everything from warehouse space to refrigeration capacity, because they operate under a different logistics command than the normal military or embassy structures,” the contractor said. “The expansion was aggressive and immediate.”Getting ready for what?
Other contractors who deal extensively with moving heavy equipment through Irbil’s airport, which has supported a rapidly expanding oil and gas drilling industry, said they were aware of the expansion. One British oil executive said he’d detected a “low-key but steady stream of men, equipment and supplies for an obvious expansion of the facility.” The local Kurdish intelligence official described what was taking place as a “long-term relationship with the Americans.”In a statement July 3, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced that Irbil would host such a center, in addition to one being set up in Baghdad, and suggested that it had already begun operating.
“We have personnel on the ground in Irbil, where our second joint operations center has achieved initial operating capability,” he said then.“It’s no secret that the American special forces and CIA have a close relationship with the peshmerga,” said the Kurdish official, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because he was discussing covert military operations. He added that the facility had operated even “after the Americans were forced out of Iraq by Maliki,” a reference to the 2011 U.S. troop withdrawal after the Obama administration and the Iraqi government couldn’t agree on a framework for U.S. forces remaining in the country.Recall a post from June when I mentioned exactly that?  The US Departure from Iraq was all Illusion!
Refresh your memory then keep on reading below
“Most of our ‘mukhabarat’ worked directly alongside both the CIA and JSOC throughout the war in Iraq because of our language ability and long experience battling both Saddam and radical terrorists,” he said, using the Arabic term for “information office,” usually ascribed to local intelligence. “Peshmerga fighters fought closely alongside the American Green Berets throughout northern Iraq in places like Mosul, Tal Afar and Kirkuk because we are very professional and trusted,” he said. “And many of our men would work directly with the most secret units as interpreters and Iraqi experts.” During a recent visit to the site, extensive construction of new roads off the main highway could be seen, as well as what appeared to be construction of a fortified gate complex to protect access, which previously had been controlled by a simple dirt road and checkpoint flanked by two bunkers guarded by men in peshmerga uniforms.Armored sport utility vehicles driven by military-appearing Westerners in civilian clothes were seen entering and exiting the facility in convoy fashion.
“Irbil is a very friendly place for people in the intelligence business,” a Western military attache said on the condition he not be identified because of the diplomatic sensitivity of the matter. “So many locals worked with the Americans and remember them fondly, that you didn’t need the hardened defenses that you’d find normally this close to a battlefield.”A retired American special forces officer said it would be a relatively simple matter for the United States to work with peshmerga forces. “A lot of those pesh guys were known and respected for their training and trustworthiness by ODA, OGA and the Secret Squirrels long before the 2003 invasion,” he said, using the acronyms for “Operational Detachment Alpha,” the official designation of the Green Berets, and “other government agency,” a common slang term for the CIA. “Secret Squirrels” is a term soldiers use to describe Joint Special Operations Command units that usually don’t have an obvious unit designation. A special operations officer, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because he’s legally bound not to publicly discuss his career without specific Defense Department permission, said working with the Kurds would overcome a number of difficult issues that would be present as U.S. advisers worked with the Iraqi army. He also noted there are advantages to working with Kurdish forces if the United States decides to launch airstrikes against Islamic State positions. “Airstrikes are close to useless without good intelligence and targeting, and that’s going to be hard to come by on the Baghdad side of things,” he said. “To me it’s a no-brainer. The only real way you can do that is with the Kurds.” We know with certainty the US does not want to take out their ISIS stooges. I am sure they can sacrifice a few of them to make it all look good, but, the real target will be Iraq, itself. 
Delivering the final blows.

Expanded drone facility at Irbil airport- Kurdish troops at the ready, for what reason?
Perhaps to expanding into Syria? ........ The coming storm in the Middle East
As al-Baghdadi advanced through Syria and Iraq, his men looted financial institutions and imposed punitive taxes on Christians and other groups. Through Iraqi middlemen, he has been selling stolen oil, which has forced the Iranians to close their frontier to the truck loads of crude. Saudi Arabia has positioned 30,000 troops on its border with Iraq, (as reported also  @VOA as linked ) but is ignoring appeals from the Iranians to join efforts to stop the advance of IS(IS). Instead, the Saudis are warning Iran not to intervene to support Iraqi Shiites. Tribes linked to Saudi Arabia are fighting alongside ISIS (big surprise, right?) and the Saudis do not want to provoke a rift with their related tribes that they have been financing by taking a strong position against the Sunni group. Of course they don't because the Saudis/ISIS/US/Israel are all working together. But it get's even scarier!
So far, IS(IS) has avoided direct confrontations with the Kurds, which has created a false sense of security among investors. The Kurdish Peshmerga is too well organized and directed to be easily defeated, and there is nothing at this time to gain from a conflict. The foremost objective of the IS is to acquire oil fields in Iraq and beyond.  ISIS has avoided direct confrontation with the Kurds for the simple and obvious reason that they are part of the same team!
One development that would raise a red flag that serious trouble in the oil fields is pending is the arrival of Egyptian troops in Saudi Arabia to defend the borders. Related digression-
Egyptian troops in Saudi Arabia- entirely possible Gen. Talaat Mosallam, on the other hand, does not rule out the possibility of intervention by the Egyptian army to defend the security of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, despite the presence of US troops in both countries. Despite the presence of US troops? Or to join in with US troops?

Then there is this- Pakistan troops to 'defend jittery Saudis"
Saudi Arabia has deployed thousands of troops from Egypt and Pakistan along its frontier with Iraq, amid fears of invasion by the al-Qaeda splinter group that has declared a radical Islamic state across the border.
Panicked by the advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (Isis), Riyadh has taken the drastic step of calling in military assistance from its close allies to shore up the porous 500-mile border, Gulf security sources said. Riyadh is not panicked by the advance of ISIS! I have to be honest this is worrisome to me.

Digression ends- back to the coming storm in the ME
In spite of having the most modern equipment available, the Saudi Army is scarcely a real fighting force. They relied in the past upon Pakistani troops and now they will have to depend upon Egyptian forces to protect the oil fields.  Isn't this the perfect timing, from a warmongering point of view,  for Israel to start a bombing campaign in Gaza that could be moved into Syria. I don't like this at all.
Israeli ground operation "unintended escalation" with Syria & Hezbollah? Don't miss- *How to be a PC Automaton rather then a living, breathing, thinking, sentient human. *RIR- Max Igan- Zionist Terrorism in Gaza-- entire two hours*Is Europe’s breadbasket up for grabs? The Plunder of Ukraine.
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"Panikhida" by Vera Narishkin

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - 9 hours 11 min ago
From the original YouTube page

Panikhida - A Panikhida is a memorial service which is a liturgical solemn service for the repose of the departed, in the Eastern Orthodox Church.
Dedicated to all those killed in Eastern Ukraine (Novorossiya): Children, women, old people, men, militia and soldiers.
On July 2nd 2014, Ukrainian planes attacked the village Lugansk Cossack village and village Kondrashovka.
The city of Lugansk also was attacked with mortars and by Ukrainian soldiers.
On May 2nd 2014, 114 people were killed by Pravy Sektor in the House of Trade Unions, Odessa. They were shot, burnt to death, and a near-term pregnant woman was raped and strangled.

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July 31st - August 1st Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - 9 hours 44 min ago
Correction: The report regarding the resettlement of 10000 families by the government of Baghdad to four provinces of Central Iraq, dated

26th July, should in fact read 10000 individuals, not families.
25th July: Indian Sunni Cleric Salman Nadvi writes a letter to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia offering to raise an army of 500000 Sunni Muslim volunteers from India to help fight in Iraq (against Shia militias) and establish a Saudi backed Caliphate.
28th July: The government of Iraqi Kurdistan has approached a Texas court in the United States that states that the oil that was aboard the United Kalavrvta vessel was owned and lawfully belongs to Iraqi Kurdistan and can be sold by them. The Kurdistan Government has also informed the court that the matter does not fall within the jurisdiction of a US court.
30th July: The Judge hearing the dispute over the ownership of the oil being carried by United Kalavrta in the United States has stopped the ship from offloading its cargo in Houston, Texas.
30th July: Arabt camp in Sulaimaniyeh that used to house Syrian refugees will now be empties of Syrians to house Iraqi Refugees displaced internally.
31st July: Playing with Demographics: Daash has cleared the centre of Saadia, Diyala of Shiites and Kurds. It has also been spreading the rumor that the Shia Kurds there are trying to expel Sunnis from there.
31st July: Christoph Katsaan, the Charge d’affaires of France to Iraq visits with the Iraqi President Fuad Masum and delivers a letter from French President Francois Hollande.
31st July: Daash fighters reenter the south of Jalawala that was freed last week. Daash managed to enter the town after the Peshmergas acted slowly in redeploying to the recently freed south. Local residents are requesting the Peshmergas to act quickly and decisively.
31st July: Over 150 Daash/rebel fighters flee from the north and north east of Baqouba, Diyala. The Daash fighters fled intense resistance by local tribes in al-Mansuriyya and Hamrin village.
31st July: There are no coincidences: Leonard Blavatnik, a Ukraine born, US Oligarch, has been identified by Kurdish press as the billionaire behind the company that is buying Kurdish Crude from Iraq.
31st July: Amir al- Kanani of the Ahtrar Bloc (Moqtada Sadr’s) has stated that most parliamentarians from within the Shiite National Alliance are so far agreeing that Maliki should not be given a third term. The Ahrar bloc is requesting the State of the Law Coalition to continue to be a part of the National Alliance.
01st Aug: Hezbollah Commander Ibrahim Mohammed al-Haj’s funeral is held in Mashghara, Eastern Lebanon. Hezbollah has stated that he died performing his religious duty in “Iraq.” His funeral was held on Wednesday, the 30th of August. The most significant news that is being reported is that he was killed, behind enemy lines, near Mosul, northern Iraq. He is being referred to as one of the men that had snuck over the fence into Israel in 2006 and kidnapped Israeli Soldiers.
In photos released by Hezbollah a large group of mourners is seen with his young son clinging to his father’s coffin.
1st Aug: The UN warns of oil trading with Daash either in Iraq or Syria, telling member states that such actions may lead to sanctions.
1st Aug: Anger and frustration with Daash in Mosul is growing. The residents of the city are angry at the destruction of shrines, tombs and historic and cultural monuments. However, they remain powerless to do anything.

28th July: Walid Jumblatt, MP from the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) in Lebanon meets with Hassan Nasrallah to discuss regional issues.
30th July: Islamic brigades in Aleppo detonate explosives below Syrian government positions and kill 13 fighters loyal to Bashar Al Assad.
31st July: It’s so much easier to take: Chinese hackers close to the government in Beijing are suspected of stealing classified military files from Israeli defense contractors. The hacks primarily targeted information concerning Missile shield Systems, ballistic missiles, and drone technology.
1st Aug: Walid Jumblatt, MP from the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) states that the Druze and Christian communities in the region face extinction. He also expressed his opinion that there seems to be a huge gap in thinking between the “modern” Future movement and Sunni “Islamists.”
1st Aug: Saad Hariri has praised the King of Saudi Arabia for his stand on the Palestinian Issue. It is rumored in Syria that Saad Hariri is in some ways “related” to King Abdullah.
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A note of thanks to the blog's donors and a few comments about support

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - 15 hours 6 min ago
Dear friends,

I have to admit with a great deal of embarrassment that I simply have not found the time to thank those of you who have sent donations to support this blog in person.  I realize that this is rude, but my choice was stark: every minute spent on sending out personal thank you notes is one I did not spent working on this blog and maintaining contacts with the other Language Teams.  I think that most of you would probably prefer that I focus on the blog, in particular at this crucial moment in time.  To the others, my heartfelt and sincere apologies.

So, asking again for your understanding, here is the list of those whom I wish to thank now for their contributions:

Through PayPal: RA, AJ, WN, FA, PC, AZ, BG, EU, YE, RC, GW, RH, JL, MG, JS, J6, SE, DM, GB, HS, PP, CV, AJ, JC, FD, AK, LH, RL, DM, CG, JS, HM, WM, MM.

Through Amazon: MD

Through snailmail: MB (I could not cash your check, please only send cash)

To all of you a huge and heartfelt thank you!  You guys are literally helping my family pay the bills (as we live paycheck to paycheck) and without your help by family simply could not have made it this spring and summer.  Even the Amazon gift card we used to get household items.

Then, as always, this blog owes a big debt of gratitude to HJ without whose weekly donation I would literally not be able to make it.

Finally, I want to say something which I find extremely important: can anybody of you guess from which country this blog get the most donations and from which big country no donations were ever sent?

Most donations come from the USA, followed by Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  That's right!  The Echelon countries.  The Five Eyes if you prefer.  The countries which really "run the planet" or, should I say, "run the Empire".  Not only that, but I get a lot of mail from donors and just readers expressing their support which begin like this "I am an American and I love my country" or "I served 20 years in the US Navy".  In other words, this blog subsists in a large part thanks to Anglo help from people who love their countries and people, and who are not even offended by my use of the expression "AngloZionist" because they understand that the "Anglo" part is a historical reference to the British Empire's transformation into the Five Eyes and, most importantly, because while they love their country and people, they categorically oppose the Empire and its policies.

I mention that because I regularly get comments by one (or several) creeps who spew hatred at the British people and at all Anglo-Saxons and claim that somehow these people (as oppose to elite-backed regimes in power) are the cause of the evil we see today.  They regularly post crap like "Russia should nuke London".  Well, if the author(s) of these comments read these lines I want you to know that the people you hate so much are the very same ones who make this blog possible.  Think about it.

And since some will no doubt ask about this: no, I have not received any donations from Israel.  But I don't discount this possibility in the future.

The other thing I want to mention is that a lot of you have written to me (or posted comments) saying that the Russian government should hire or sponsor me.  I always laugh when I read this.  Let me tell you: I never got even one kopek in support from Russia.  Not from the government, not from regular people either.  I did get donations from Russians living outside Russia, but from Russia proper not a single penny.  If, by some kind of bizarre twist of fate, the Russian government or Gazprom wanted to sponsor my work, I am not sure I would accept that help anyway, but if I did, I would certainly  have to post a note about that on the blog.  I think that getting money behind the scenes from governments is plain unethical even if you maintain your editorial independence.  So, friends, if I get a call from Putin thanking me for the blog, I will let you know, but I am not holding my breath :-)

In the meantime, thanks to all of you who have send donations and thanks also to those of you who have sent kind emails of support.  If donations help making ends meet, your kind emails of support have helped me retain my sanity, especially in the most depressing and discouraging times.  When I read the news every morning I often get totally disgusted and despondent, but then I read your emails filled with kindness and humanity and I feel the courage come back to me and that helps me get back behind the keyboard and resume the struggle.

To all of you, a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU!

The Saker
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Analysis of satellite imagery released on the Internet by the Security Service of Ukraine on July 30, 2014

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - 16 hours 20 min ago
The Russian Ministry of Defense has released the following document:

Analysis of satellite imagery released on the Internet by the Security Service of Ukraine on July 30, 2014The Russian Defence Ministry has analyzed the satellite imagery released by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) on July 30, 2014, which allegedly disproves the authenticity of the Russian satellite imagery showing the Buk-1 batteries in the Boeing 777 (MH17) crash site area on July 17 and confirms that Russian Armed Forces opened fire on Ukrainian territory.

First of all, one needs facts to level grave accusations or make conclusions. It is widely acknowledged that geo-reference and astronomical time are necessary for satellite images to count as factual evidence in order to pinpoint specific satellites in a constellation that was flying over the area at the time and take into consideration their technical characteristics and capacities. All satellites orbiting the Earth move in accordance with predetermined trajectories.

In connection to this, we can state that according to the Russian space surveillance system, Ukrainian satellites Sich-1 and Sich-2 were not flying over this territory from 10am to 1pm Moscow time (GMT+4; 9am-12pm GMT+3) on July 12, 16, 17 and 18, 2014.

At the time specified in the images, the American electro-optical reconnaissance satellite of the Key Hole series was flying over the crash site area, so the source of the images for Ukrainian Security Service is obvious.

As for the images, the analysis goes as follows.

The first two slides show almost identical images from the Ukrainian and Russian sides. The important detail is that the SBU’s image is dated several days later.

Slide 1

Slide 2

The images on Slides 3 and 4 require a more detailed review.

Slide 3

Here the specified time does not correlate with the image.

In the images released by SBU, the shadows point north-east. Thus, these images were not only made on a different day, but also in the afternoon, which means the specified time has been deliberately falsified.

That is an indisputable fact. The images released by the Russian Defense Ministry on July 21 are absolutely accurate in terms of the location and time.

Moreover, it is clearly visible that in the SBU’s image the circled tree belt has been deliberately distorted. The Russian satellite image does not have these distortions.

Additionally, according to all weather reports for Avdeyevka on July 17, the area had 70 to 80% cloud coverage and cloud base height of 2,500m. The information can be easily verified through a number of independent sources. Russian satellite image shows exactly that.

Please note that the SBU’s Slide 4 shows clear skies and sunny weather on the same day. No comments are necessary.
Slide 4

The resolution of the Russian satellite image on Slide 5 has been deliberately lowered, which resulted in the outlines the terrain (i.e. field) looking smeared.

Slide 5

The Russian Defense Ministry presented a high-quality satellite image of this area (as follows), which has no alleged inconsistencies pointed out by the SBU.

High-quality image of area as presented by the Russian Defence Ministry

The Ukrainian image on Slide 7 is identical to the Russian one, except it was made 5 days (!) later. It is unclear what the SBU was trying to prove with it.

Slide 7

Now let us look at the images presented by the SBU as evidence of Russia delivering arms and military equipment to Ukrainian territory, as well as sending mysterious sabotage groups and shelling populated areas.

In the 14 satellite images presented by the SBU one can make out some vehicles and their tracks with no latitude or longitude, or references to time and date.

Half of the images (Images 2 through 7) show some field roads that, according to the SBU, are located partly in Russia and partly in Ukraine.

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

However, none of the images show a road that crosses the border. The SBU’s unsubstantiated statements that the tracks in the fields were made by Russian military vehicles do not hold up to scrutiny.

Considering the quality of the images, it remains unclear how the vehicles were identified as tanks, armored vehicles or trucks, let alone as property of the Russian Federation and not of the Ukrainian military or border patrol.

The same goes for the two images (images 4 and 14) which allegedly show evidence of fieldworks.

Image 4

Image 14

It is a similar case with Images 11-13, which the SBU claims to show Russian military equipment on Ukrainian territory.Image 11

Image 12

Image 13

Again, it remains unclear exactly why the head of the SBU believes this equipment belongs to the Russian army. The area around Marinovka, Kozhevnya and Grigoryevka has long been controlled by the Ukrainian military.

As for the alleged shelling with Grad rocket launchers from the Ukrainian (!) village of Grigoryevka controlled by the Ukrainian military (Images 8-10), this is clearly an exercise in conspiracy theories and an attempt to lay the blame on someone else’s shoulders, which is clearly reminiscent of Kiev’s earlier allegations of Russia’s involvement in the Maidan and the tragedy in Odessa.Image 8

Image 9

Image 10

Instead of presenting hastily doctored evidence to the international community, the SBU could do with better control over all the mercenary units in the areas around Donetsk and Lugansk organized by Kolomoisky, Lyashko, Yarosh and others, who shell Ukrainian territory without any control from those in charge of the anti-terrorist operation.***In conclusion, based on the data provided by the Russian space surveillance, one may deduce that Ukraine does not own the disclosed information.

However, its quality, as well as the SBU’s arguments allegedly proving Russia’s involvement, are absolutely implausible.

Apparently, the reason why the true owners of these images have not put their names to these publications is to make sure the myth of their mighty space intelligence keeps going.
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How to be a PC Automaton rather then a living, breathing, thinking, sentient human.

pennyforyourthoughts2 - 16 hours 48 min ago
h/t anonymous commenter who left the link for the image below
AnonymousJuly 30, 2014 at 7:11 AMGood Citizens Don't ThinkThis image compliments Winter's guideline, which is posted directly below the image.
I enjoy Winter's self censoring behaviour rules so much, I have decided to break them, daily!

Take it away Winter!WinterPatriot
Be sure to read Winter's examples of how these rules can be applied? Or broken?
The choice is yours
"Fortunately, it is quite easy not to be anti-American, anti-Semitic, and so on. There are ten rules that you need to learn and understand. Once you begin to apply these simple rules, you will be pleased to see that they make difficult thinking totally unnecessary.
1. Accept the (elected and unelected) great leaders (and spokespeople) of the USA, the UK, Israel, and NATO as your own (even if you don't like, and/or didn't vote for, any of them). To the greatest extent possible, (con)fuse their grandeur with your own identity. Understand that they not only lead your country (even if you live in a different country): they are your country, and by extension, they are you. Realize that your hopes, ambitions, loyalties, responsibilities, even your destiny are intricately and irreversibly entwined with theirs, and therefore you as an individual no longer have any independent meaning. 2. From now on, when we say "we", we mean "our great leaders", singly and collectively. This replaces the outmoded usage which erroneously referred to our former individually-oriented selves, and possibly also our family and our friends. 3. Whatever we do is Good. Otherwise we wouldn't do it. 4. Whatever we say is True. Otherwise we wouldn't say it. 5. Our enemies are whoever we say they are. (See rule 4.) 6. Whatever they do is Evil. Otherwise they wouldn't do it. 7. Whatever they say is False. Otherwise they wouldn't say it. (It is also Evil for them to say it. See rule 6.) 8. If we don't want to talk about something they've accused us of doing, this proves we didn't do it. If we had done it, we would talk about it, because it would be Good. (See rule 3.) But since they made the accusation, it is False (see rule 7), and therefore it warrants no response whatsoever. Similarly, if they don't want to talk about something we've accused them of doing, this proves that they did it. (See rule 4.) Of course they don't want to talk about it. It was Evil. (See rule 6.) 9. Any criticism of American policy or practice is inherently anti-American, and any criticism of NATO or UK policy or practice is inherently anti-NATO or anti-UK respectively. Given America's direct influence on NATO, and indirect influence (through NATO) on many countries, including the UK, any criticism of NATO or the UK is inherently anti-American as well.
10. Any criticism of Israeli policy or practice is not only anti-Israel but also anti-Semitic (see rule 4), therefore no better than Hitler, and beneath contempt. Given the support Israel receives from the US, the UK, and NATO, all anti-Israel and anti-Semitic statements are also anti-NATO, anti-UK, and anti-American as well. And vice versa."
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RIR- Max Igan- Zionist Terrorism in Gaza

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 07/31/2014 - 17:44
I have updated this post and it now contains the entire two hour interview. A must listen interview!  

1- Thanks to Henrik @ RIR 

2-Thanks to Max Igan @ his Youtube channel: Uploads from thecrowhouse
(This is the first time I had ever heard of Max Igan- so many people out there for me still to find, even after all these years of blogging!)

3-And finally thanks to freethinker who let me know the whole show was available
 In this program we discuss Zionist terrorism in Gaza and the current bombing campaign and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. We’ll talk about the lies pushed by the Zionist controlled mainstream on this issue and the double standards of Israel’s policies. Max also talks about his visit to the Gaza Strip and the many kind Palestinians he met there. He tells us how he entered in to the checkpoint ridden area using one of the many tunnels from the Egyptian side, where he also met border officers from Hamas. Later, we discuss the monumental lies and disinformation surrounding World War II, especially what happened to Germany.

The map tells the truth

Israel has stolen yet more land from the Palestinians in Gaza!
How much of this newly stolen land was arable land, where food was produced for the population? 

Please read the previous post! 
Is Europe’s breadbasket up for grabs? The Plunder of Ukraine.
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Thinking the unthinkable

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Thu, 07/31/2014 - 14:52

I have been putting off writing about this topic for a very long while.  In fact, I wrote several articles trying to explain the self-evident truism that the US/NATO/EU does not have a military option in the Ukrainian war.  First, in an article entitled Remembering the Important Lessons of the Cold War I tried to explain that the reason the Cold War did not turn into a hot, shooting, war is that both sides understood that they simply could never win and that any escalation in strikes and counter-strikes could very rapidly lead to a intercontinental nuclear war, something which neither side was willing to risk.   In a piece entitled Making Sense of Obama's Billion Dollar Hammer I tried to show that all the money the US will by pouring into "European security" is just a grandiose bribe for some European elites and that it had no real effect on the ground.  A few days later I posted an article entitled Why the US-Russian Nuclear Balance is as Solid as Ever in which I tried to dispel the myth prevalent in the West about the putative state of disrepair of the Russian military in general, and of the Russian nuclear forces in particular.  Lastly, in a piece entitled Short Reminder about US and Russian Nuclear Weapons I tried to show that in reality it was the US nuclear forces who were in a state of disrepair.  And over and over again, in many comments, I tried to lay out the reasons for which I simply did not believe that the US/NATO/EU would dare to attack Russia.  In summary, I will say this: the US is not nearly as powerful as the US propaganda claims.  Without going into long debates about what "victory" and "defeat" mean, I will just say that in my personal opinion the last time the US military fought well was in Korea, and even there it had to accept a draw.  After that, it was all downhill.  This is not the fault of the US solider, by the way, but by the fact that big money and politics got so heavily involved in the US military that they corrupted everything.  This is most evident in the USAF which still has superb pilots, but who are given a terrible choice: either fly on good but old aircraft or fly on new but terrible ones (I believe that given the choice, most would chose the former).  As for the European NATO allies, they are such a joke that they hardly deserve mention.  They even look bad on a parade.

As for a military option in the Ukraine, it appears unthinkable to me not only because, frankly, I don't see a single military in the West capable of taking on the Russian military in full-scale battle, but also because geography powerfully argues against such a crazy idea (the very same geography which would make it impossible for Russia to try to invade western or even central Europe).

And yet, something in all this very logical reasoning felt wrong to me.  A few days ago it finally hit me.  What bothered me was

The American Duck

Among the many beautiful and witty expressions and neologisms Americans use, I always loved this one: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.  This so-called "Duck test" is funny, but it is also a powerful logical method which ended up chewing at me day after day after day.  Here I was, all sure and certain that the US/NATO/EU would never consider such a ludicrous notion as the one of an military attack on Russia or on Russian forces.  But kept hearing the voice of the American Duck telling me: look at what they are doing, what does that look like to you?  Suspend your conclusions and just tell me what are you observing?  Tell me, if they had decided to escalate to the point of a military confrontation with Russia, would they be doing things differently?  And a few days ago, I threw in the towel (at the duck, of course) and had to accept that while I did not know what they were thinking or what their intentions really were, it sure looked to me like the western plutocrats had decided to escalate the crisis has high as possible.

In truth, I have to admit that when I studied the theory of deterrence in the 1980 my teachers always insisted that this theory of deterrence was predicated on what they called a "rational player".  To put it simply - how do you deter a lunatic?  Or a desperate man with nothing to lose?  Or a person hell-bent on mutual destruction?  The truth is, you cannot.  Deterrence assumes a rational actor making a logical decision about unacceptable costs.  As far as I know, nobody has ever developed a theory of deterrence applicable to a madman.  When I initially wrote my pieces explaining why I believed that a US/NATO/EU attack was impossible a lot readers posted comments saying that while maybe the top US military command was still mainly composed of rational men, the US imperial elites had clearly gone crazy a long time ago and that they were so stuck in their arrogance, their imperial hubris, there delusion of invincibility and their knee-jerk and systematic use of violence that they could no more be considered as rational.  At the time I replied that, yeah, sure, maybe, but what is the point of analyzing something crazy.  How do you try to make sense of the suicidally insane?

And yet, this is what I propose to do today.  I will try as best I can to try to place myself in the mind of these lunatics and see what they could try doing, and what the consequences of that would be.  I will go through several possible plans that these crazies might have starting from the most limited one and then going up the insanity slope.

Plan one: a symbolic and limited intervention

This plan is already underway.  We know that there are US military advisers in the Ukraine, including at least one general, we know that the Dutch and Australians will be sending in a lightly armed force to "protect" the investigators at the crash site of MH17 (although how a few men armed with assault rifles can protect anybody from Ukie artillery, tank or mortar fire is anybody's guess).  Then there are all the reports of foreign mercenaries, mostly US and Polish, fighting with the Ukie death squads.  There is also some good evidence that Poland is sending military equipment, including aircraft and, possibly, crews.  Well, all of that is dumb and serves very little useful purpose, but that is what the West is so good at: pretending.  If this plans stays at this level I would say that it is not very important.  But, alas, there is a nastier possibility here:

Plan two: a tripwire force

This is just an extension of plan one: bring in a few  men, and then have them killed.  This would trigger the needed "popular outrage" (carefully fanned and reported by the corporate media) to force the Europeans to accept more US sanctions in Europe or even some kind of "EU-mandated" "peacekeeping force".  Of course, if the Russians or the Novorussians do not take the bait and fail to kill the "observers", US/NATO false flag teams could easily do that.  Just imagine what a heavy-mortar strike on a building with these OSCE observers would look like.  The junta in Kiev would be more than happy to "invite" such a "peacekeeping" force into Novorussia and since this would be an "invited" force, no UNSC Resolution would be needed.  Finally, such a "peacekeeping" force would be regularly reinforced and augmented until it could basically cover the flanks of the Ukies in their attacks against Novorussia.  This force would also assume the command and control of Ukie forces, something which the Ukies could greatly benefit from (their current command and control is a mess).

Plan One and Plan Two assume that Russian forces stay on the other side of the border and that the only opposition to such a deployment could come from the Novorussians.  But what if the Russians decided to move into Novorussia either to protect the locals or stop his limited US/NATO/EU "peacekeeping force"?  Then the US/NATO/EU would have to take a dramatic escalatory step send in a much bigger force, more capable of defending itself.

Plan three: UPROFOR on the Dniepr?

This is the Yugoslav scenario.  The West would send in something on the order of 10 battalions which would each be given an area of responsibility for "peacekeeping".  Then police forces would be also sent to "maintain law and order" and EU commissars would be sent in to "help" the local population "express their will" and "organize" a local government.  Soon there would be some kind of EU-run election and all the Novorussian forces would be declared "bandits" from which the local population need to be "protected".  Since Strelkov himself fought in Yugoslavia, as did many other Russians, I don't believe that the Russians or Novorussians would fall for this one.  I think that Russia would express its opposition to such a plan and that if she was ignored, she would move in her own forces along the line of contact.

This might be the US/NATO/EU endgoal: to create a Korea like "line of demarcation" which would isolate the Donetsk and Lugansk People's republics from the rest of Novorussia and the rest of the Ukraine, this would mean getting plenty of Kosovo-like "Camp Bonsteels" all along the Russian border and it would make it looks like the "Wartime President of the One Indispensable Nation" "stopped the Russian Bear".  Finally, it would create a perfect Cold War like environment in which the western 1%ers could continue to exploit the 99% while constantly scaring them with the "Russian threat".

Plan four: Operation Storm in Novorussia and Crimea?

I would not put it past the folks in the Pentagon and Mons to try to pull off an "Operation Storm" in Novorussia and even possibly Crimea.  That is the scenario Glazev fears: the US/NATO/EU would put enough forces inside the Ukraine to allow it to survive long enough to mobilize a sufficient number of men and equipment for a lightening fast attack in Novorossia and even possibly Crimea.  And, in theory, if we assume the Banderstan does not collapse under its own weight and the economic disaster, the Ukraine has the resources to mobilize far more men and equipment that the tiny People's Republics of Donestk and Lugansk or even Crimea.  But that, again, assumes that Russia will let that happen, which she won't, so now we have to look at the really crazy plans:

Plan five: First "Desert Steppe Shield" then "Desert Steppe Storm"

That is a crazy notion: to do with Russia what the US did with Iraq.  First, to place down a "protection force" in the Ukraine, isolate Russia, and then attack in a full-depth and full-scale determined attack.  We are definitely talking about a continental war with a fantastic potential to turn into a world war.  This plan would have be based on two crucial assumptions:

1) The US/NATO/EU conventional forces would be capable of defeating the Russian military.
2) If facing conventional defeat, Russia would not use nuclear weapons.

I think that both of these assumptions are deeply mistaken.  The first one is based on a mix of propaganda, bean counting and ignorance.  The propaganda is something which western military are very good.  They are not.  Most western armies are a pathetic joke, and those who can fight well (the Brits, the Turks) are too little to matter.  That leaves the US military which have capabilities far in excess of what its NATO allies can muster.  Just as in WWII all the serious fighting had to be done by German units, in case of a WWIII (or IV?) all the serious fighting would have to be done by Americans.  The problem is that the Americans would have an extremely hard time bringing in enough forces to really make the difference.  In any case, I have the biggest doubt about the current fighting capabilities of the US Army and Marine Corps.  Faced with a Russian battalion defending its own soil I think that an equivalent USA/Marine force would get slaughtered.

The "bean counting" is when you compare all the NATO APCs or tanks to the number available to the Russian military.  The corporate media loves this kind of charts in which soldiers, APCs, tanks, aircraft and other gear are compared.  Professional analysts never use them simply because they are meaningless.  What matters is how much of that gear is actually available for battle, the kind of tactics used, the training and morale of the soldiers, the skills of their commanding officers, and stuff which is *never* mentioned: supplies, logistics, petroluem, lubricants, ammunition, lines of supply, medical standards, even food and weather.  Bean counters simply never see that.  But one could argue that the number of trucks is more important to a military than the number of tanks.  Yet trucks are never counted.  But yes, on paper NATO looks huge.  Even though most NATO gear could not even survive your average Ukrainian road, nevermind the winter. 

But let us assume that the Hollywood image of the US military is true: invincible, best trained, best armed, with a fantastic morale, led by the very best of the best officers, it would easily defeat the primitive Russian military, armed with antiquated weapons and commanded by fat drunken generals.  Okay, and then what?  If is the official Russian nuclear deterrence doctrine that in this case Russia would use nuclear weapons.  Since even in Hollywood movies nobody makes the claim that the US anti-missile systems could stop Iskanders, cruise missiles or even gravity bombs, we would have to accept that the invincible US force would be turned into radioactive particulates and, that, in turn, would leave the US President two terrible choices: a) take the loss and stop b) retaliate and the second option would have to include the location from where the strike came from: Russia proper.  That, of course, would place the following choices for the Russian President: a) take the loss or b) strike at the continental United States.  At this points nuclear mushrooms would start appearing all over the map.

Now please make no mistake:  Russia can not only destroy Mons, the Pentagon and Cheyenne Mountain (just a matter of placing enough warheads on the right spot), but also every single major city in the United States.  Sure, the USA can retaliate in kind, but what kind of consolation would that be for anybody left?

I cannot believe that the US deep state would truly, deliberately, want to start a planetary nuclear war.   For one thing, US leaders are cowards and they will not want to take such a monumental decision.  A far more likely version is that being stupid, arrogant and cowards they will stumble upon just that outcome.  Here is how:

Plan six: American football's "Hail Mary"

In American football there is a specific pass which is used only when seconds are left on the clock and your teams is badly losing anyway.  Basically it works like this: every single person who is not defending the quarterback rushes to the endzone, as do all the defenders, and the quarterback then just throws the ball straight into that zone with the very slim hope that one of his own players will catch it and score a touchdown.    This is called a "Hail Mary" for very good reason as only a miracle makes such a desperate plan work.  Most of the time the ball is either fumbled or caught by the other team.  But, very rarely, it works (see here).

I can  very much imagine a desperate Obama trying to show the American people that he "has hair on his chest" and that he is not going to let "regional power" challenge the "indispensable nation".  So what he and, really, his administration risks doing is the following: to play a game of chicken hoping against all odds that the Russian will yield.  This is my worst nightmare and the worst possible assumption to make because Russia cannot yield.

In March of this year I issued a warning which I entitled "Obama just made things much, much worse in the Ukraine - now Russia is ready for war".  What prompted me to issue that warning was the fact that the Council of the Russian Federation has just unanimously passed a resolution allowing Putin to use Russian armed forces in the Ukraine.  Since, this resolution has been repealed at Putin's request and for obvious political motives, but the mood, the determination is still there.  In fact, I think that it has grown much stronger.

There has been much useless speculation about Putin, his motives and his strategy.  This is way bigger than just Putin.  If the US/NATO/EU really push too far, and that includes a genocide in Novorussia, an attack on Crimea or an attack on Russian forces, Russia will go to war, Putin or no Putin.  And Putin knows that.  His real base of support is not in the Russian elites (who mostly fear him), but in the Russian people (with whom his current rating are higher than ever before).  And Putin himself openly spoke about the "threats to Russian sovereignty" though he did add that because of the Russian nuclear forces there was, in his opinion, no immediate threat to the Russian territory.

If the US decides to play a game of chicken with Russia, then it will do the same thing as a car driver playing a game of chicken against an incoming train: regardless of the train's driver, the train is on tracks and its momentum is too big: it cannot stop or veer away.

The problem is that the USA has a long record of making absolutely irresponsible statements which end up putting them into a corner from which they cannot bulge without losing face.  Just look at the MH17 disaster: the Obama administration immediately rushed to blame the Russians for it, but what will it do when the evidence to the contrary comes out?  What if Obama also draws a red line somewhere (it does not really matter where) and then forces Russia to cross it?

Sadly, I can imagine the USA declaring that the US/NATO will defend the Ukie airspace.  I think that they are dumb enough to try to seize a Russian ship entering or leaving the Black Sea.  Remember - these are the folks who hijacked the aircraft of Bolivian President Evo Morales to try to find Snowden on board.  These are the folks who regularly kidnap Russian citizens worldwide (the last time the son of a well-know Russian member of Parliament who was kidnapped in the Maldive Islands).  And, of course, these are the folks who did 9/11.  Their arrogance knows no limits because they are profoundly evil sociopaths.  For them the organization of false flag operations is a normal, standard, procedure.  They almost triggered a war between the DPRK and South Korea by sinking a South Korean military vessel.  They used chemical weapons in Syria not once, but several times.  And the last time we had a Democrat in the White House, he was crazy enough to send two US Aircraft Carrier Groups into the Strait of Taiwan to threaten China.

My biggest fears

This is my biggest fear: some kind of desperate "Hail Mary" maneuver in which the US will try to convince Russia that "look, we are crazy enough to start this thing, so you better back off" not realizing that Russia cannot back off.  The other thing which really scares me is that during the Cuban Missile Crisis everybody was aware of the stakes and most people were truly terrified.  Now, thanks to the propaganda of the corporate media, almost nobody is afraid and hardly anybody is paying attention.  Russia and the USA are on a clear collision course and nobody cares!  How come?

Because if 9/11 proved anything is that there are things which most people are simply unwilling to contemplate, no matter how close and real they are.  It would only make sense that the Empire of Illusion would be populated by a people in total denial.  After all, illusion and denial usually go hand in hand.

Most of you, dear readers and friends, seem to be sharing with me a sense of total distrust in the sanity of our leaders.  When I asked you whether you believed that the US/NATO were crazy enough to use military forces against Russia, an overwhelming number of you answered that "yes" and a good part of you was even emphatically sure of that.  Why?  Because we all know how crazy and deluded are Imperial Overlords are.  Crazy and deluded enough not to quality as "rational actor"?  Crazy and deluded enough to play a game a chicken with a train?  Crazy and deluded enough to risk the planet on "Hail Mary?  Alas, I think that this is a very real possibility.

But what does Uncle Sam really want?

There is a gradual realization in Russia that for Uncle Sam this is not about the Ukraine.  It is about Russia and, specifically, about regime change in Russia.  A vast majority of Russian experts seem to believe that the US wants to overthrow Putin and that this entire war in the Ukraine is a means to achieve that.  As a very cynical joke going around now says "Obama is willing to fight Putin down to the very last Ukrainian".  I think that this is correct.  The US hopes that one of the following will happen:

1) A Russian military intervention in Novorussia which will allow the US to restart a Cold War v2 on steroid and which will also fully re-enslave Europe to the USA.  Putin would then be blamed for falling in the US trap

2) The creation of a US-run "Banderastan" in the Ukraine.  That would 'contain' and destabilize Russia.  Again, Putin would be blamed for letting that happen.

3) A "nationalist Maidan" in Russia: this is what is behind the current Putin-bashing campaign in the blogosphere: to paint Putin as a weak and/or corrupt man, who traded Crimea for the Donbass (you know the tune - these folks even comment on this blog).  These efforts are supported and, sometimes, even financed by Russian oligarchs who have a great deal of money involved in the EU and who really don't need the current tensions.  Here Putin would be blamed for not doing enough.

In all three cases, Putin would risk a (patriotically) color coded revolution which would, inevitably, bring either crazy rogue ruler  or a clueless fossil to power (a la Zhirinovsky or Zuiganov) or, much better, a pro-American "liberal" (a la Medvedev).  I think that all of these plans will fail.

Putin will not give Uncle Sam the intervention he wants.  Instead, Russia continue to support the Resistance in Novorussia until Banderastan goes "belly up", i.e. for another 30-60 days or so.  As for the "nationalist Maidan", the Russian people see straight through this "black PR campaign" and their support for Putin is higher than it ever was. It's not Putin who does not want to intervene overtly in the Donbass, it is the Russian people.  The attempts at stirring up anti-Putin by first stirring-up anti-Strelkov feelings have completely failed and, in fact, they have backfired.  A lot of these "hurray-patriots" are now overly called "useful idiots" for the CIA or even provocateurs.

Finally, while they are at this point in time only rumors, there seems to be more and more specialists of the opinion that MH17 was a deliberate false flag by the US.  If the news that the Ukies did it ever becomes public, then the entire destabilization plan will go down the tubes.  At this point, I would not put anything, no matter how crazy, past the US deep-state.

And that is a very scary thought.

The Saker
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Is Europe’s breadbasket up for grabs? The Plunder of Ukraine.

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 07/31/2014 - 12:12
Ukraine's Plunder- Readers here knew this was coming. How many in Ukraine were truly aware of the costs of western style 'democracy'- Vast wealth for the tiny elite psycopaths and vast impoverishment for the masses.
Minimal background on this topic:  
* Ukraine: Cargill acquires stake in UkrLand Farming/food control = people control
*The New Great Game: Why the Ukraine matters to so many other nations* Battle for Ukraine

NEW YORK, Jul 30 2014 (IPS) - Amidst an exodus of some 100,000 people from the conflict-torn eastern Ukraine, ongoing fighting in the urban strongholds of Donetsk and Luhansk between Ukrainian soldiers and separatist rebels, and talk of more sanctions against Russia, it is hard to focus on the more subtle changes taking place in this eastern European nation.But while global attention has been channeled towards the political crisis, sweeping economic reforms are being ushered in under the leadership of the newly elected president Petro Poroshenko, who recently brokered deals with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund that have rights groups on edge.Even before Poroshenko assumed office on Jun. 7, international financial institutions (IFIs) were rushing emergency missions into the country, with IMF European Department Director Reza Moghadam declaring on a Mar. 7 visit, “I am positively impressed with authorities’ determination, sense of responsibility and commitment to an agenda of economic reform.”This is why Yats quit (or maybe not?) Either way? He did what had to be done. He delivered Ukraine into debt servitude. Debt enslavement
After years of dangling a 17-billion-dollar loan – withheld in part due to ousted President Viktor Yanukovych’s refusal to implement a highly contested pension reform bill that would have raised the retirement age by 10 years, and his insistence on curbing gas price hikes – the IMF has now released its purse strings.

The World Bank followed suit, announcing a 3.5-billion-dollar aid package on May 22 that the Bank’s president, Jim Yong Kim, said was conditional upon the government “removing restrictions that hinder competition and […] limiting the role of state control in economic activities.”

While these reforms include calls for greater transparency to spur economic growth, experts are concerned that Ukraine’s rapid pivot to Western neoliberal policies could spell disaster, particularly in the immense agricultural sector that is widely considered the ‘breadbasket of Europe.’
 A quiet land-grab
Ukraine is the world’s third-largest exporter of cotton and the fifth-largest exporter of wheat. Agriculture accounts for about 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), with vast fields of fertile soil yielding bumper harvests of grain and cereals each year.According to a 2013 forecast by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Ukraine is poised to become the world’s second biggest grain exporter in the world (after the U.S.), shipping over 30 million tonnes of grain out of the country last year.Who controls the food controls the people...
The World Bank estimates that farmers and agricultural workers made up 17 percent of the country’s labour force as of 2012. And according to the Centre for Eastern Studies, agricultural exports soared in the last decade, from 4.3 billion dollars in 2005 to 17.9 billion dollars in 2012.Lush soil and a rich agrarian culture do not immediately add up to nationwide dividends. Potential investors have cited“red tape” and “corruption” as hindrances to development, as well as a communist legacy that forbids the sale of land.But the past decade has seen an abrupt change in Ukraine’s agricultural sector, with foreign investors and agri-business hugely expanding ownership and influence in the country.According to a report released Monday by the U.S.-based Oakland Institute, over 1.6 million hectares of land have been signed over to multinational companies since 2002, including “over 405,000 hectares to a company listed in Luxembourg, 444,800 hectares to Cyprus-registered investors, 120,000 hectares to a French corporation, and 250,000 hectares to a Russian company.”A deal brokered between China and Yanukovych prior to the political crisis – now disputed under the present regime – granted Beijing control over some three million hectares of prime farmland in the east, an area about the size of Belgium that totals five percent of Ukraine’s arable land.This changing climate has been a boon for investors and corporations, with Michael Cox, research director at the investment bank Piper Jaffray, referring to Ukraine as one of the “most promising growth markets for farm-equipment giant Deere, as well as seed producers Monsanto and DuPont.”
Such statements have raised a red flag among researchers and trade watchdogs.
OI Executive Director Anuradha Mital told IPS, “IFIs are imposing Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) in Ukraine, which we know – from the experience of the Third World – will undoubtedly lead to severe austerity measures for the people and increase poverty among the Ukrainians.”Maidumb?
“Ukraine is also one of the 10 pilot countries in the World Bank’s new Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture (BBA) project,” Mittal told IPS, referring to a brand new initiative, still in the development stage, which is connected to the Bank’s controversial Doing Business rankings.This index has been criticised by numerous groups including the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) – comprised of over 176 million members hailing from 161 countries – for favouring low taxes for transnational corporations and lowering labour standards in developing countries as a means of attracting foreign investment.The Bank itself says the BBA will largely serve as a tool for improving agricultural output.Agricultural output of profits for big Agribusiness- That is what is being referred to.

“The world needs to feed nine billion people by 2050,” a World Bank spokesperson told IPS. Bullocks! Profits. Big Oil. Chemicals. And the disgusting frankenfood the GMO's
IMF doesn't care one whit about feeding people. The well being of people. None of that. This article broke my heart, made me so sad and angry and just disgusted. The IMF cares about banking and indebting people because they aren't a charity, they are a private banking institution!
“For small-scale farmers to be more productive and far more competitive, they need access to land, finance, improved seed, fertiliser, water, electricity, transport and markets.

“By identifying and monitoring policies and regulations that limit access of smaller producers to these critical components of success, BBA is being designed as a tool to foster an enabling environment that boosts local and regional agribusinesses,” she concluded.More Bullocks!

But the OI report’s co-author Frédéric Mousseau says initiatives like the BBA and others exist primarily to pry open Ukraine’s doors, hitherto sealed by its socialist traditions, to foreign capital.

“These reforms sound good on paper, but when you look more closely you see they are actually designed to benefit large multinational corporations over workers and small-scale farmers,” Mousseau told IPS.

“Ranking systems like the BBA push for contract farming, which entails farmers working for corporations, instead of as subsistence producers. We are denouncing this rhetoric, and its attendant struggle between different foreign interests over Ukraine’s resources.”

Research into the impacts of the Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ rankings in eight countries – including Mali, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and the Philippines – has yielded similar results: sharp increases in foreign investments and land-grabbing in a bid to appear more ‘business friendly’.
Seriously, this is heartbreaking stuff :(

Further, Mousseau said, arrangements such as the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine offer glimpses into an agricultural future steered by corporate interests.

“Until now, Ukraine had banned the use of GMOs in the agriculture sector,” Mousseau stated. “So when we anaylsed the EU Association Agreement we were surprised by article 404, which states very clearly that both parties agree to expand the use of biotechnologie
s.”Such clauses, experts say, could strengthen existing initiatives such as Monsanto’s Ukraine-based ‘Grain-basket of the Future’ project (which offers 25,000-dollar loans to rural farmers) and Cargill’s 200-million-dollar stake in UkrLandFarming, the eighth largest land cultivator in the world.

These developments give weight to the title of OI’s report, ‘Walking on the West Side’, a reference to the role of Western interests in Ukraine’s unfolding political crisis.“It is necessary to see this in context of the U.S.– Russia struggle over Ukraine,” Joel Kovel, U.S. scholar and author of over 20 books on international politics, told IPS.

“Geostrategic politics and neoliberal economics fit together within the overall plan …in which global finance capital under American control and neoconservative leadership imposes austerity, seeks dominion over the easternmost portion of Europe, and continues the policy of encircling Russia,” he stated.
This is so sad. So, sickening. My fellow humans when are you, each one of you, going to take back what is rightfully yours? Please stop participating in this system that is actually destroying each and every one of us.
Food is vital to our survival and healthy non mutated food is absolutely imperative. This is why I garden, personally.  What are you doing to change the situation? (My reason for blogging endlessly)  Please think about these things? This is important. It is vital to our survival as a species. I cannot stress that enough.
Apologies if I sound preachy, but, there it is. Realize we must as a species ensure or survival. Or we will be the guarantors of our own extinction. Breaking free of this system is paramount to our survival.
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Two Choices to the Ukrainian Conscription - Nikolai Starikov - 26 Jul 2014

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Thu, 07/31/2014 - 08:16
Please press on the 'cc' button on the lower right corner of the video to see the English subtitles
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They Shoot Donkeys, Don't They?

kennysideshow - Wed, 07/30/2014 - 20:36
more photos Kill It Before It Grows.....

"It," not he or she or them or anything remotely relating to humans must the operative word that the Israeli genocidal monsters use to describe their targets. Women and children are seen as less than animals....and they kill those too. 

.....and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass." ~ jewish words of perversion attributed to their 'god' from the OT

Gazans are told to evacuate from where they are, seek shelter. They do, in schools, which are then bombed and shelled, killing scores. Apparently six times schools have already been targeted.

There are no safe places in Gaza.

Israel Strikes Gaza Power Plant & TV Studios 

 At Least 17 People Killed After Attack On Gaza Market

By any small standards of sanity, these are daily war crimes.

The American major media dutifully reports the atrocities but with a false spin without the Israelis as war criminals narrative and rarely show the protests against the murderers for fear of people getting the idea that it's OK to shout out. 

Here in the good old USA we have no government. There are only the bureaucrats and enforcers of a world wide crime syndicate.

In our so-called Christian Nation, there appears to be few Christians. Millions refuse to stand up against evil or even speak its name. Cue up the crickets chirping. It's been this way since the Vietnam War and there seems little hope of a great real religious awakening any time soon.

Sorry.....I'm being redundant. Repeating the same things over and over again. It's hard to put together any new words in any meaningful way to describe what is happening and why.  Thankfully many others are making the attempt.


We may have to bomb Bolivia next or at least hire some mercenaries to take care of Evo Morales.
Bolivia declares Israel ‘terrorist state’

No sooner than the White House condemned the shelling of a United Nations-operated school in Gaza on Wednesday did news break that the Pentagon will supply the Israeli military with new ammunition to further their campaign on the war-ravaged city.

That afternoon, CNN reported that the United States military will be honoring a request from Israel for assistance in the midst of their weeks-long campaign against militants from Hamas residing in Gaza City.

According to the network, Pentagon officials have confirmed that the US will honor a request from Israel for several types of ammunition, including 120mm mortar rounds and 40mm ammunition for grenade launchers. The exchange will not be an emergency sale, the unnamed officials said, and is coming from a stockpile of weapons maintained by the US in Israel worth more than $1 billion. more

Efforts to negotiate a ceasefire in Israel’s ongoing invasion of the Gaza Strip aren’t sitting well with Israeli hawks, and by extension that means they aren’t sitting well with the US Congress.

That’s got Congressional officials up in arms, pushing President Obama to stop trying to negotiate a ceasefire in the conflict, and instead to endorse Israel’s war unconditionally, and irrespective of how bad it gets.

Underscoring just how far they’ll go, Sen. Mark Kirk (R – IL) insisted he was totally comfortable with Israel killing thousands of civilians in the current war if it meant wiping out Hamas, saying it was “worth it.” more

The Blood of Palestine is on the Hands of the Bribe-Takers  - hat tip NTS

If the Zionists win again in Gaza, similar horrors await.

You will be next.

Worldwide protests against Zionism and the horrors in Gaza must now grow exponentially with renewed realization of the true global evil manifest in Zionist Israel. These protests must swell with a demand for a return to the world humanity; a purge of the ongoing threat of Zionism.

Zionism is a madness. It attempts to rationalize, legitimize and legalize imposed inhuman conditions. Protests worldwide must now grow, besieging every Israeli and US Embassy en-mass until finally tearing the embassy's doors forever from their hinges and effecting a world-citizen's arrest on every ambassador, next depositing them gruffly in the Hague. With the cries of,"we are Gaza," the halls of every Congress and Parliament should then be flooded with the outrage of nationalism temporarily destroyed, and every Zionist controlled, treasonous politician cast out to wander the earth in rags.

On that day there will be a sudden quiet over Gaza and Palestine. An overdue quiet settling upon the world. The bombs for the first time will stop. Screams will quiet, slowly turning to smiles, then again to childish laughter. The true humanity that is at the core of all decent men and women will begin to return to the daily fabric life. War and its Zionist master will be relegated again to the dust bin of history. Peace once again important. more

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The Ignominious Conclusion of the Kiev Junta's July Offensive, July 30, 2014

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Wed, 07/30/2014 - 19:53
The Ignominious Conclusion of the Kiev Junta's July Offensive, July 30, 2014

Original: IAC Cassad - M.V. Litvinov
translated by Gleb Bazov

The Conclusion of July Activity

As could have been expected, the last weekend of July was marked by yet another offensive gamble by the Kiev regime. More precisely, there were, in fact, two such offensive gambles. At the same time, it must be noted that the second one, to which observers paid less attention, was in no way less dangerous to the Militia than the one that occupied the primary spot in the propagandistic efforts of the informational support specialists of the punitive corps. Both operations were gambles for the simple reason that they were constructed solely on the basis of the punitive forces’ firm belief in their operational-tactical superiority over the Militia and in reliance on their absolute certainty in the Militia’s inability to render in any way stubborn resistance. 

It must further be noted that throughout the entire month of July, the command of the punitive forces failed to achieve any operational-tactical successes that went beyond capitalizing on the inevitable consequence arising from the withdrawal of the Militia from the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk defence area. Simply speaking, the punitive forces were able to occupy only that, which they were simply obligated to take control of after Slavyansk was abandoned.

In view of their numerical and technical superiority, the Ukrainian military formations have a plethora of advantages in a transition from positional to maneuverable warfare. However, the most interesting outcome of the latest July escalation in the operational situation is perhaps the fact that the talentless operations of the Ukrainian military formations once again created the preconditions for the emergence of a positional front. Only time will tell whether or not the command of the Militia will manage to take full advantage of the developing circumstances. 

The Kiev Junta's Offensive Against the Donetsk People's Republic
The first direction of the punitive forces’ offensive became the advance in the Shakhtersk-Torez area from the north and from the south, the aim of which was to cut off the main lines of communication between Donetsk and Lugansk and the Russian border. This operation became perfectly obvious immediately following the withdrawal from Slavyansk, and it is then when attention was drawn to the reality of the checkpoints of the punitive forces being established in this region. It was also noted then that this operation is quite feasible, in contrast to the ambitions plans involving a breakthrough around Lugansk or the assaults on Atratsit or Snezhnoye. One can wonder why this operation began on July 27th, rather than on July 8th.
The growing threat in this direction was obvious. Already on June 21st the command of the DPR Militia reacted quite nervously to the information about the appearance of the tanks of the punitive forces in Debaltsevo (as nervously as it previously reacted to the attacks by crime bosses on Artemovsk). And this reaction undoubtedly was noticed by the command of the punitive corps. At the headquarters of the punitive forces, a new hope was born that a breakthrough in the Debaltsevo-Shakhtersk direction will lead to the Militia’s withdrawal from Donetsk, just like it happened in Slavyansk. From this moment on the command of the punitive forces began to concentrate all available troops for a new offensive. These plans were constantly frustrated by the unexpected for the punitive forces actions of the Severodonetsk Commandant’s Office, by the LPR counterattack in Lisichansk and by the decisive actions of the Slavyansk Brigade in the area of the “Marinovka Corridor”, resulting in it being completely closed on June 26th.

Despite all these difficulties, the punitive forces placed their main bet on a breakthrough in the Debaltsevo-Shakhtersk direction. And, on July 23rd, they commenced battles for the staging areas of this offensive – Debaltsevo and Blagodatnoye. On July 24th, they managed finally to secure control over Blagodatnoye; however, the battles for Debaltsevo did not give the desired effect – they continued failing to oust from the village the staunchly defending Militia units.

Faced with this situation, the command of the punitive corps decided to repeat the approach that previously brought it success in Artyomovsk, and in the night of July 26th-27th bypassed Debaltsevo with the tactical battalion group of the 95th Aeromobile Brigade and assaulted Shakhtersk. As far as can be told, the DPR Militia, absorbed in the fighting for the Marinovka Corridor and for Debaltsevo, did not expect this move. The maneuver was a complete success. The reason for this success is that the DPR Militia, insofar as it seeks to maintain a continuing line of front, does not have the ability to garrison key settlements located beyond the line of defence with forces sufficient for successful defence.

The Militia had no more than one company in Shakhtersk; moreover, these troops were not concentrated in a fist, but instead were dispersed throughout checkpoints. At the same time, it is necessary to have least 200-300 fighters to repel an attack on a settlement by a tactical battalion group. And, in general, the minimum necessary garrison for such a settlement is 500 fighters.The main forces of the 2nd and the 3rd Battalions of the Slavyansk Brigade were located to the south of the Torez-Shakhters-Zugres-Kharzysk line.
As a result, meeting practically no resistance, the punitive forces established company strongpoints in the areas of Gornoye and Olchovchik, thereby cutting off the shortest routes from Donetsk to Snezhnoye. The forces of the Militia at that moment were fettered by attacks coming from the front in the area of Stepano-Krynka. And although the attacks of the punitive forces in this area were repulsed, the punitive troops in Shakhters merged with the main forces of the Amvrosievka grouping of the Ukrainian armed formations that came up from the side of Blagodatnoye.

The DPR Militia ended up in a very difficult situation. Its forces were split apart. Communications to the north, of course, were maintained, and to cut them off the punitive forces would have needed at least three free battalions, which the Ukrainian armed formations did not have available. However, that was not the problem. The withdrawal from Slavyansk placed a heavy psychological burden on the shoulders of the DPR Militia. “The enemy is too strong; it is too well armed.” And it is this mental attitude that became the main obstacle to the transition of the confrontation again to the positional phase. The Militia needed to make a stand somewhere; it needed to win a psychological victory over the punitive forces and to break the enemy’s will to attack. It seemed that there would again be a retreat, and that a decisive battle would come later.

But then the talentless command of the punitive corps did a favour for the DPR Militia. Rather than being satisfied with their success, pulling up artillery and digging into the ground at the newly acquired positions, it decided to finish DPR once and for all. And on July 28th it commenced a new offensive. Bypassing Torez, the punitive forces rushed from Gornoye through Manuylovka and Petrovskoye into the rear of Saur-Mogila. From Semenovskaya and Tarany, their armoured columns rushed toward Stepanovka and Marinovka. Their most battle-worthy units located in the Southern Cauldron attempted a breakout from Djakovo in the direction of Dibrovka and, from there, toward Dmitrovka and Chervonnaya Zarya. All the artillery was aimed at Saur-Mogila in an attempt to suppress the Militia’s artillery battery.

But the DPR Militia, and, first and foremost, its Slavyansk Brigade, managed to withstand this assault, in the process retaining all the key settlements. The successes of the punitive forces were limited to yet another occupation of the village of Saurovka, which the Kiev propagandists quickly renamed Saur-Mogila, and the displacement of the Militia from Dmitrovka. The punitive forces were even unable to forge a corridor to the south of Marinovka. But the main thing was that the Militia withstood the strike of the 250-vehicle armoured armada of the Ukrainian regular army. In the course of these battles, the Militia has proven, first and foremost to itself and its command, that it is capable of withstanding an assault of such magnitude.

The command of the punitive forces was unable to transfer reserves from the north. Bogged down in the fighting on the approaches to Gorlovka and in Debaltsevo, and fettered by a counterstrike in Popasnoye and, on the part of the LPR Militia, an assault near Depreradovka, aimed at the rear of the Debaltsevo grouping, it had no available troops. The final effort of the punitive corps on July 29th allowed them to enter Stepanovka, but, on the very same day, the DPR Militia punched a corridor in Shakhtersk through to Torez.
The July offensive of the punitive corps on the territory of the DPR has petered out. Despite the fact that the situation remains exceedingly difficult, due primarily to the numerical and technical superiority of the punitive forces, and despite the regular terroristic shelling of the DPR cities, the DPR Militia has been able to create the preconditions for a transition to positional fighting in the sections of the front selected by the Militia. 

The Kiev Junta's Offensive Against the Lugansk People's Republic
The situation in the Lugansk area was developing in a less dramatic fashion, even if the danger to the Militia that it carried was no less significant. The key point in the LPR defence is the settlement of Novosvetlovka to the south-east of Lugansk. The settlement itself is not large, but all the roads leading to Izvarino pass through it. Its loss would cut off not only Krasnodon, but also the main highway to the Russian border. Certainly, its loss would not result in a catastrophe, but it would significantly complicate the situation in Lugansk.
Starting on July 27th, the command of the punitive corps undertook several attempts to break through to this settlement from the side of the Lugansk airport, as well as from the area of Lutugino, through Pervozvanovka and Krasnoye. Airstrikes were conducted on Novosvetlovka. However, in the end, the LPR Militia utterly defeated the 24th Territorial Defence Battalion Aidar, along with the supporting units of the 1st Separate Tank Brigade [“OTBR”] and the 30th Separate Mechanized Brigade [“OMBR”]. The punitive forces sustained significant losses not only in terms of killed and wounded, but also captured soldiers.

The reason why the success achieved by the Militia here did not entail such dramatic twists and turns as the one near Donetsk is that the LPR defence is built on proactively taking control with sufficient forces even of key settlements that are not subjected to direct threat, often to the detriment of control over connectedness and continuity of communications. What enable the command of the LPR Militia to adhere to such a tactic is its advantageous position with respect to the Russian border.

On the same day, July 27th, the command of the LPR Militia continued to apply pressure to the isolated garrisons of the punitive forces in the area of Krasnodon, where the remnants of the units of the 51st OMBR are being finished off, and in the are of the Dolzhanskiy border crossing checkpoint, where the liquidation of the Ukrainian Border Guard Service [“GPSU”] garrison is being completed.

On the following day, July 28th, the command of the LPR Militia enhanced its positions, continuing to develop its success – it took control of the key strategic height near Georgievka and developed its proactive maneuvers to the west, in the direction of the settlement of Cheluskinets. Accordingly, in the Lugansk area the Militia was able to maintain its key positions and to prevent the Lugansk airport from being de-blockaded. This course of events signifies that also in this region the necessary preconditions for the transitioning of the hostilities to a positional phase have developed.

At this moment, the least stable situation continues to persist in the Pervomaisk-Stakhanov-Bryanka-Alchevsk-Krasniy Luch strip. Here the outcome of hostilities has not been determined, and significant changes to the positions of the warring sides remain possible. Likewise, changes of any kind cannot be excluded in the area of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing. 

Author: M.V. Litvinov
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The consent of Germany to economic sanctions against Russia will change Putin's position and will accelerate Novorossiya's victory

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Wed, 07/30/2014 - 19:45
by Pyotr AKOPOV

translated by 'A'

In the global conflict of Russia and the USA which consequence war in Ukraine turned out to be also, there is an important change which will affect all fronts where Russia resists to atlantist. Germany, some months resisting to pressure of the USA, conceded and agreed to enter economic sanctions. This step seriously will influence Putin's tactics in the Ukrainian events.

It is quite probable that sectoral sanctions against Russia will be agreed on Tuesday at a meeting of constant representatives of EU countries and will mention finance, power, arms, production of a dual purpose. If offers of European Commission are accepted, already in the next few days they will be approved at meeting of Council of EU. About introduction of new sanctions against Russia it was spoken and during Obama's conversation with leaders of England, France, Germany and Italy.

Last week there were doubts that Anglo-Saxons will manage to press through Germany, but statements of the German ministers and industrialists practically don't leave in recent days doubts that Berlin "ripened". Germany approves introduction of sectoral sanctions against Russia, the representative of the government of Germany declared on Monday to Christiana Virtts: "The government supports a concrete sectoral package of measures". And the president of Federal association of the German industry Ulrich Grillo told that it supports sanctions: "Policy time came".

Considering that Germany was the main obstacle for introduction of sectoral sanctions, now they become almost inevitable. It is clear that their first portion can be rather limited both on scale, and on time, but that the USA after all could force Europeans is important to join their policy not only political, but also the economic pressure and isolation of Russia, following which, Washington expects to force Moscow to give up on Ukraine. The rupture of Europe with Russia becomes even more important in the light of transatlantic partnership actively advanced by the USA, that is attempt to create the common Atlantic market, having connected two largest economic zones of the world and having put them under the Anglo-Saxon management. Thus, the decision of Germany and EU becomes truly historical – from the category such which define the direction and a history course.

Vladimir Putin also proceeded from such understanding of a role of Berlin, defining tactics of actions of Russia everything the last months when the Ukrainian crisis took already the form of real war. Putin threw down a challenge of the USA and to the Anglo-Saxon global project – without having attached the Crimea, and much earlier, having returned to the Kremlin in 2012. Attempt to take away Ukraine from the Russian world was the main answer of the West to return of Russia in big game. But from the very beginning of a sharp phase of the Ukrainian crisis Russia tried not only to prevent "stealing of Ukraine", but also to play on contradictions in the West – considering that interests of the USA and Europe, first of all Germany, don't coincide at all. Certainly, Putin didn't create illusions on independence of Germany – Germany represents the state with the limited sovereignty (and not only because of entry into the military block of NATO, and owing to a number of the obvious and secret mechanisms allowing Anglo-Saxons to control elite of this largest country of Europe). But he staked on acceleration of process of gradual release of Germans from dense Atlantic guardianship – the process, going already many years and gaining strength even before the Ukrainian crisis.

National conceiving part of the German elite perfectly understands that our two countries are objective partners the normal relations between which do a situation in Europe steady practically to any manipulations of Anglo-Saxon geopoliticians. Also remembers what exactly the wrong assessment of Russia from Germany (and in many respects thanks to suggestions of island strategists) twice for the last century led the country to national accident. There are no doubts that Anglo-Saxons are ready and to push off our two countries for the third time, having set Germany on Russia – this time economically. But in process of collecting of big Europe going now interests of Germany which in every possible way insists on deepening of political integration, in a root contradict interests of Anglo-Saxon globalizator which want to see in the European Union not independent, especially kontinentalno, German - the focused force, and obedient east wing of global "West", own world project.

Independence of Germany, as well as construction on this base of the building of the independent European Union, it is possible only when forming not hostile, partnership with Russia. With big Russia which will inevitably restore the borders and influence, let and in the form of the Euroasian union. And the global Berlin axis – Moscow – Beijing is at all capable to move the center of gravity in world geopolitics to the Euroasian continent, having buried present hegemonic claims of atlantist.

Crisis round Ukraine became manifestation of all these contradictions – it aggravated them and raised an edge many questions which in a peace time could be solved more slowly. Moscow staked on that the American game in isolation of Russia becomes the catalyst of process of emancipation of Germany. Certainly, nobody counts on a prompt gap – Putin's purpose was to achieve a conditional neutrality of Germany (so and Europe) in the conflict of Russia and the USA. For the sake of it Russia was ready to go to a lot of things – except, of course, delivery of national interests and refusal of fight for Ukraine. But peace, neutral Ukraine quite could would like to become for the next years a form of the Russian-European cooperation – if Europe was ready to define itself the policy concerning Kiev and would refuse support of plans of the USA on pull-in of Ukraine under the Atlantic umbrella. Alas, both in Brussels, and in Berlin weren't ready to admit that simple fact that Russia won't allow secession of part of the Russian world under the guise of eurointegration. The German dreams of fertile Ukrainian soil ("Chernozem"), desire to create one more buffer state under control of Germans and separating them from Russia , – all this together with urgings and manuals from Washington moved original national interests and cool calculation. It won't be possible for USA to tear off Ukraine from Russia – neither with help of Germany, nor without it. But to quarrel Germany with Russia is quite possible for Americans. That, as a matter of fact, they want to achieve. Really, after all, even in case of loss of Ukraine by them (that American realistic strategists are ready for long ago) Washington will have pleasant and very big prize – the possibility of the German-Russian rapprochement broken for many years. From the very beginning of the Crimean events Putin understood that chances of split of Germany and the USA are minimal – but they were, and he absolutely prudently tried to play on it. The intrigue with the German approval of sanctions and connection to blockade lasted some months and became one of the most intense secret fights in world history. Russia initially didn't do the main rate on disintegration of the united western front – we at once declared that in case the USA and EU will really try to organize isolation and blockade, we are ready to develop to the East and the South. Especially as Russia will build new, world architecture alternative to Anglo-Saxons – together with the absolute majority of the world community which long ago was already waiting the one who will throw down a challenge to owners of the Globalist Project.

Attack of the USA on Russia is not caused by Ukraine – on the contrary, the Ukrainian crisis turned out to be only consequence of America's desire to hold on the escaping world hegemony, to prevent restoration of historical Russia, the only force in the world, capable openly resist to the Anglo-Saxon project. Liberation of Germany from guardianship of atlantist is postponed, but not cancelled – if, of course, to recognize that the German people has the right for own future and wants to save itself from dissolution in a melting copper of globalization. But at this stage Germans (their elite is more exact) made the choice – and Russia is ready to resist to a uniform position of the West, continuing both to defend the national interests, and to increase approach on the world scene, building the front from civilizations and the states interested in new rules of global game. One of the most important consequences of policy of Putin on the German front was that with Novorossiya Moskva officially took a non-interference position in a situation – not to facilitate the USA their work on arm-twisting of Germany. Now the situation changes – Europe, that is Berlin, declares Russia war, let and economic, let and with reservations. In the war other laws work already, and Germans shouldn't be surprised when it will become clear that their decision to join the American blockade of Russia will lead to that Moscow recognizes Novorossiya soon.

And toughening of economic sanctions will lead not to a collapse of the Russian economy, but to fall of the Kiev's regime. In this world everything is connected, after all Vladimir Putin wasn't tired to remind it all the time to Berlin.

original Russian article:
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Coordinated Sanctions Target Russia's Ability to Tap Oil Reserves including Arctic resources

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Wed, 07/30/2014 - 11:45
I have mentioned the control of Arctic resources previously as one of many reasons for the targeting of Russia by NATO.

So, it is interesting to note that the sanctions are geared towards prohibiting Russia from accessing it's Arctic resources
Before we get to the sanction we are going to FLASHBACK to December 2011. Back more then 2 & 1/2 years ago.... Cause sometimes you have to go back to the future - Pun intended

Who controls the Arctic, controls vast resourcesJust a quick post. A little something to think about...

If you had doubts that the NATO world army has designs on Russia, as they do the bidding for banksters, big oil and other global robber barons, clear your brain of those doubts. Now.The Arctic Circle

The Arctic. Resource rich and largely under the control of Russia-
Some of the world's richest reserves of the stuff are buried beneath the beds of the Berents sea, North of Russia and well into the Arctic Circle. It's estimated that this area holds somewhere around a quarter of all the oil reserves in the world.Get the picture? Vast resources, untapped. Notice the expansive Russian coastline? 

*Now, let's check out the sanctions. The "coordinated" sanctionsFrom this article "Coordinated Sanctions Target Russia's ability To Tap It's Oil Reserves
The United States and Europe kicked off a joint effort on Tuesday intended to curb Russia’s long-term ability to develop new oil resources

 In announcing coordinated sanctions, American and European leaders went beyond previous moves against banking and defense industries in an effort to curtail Russia’s access to Western technology as it seeks to tap new Arctic, deep sea and shale oil reserves. The goal was not to inhibit current oil production but to cloud Russia’s energy future. The new strategy took direct aim at the economic foundation of Russia, which holds the largest combined oil and gas reserves in the world.

The growth of the oil industry in the last two decades has powered Russia’s economic and geopolitical resurgence since the collapse of the Soviet Union and enriched allies of President Vladimir V. Putin. Russia pumps about 10.5 million barrels of oil a day, making it among the largest producers “The biggest edge that Western energy companies still have is their technological edge — that’s why these sanctions have the potential to have significant impact,” said Michael A. Levi, an energy expert at the Council on Foreign Relations. “Chinese companies can’t step in and provide shale technology where U.S. companies are blocked. They can provide capital; they can provide people. They can’t fill in on the technology front.” The technology cutoff could be important because Russia is only now at the early stages of developing new Arctic, deep sea and shale resources.  Europe has still not gone as far as the US, however, Europe is clearly run by a bunch of idiotic sychophants & toadies, who are, as I had feared willing to harm the entire European populace to appease Washington.

European governments moved ahead despite concerns that Europe would pay an economic price for confronting the Kremlin more aggressively. While their actions went far beyond any previously taken against Russia over the Ukraine crisis, they were tailored to minimize their own costs. The arms embargo, for instance, applies only to future sales, not to the much-debated delivery by France of Mistral-class helicopter carriers that resemble bigger aircraft carriers. And the energy technology restrictions do not apply to Russian natural gas, on which Europe relies heavily.
Really, Europe?
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For Shame! Canadian MP's "fact find" for Israel's "perspective"

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Wed, 07/30/2014 - 08:58
 Named below

The six parliamentarians travelling on the mission, which returns to Canada on Thursday, are: Liberal MPs Carolyn Bennett and John McCallum, Conservative MPs Randy Hoback, Ted Opitz and David Sweet and Liberal Sen. Grant Mitchell.
3 Cons and  3 Libs- The two sides of the same coin.

Bought and Paid for by an Israeli lobby in Canada-  The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs

"the parliamentarians won't be going to Gaza" Fogel also made no excuses for the fact that the view they'll get of the conflict will be one-sided, with briefings provided by Israeli government and military officials. "But for us, the issue is very much focused on what Israel has had to endure" What Israel has had to endure? 

What is that exactly?
The gift of inhabited land from the criminal UN?
All the while starving, killing and displacing the inhabitants?
While having the backing of the NATO global tyranny army?
What is it that Israel has to endure?
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July 30th Combat SITREP by Juan

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Wed, 07/30/2014 - 08:21
Information from very reliable sources. These sources are in Novorossiya, Russian Federation, EU and Ukraine:

29.07.2014 in afternoon Ukraine time 4 SS-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missiles were fired by Ukraine Armed Forces. At least two were clearly aimed at Saur Moglia with the idea of the Ukes trapped in The Cauldron having a sudden escape route opened for them. Moments before launch Russian Federation units surged toward the border at The Cauldron area and to the north of The Cauldron.

None of the 4 Tochka missiles reached their targets. I repeat, none of the 4 Tochka missiles reached their targets and none impacted with the ground anywhere that can be found in anything close to one piece. As you know this missile can carry a tactical nuke, chem/bio, cluster munition or HE in the weight of just under 500 kilos.

When the 4 missiles failed to reach their targets the Armed Forces of RF immediately halted their surge and held position. They are in the same positions 30.07.2014.

There has been a noticeable slow down of fighting activity since the launches and Strelkov has pointedly said again that Novorossiya is open to negotiations.

The 4 Tochka missiles were shot down over Novorossiya territory occupied by Ukraine Armed Forces before the missiles reached their programmed height. They were shot down from inside RF according to normally reliable sources. No visual evidence has been provided of RF shooting down the Tochka systems nor of the system used to shoot down the Tochka missiles.

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1989, The year when the West did everything wrong, by Filo

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Wed, 07/30/2014 - 07:59
We are pleased to publish this first testimony of a francophone reader of vineyardsaker. Filo is of Yugoslavian origin. He emigrated to the West in the 70s, and tells us of his disillusionment on the Western model as well as that of an entire people.

The French Saker Editors

1989, The year when the West did everything wrong, by Filo
I was born, a long time ago, in a country that was said to be situated between two blocks: that of the East and that of the West. A non aligned country. Above all, an untroubled and peaceful country. I was born and lived there the first twenty years of my life. Enough for me to be able to perceive and understand the life of my country, engage in my studies and in my first experiences.

Monastery of Gornjak, in Serbia (14th century) As early as 1960, socialist Yugoslavia was been forced by the West and the IMF to open itself to market economy, and to start making economic reforms. Poorly prepared and ill protected, State companies rapidly went into an economic crisis. Mass unemployment appeared. In short we became an easy prey, exploitable at will. The country was invaded by entrepreneurs and businessmen from Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, all attracted by low cost manpower.

Many Yugoslavians became « gastarbeiters », immigrant workers. When this situation reached its apex, there were in the West up to 2.5 million Yugoslavian workers according to estimates.

In 1970, I was among those who followed the course of it. I landed in the middle of an economic boom. I remember, my eyes wide open, being astonished by all of these ostentatious signs of wealth, by the presence of banks everywhere.

Although I was not born within capitalism, a question worried me: how can all of these banks be profitable? I finally understood, much later. I will not say more about it now because I would like to keep this topic for another article.

Inevitably, I compared this new world I was discovering to the world I had just left. I was first struck by the amount of falsehood and manipulation in the written or broadcast media. These media were full of glorification of the Western society, undoubtedly presented as being superior in every aspect. The others, Eastern countries, were systematically criticized and slandered. Yugoslavia often was simply lumped together with the other countries of the Eastern block. I had just discovered that the media of my country were much more objective, more moderate, less lying, and overall more democratic.

The period of illusions
The year 1989, right after the Berlin wall had fallen, was meant to be the year « 0 » for the whole of mankind. At least, that was what we thought at that time. A new start for a world without wars, without poverty. A world of happiness for all, in which we were finally going to live together. No more divisions or hostility, no longer this imminent fear of a forthcoming war.

In the East, they had believed in it so much that, led by illusions, they began to dream with their eyes wide-opened of a new world of coexistence and sharing.

They imagined and persuaded themselves that the Western world was a world suspended between earth and sky. A myth that had suddenly become touchable, within hand’s reach.

They were probably in a state of mind similar to that of the Amerindians at the beginning of the conquest of the far West; very naive. Truly ingenuous.

Then, history did nothing else but repeat itself. Because history always repeats itself. Only the context changes.

Too bad the West did not understand, did not want to seize such historical opportunity to open itself and welcome, in full frankness and mutual respect, this world from the East that came peacefully seeking a reciprocal coexistence.

Lies and mental aberrations

Since the end of World War II, Western propaganda, particularly the American one, has never ceased to aim at the East a quasi-obsessional hammering of idyllic messages and images of a Western world bathing into perfect happiness.

Applied equally in the west, this propaganda was mixed with images and stories of the world behind the « iron curtain », the reality of which was utterly distorted and darkened.

The goal was to create (and they succeeded) what was later called the « American leadership ». To define it, I offer to define « leadership » as a whole set of illusions and mental aberrations about the existence of a world to which everyone would like to belong. In reality, it is a world that does not exist and never existed. This world is also called « the American dream ».

In short, a game of fools. A fabric of lies in which we believed. Still today, it has become clear that the reality of yesterday and that of today are a permanent fabric of lies.

Americans, in particular live in a permanent lie and that, since their creation. It started with the myth of the Far West put into images by Hollywood in an idyllic manner. The reality is entirely different and has been occulted. Twenty million American Indians at the arrival of European settlers at the beginning of the conquest; at the end, less than a century later, only 60 000 were left. It is the largest genocide in human history. To date, no condemnation. The truth barely transpires today.

Check Point Charlie, in Berlin, at the time of the wall Still now, the Western world is entirely acquired to the sleep-inducing image of « the American friend » wrapped into the aura of the savior the free world.

A friend who, according to the legend, first came to save Europe and the world during the first World War. What a blessing!

And who returned again, during the second World War. The American savior succeeded in stopping the evil Soviet at «Checkpoint Charlie». The whole Western world barely dodged a disaster. Pfew!

At this checkpoint the Americans and their European lackeys tried to create a myth to the Hollywood sauce. Big kitsch, yes!

At the beginning of this month of June 2014, during the commemoration of the Normandy landings, I was amazed to see how Americans continue to falsify history and to blatantly lie. With the help of European cowards of course.

To maintain a permanent psychosis, the Americans were threatening and provocative, as much towards their opponents as towards their own people and the population of the Allies. Such a behavior caused similar reactions among the opponent and so on, until the introduction on both sides of a true paranoia.

I believe that the Soviet intervention in Hungary in 1956, the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961, and the crash of the "Prague Spring" in 1968 are direct consequences of this escalation of paranoia between the two blocks. The Americans can be credited for the direct initiative of this escalation.

One day we will know the truth about this period known as the "Cold War." We even have a duty to know the truth and the whole truth.

It is important to be reminded that the "walls" are foremost within our minds. But, regarding the other wall, fallen in 1989, it is clear that it is still there in the minds of today’s Western policymakers. It is not yet destroyed. This is especially the case with regard to the Americans, subject to a total mental aberration.

Back to reason: four examples

Unfortunately, we were bound to quickly become disillusioned and understand that we would not enter into a new era of peace and prosperity. It was all lies and promises from the West. Their intentions were far from sincere and honest, and they never intended to deal with us as equals. Their only endgame was as Western conqueror, triumphant and vengeful. Wishing to enslave us in order to better exploit us. For them, we were only consumers of their capitalist products; a potential market, and nothing more.

To support and confirm my statements, I will take four examples, among many others:
  • In our "liberated" countries, Western manufacturers implemented a dairy and food industry, supplanting what was already there, regardless of the existing agricultural environment. The domino effect was instantaneous and the farmers of these countries were ruined.
  • We were discredited and treated as "sheep to shear" in favor of the capitalist banking and usurious system. Putting their hands onto the banks of the conquered countries, the "banksters" have imposed their methods and systems: Western type mortgages, but with interest rates sometimes up to five times higher than those of West. Self-authorized robbery, yes! Especially because they were loans in euros, Swiss francs or dollars, modeled on the fluctuation of exchange rates. The destructive effect was guaranteed within a year after such loans were made. Result: a lot of ruined people and exorbitant suicide rates.
  • The Westerners also robbed us of all of the wealth and raw materials contained in our soils. They systematically bought at a more than derisory price, often bribing local potentates, both the mines and the factories that reprocessed these raw materials. In return, they gave us vague promises of investments and employment for the local population.
  • More directly, they sent an army of occupation. Example of such a deceit: Kosovo and "Bondsteel", 40,000 m2, the largest U.S. base ever built in Europe. In 1999, the U.S. imposed on a puppet government in Pristina, a 99 years lease, where the subsoil is rich in mercury, silver and lead. I am convinced that Americans began looting it immediately. The day they leave, there will be nothing left in the sub-soil but gaping holes. The American army also uses this base as one of their secret prisons.
After blowing in like a hurricane, Westerners triggered a tsunami effect.

Western arrogance
These Western acts of triumphal conquerors were particularly stupid. We were open to them, we wanted to learn from them, but also to pass on our knowledge. In the field of culture we could have had a very rich exchange: for us culture has always been very important, and we take great care of it. Contrary to this, we were treated with a wave of violence, spite and humiliation.

Curiously, I find some similarities between those events and those that occurred at the time of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations, when savage conquistadors looted and destroyed civilizations that were far more advanced than their own.

I am deeply convinced that the West, in this year 1989, did not understand what had just happened. Together we could have built a new world, instead of just destroying what already existed. The confidence that was then lost will never be regained.

In that year of 1989, Westerners blew it!
For example the Germans believed in the coming of a 4th Reich. Genscher, at the time Minister of Foreign Affairs and former SS officer, began to secretly visit the former Axis countries. And he was forcibly expelled from the Baltic countries by the Soviet.

Mitterrand's France was first opposed to German reunification. Backed as usual by the U. S., England was waiting for a signal from the Americans. The U.S. acted as if they had understood everything; they mainly pretended. They immediately applied (once more) their “shock doctrine”—immediate gains for sure, but very stupid on mid- to longer terms.

Those who saw through it all

I think the only ones who got it all, in the year 1989, were the Russians. Not the Russia of Mikhail Gorbachev and his entourage, but the Russians in the background, the strategists who acted immediately and started to create today's Russia. They understood that German unification would be, at least for the next twenty years, like slamming an economic brake for the new reunified Germany and by extension a brake for the Western economy, and that this length of time would enable the modern and forthcoming Russia to recover economically and militarily.

Today one must admit that they were visionaries who were absolutely right.

The stupidity and the greed of Westerners in general, Americans in particular, have led to where we are now, a dead-end without alternative.

Today the West has lost its hegemony over the world. The failure of its policy since 1989 is complete!

Recent events, such as those in Syria, demonstrate it.

The effects of this global deception

"At the time, I was young, very naive and very stupid, and I sincerely believed that the Soviet Union was a deadly threat to Western Europe and that the only thing that stood between them, the evil communists, and we, the free world, was the military power of NATO, "the Saker stressed in a text published in March 2014 [1].

How true is this sentence of the Saker. Unfortunately we were young and naive, our naivety bordering on stupidity. Especially since the American style has always been the same, simple, too simple, downright simplistic.

The end of the USSR

Mikhail Gorbatchev, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1985 - 1991)

The Russians are a nation of spontaneous and naturally nice people; they voluntarily dropped "the wall" thanks to Mikhail Gorbachev’s naivety. Although ... regarding the naivety of Gorbachev, head of the USSR from 1985 to 1991, there are some doubts today. According to the latest news, an inquest has just started in Moscow to determine whether it is simple naivety or a case of high treason.

The only result produced by his "perestroika" (reconstruction) was an economic, military and political weakening of the USSR, and its disintegration. The ruble was becoming worthless and people were throwing it out of the windows. In spite of all this, even today, he says he is satisfied with what he did.

In 1990, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. Later, with the collapse of the USSR, it was rumored that it was the reward of the Americans for “letting the fox enter the henhouse.”

Boris Yeltsin, first President of the Russian Federation

Then, another strike of bad luck for the Russians. Either a real string of bad luck, or the result of a large-scale corruption: the arrival of Boris Yeltsin. Notorious drunkard, yes. For eight years, it was an open door to all possible abuses and looting. Russia saw the appearance of vultures nicknamed "oligarchs." Enriched overnight, they became billionaires. Some of the best known among them: Khodorovski, Abramovich, Berezowsky, Navalny, etc. A real scourge for Russia.

Boris Yeltsin himself considerably benefited from the situation. In Switzerland, he has been investigated for corruption. He presumably received bribes from a civil engineering company in Tessin, led by an Albanian who was mysteriously contracted to renovate the Kremlin. During his reign, privatizations prevailed. All that could be privatized and sold cheaply went to either oligarchs or foreigners, in particular Americans. Hence, Americans treated themselves to buying a military industrial complex in the north of Russia. Immediately after this purchase, they froze all of the activities with the company, so as to harm the Russians. With Boris Yeltsin, a chronic alcoholic, Russia became the laughingstock of the West. Bill Clinton, at that time the U.S. president, was accustomed, at each meeting with Yeltsin, to laugh to tears. Forced but triumphant laugh of course!

The most famous giggle in history. Bill Clinton laughing to tears after Boris Yeltsin called the journalists a disaster. (From the collections of the workshop archives,

Russia, a great heroic nation, saw its dignity trampled. Westerners, Americans in particular, stupid and vengeful, behaved like bulls in a china shop: looting, humiliation, harassment of all kinds, both towards Russia and towards other so-called communist countries.

The Ceausescu trial in Romania
Coup in Romania. Sloppy and expeditious trial of the Ceausescu couple. Death sentence and immediate execution of the couple. Judgment by two judges who were taken by force to an improvised courtroom site that looked like a grade school classroom.

Shortly after the trial, the two judges committed suicide.

The destruction of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Now, here is the height of Western stupidity: the destruction of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, under the false pretext that the people who composed it no longer wanted to live together. A pretext as cowardly as it is deceitful. Witness of it is the fact that it took Westerners almost twenty years to destroy it (from 1991 to 2006). A great and beautiful country, a Europe in miniature. A country of 24 million inhabitants and a territory of nearly 260,000 square kilometers (half of France). A sweet mixing of populations, cultures, religions. An incredible diversity of cultures, arts and foods. During the Cold War, the country has perfectly fulfilled its buffer role between East and West. Unfortunately the West had ideas of conquest and domination. I'm sure that the West had always and only ever wanted to take advantage of the Yugoslav position between the two blocks, and that's all. As disposable as a Kleenex, discarded once it has served.

Thrown out to the dogs of Western wars, and that for the dough gained by their arm dealers.

Dough, the only real Western value!
At the end of the Cold War, the old demons awoke. First, among the Germans and the Austrians (memories of 1st and 2nd world wars). But also at the Vatican, who saw an opportunity to settle disputes with the Orthodox Church. Westerners played on the antagonisms that were unique to this land in order to destroy it.

Such an act is cowardly, criminal and stupid, and it caused a lot of suffering, hundreds of thousands of deaths and as much destruction.

Remember that in a house there are walls that are said to be load-bearing. One should never touch them, because of the risk of seeing the house collapse. Yugoslavia, for Europe in any case, was one of those bearing walls. And our stupid Western leaders destroyed it.

Since then, the house has kept cracking and threatening to collapse.

I feel that the destruction of this country will be fatal to the destructors and that the Yugoslavian national anthem might as well be the Western funeral song. In the case of Yugoslavia, the West has shown a staggering political illiteracy and a stunning cultural ignorance.

And what about Russia in all this?
The Russians have said, "Never again! ". And they kept their word.

Once Yeltsin was thrown to the dumpster of history, they chose the best among them.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the man that was needed

A president and a very talented and intelligent politician. Someone who holds life principles, which he applies. In less than 15 years, he managed to return its glory and power to Russia. Today, not only is his country no longer the laughingstock of the West, but on the contrary, Russia has become the main geopolitical actor on the world stage. On the military level, its role is just as important. The Russians have caught up and even surpassed the Americans in this area. NATO has found a Russian opponent, who managed to halt its progression towards the east. The lying behavior of Westerners in the face of Russia is now being turned against them.

« The day the sun will rise above Russia, NATO will melt » Slobodan Milosevic (former President of Serbia)said, who “committed” suicide in 2006 at the hand of his jailers in the prison of the ICC in The Hague. According to British media, his trial was moving inexorably towards a nonsuit, that is a dismissal of charges.

And finally, what about the West in all this?
In 1989 a Russian visionary declared: "Communism and capitalism are the heads and tails of the same coin. Now we let down our communism. How long after that, do you think your capitalism will hold? "

Today, results agree entirely with him.

Forty-four years have passed since my arrival in the West. I am a full citizen of my adopted country (Switzerland). From the beginning, I had the desire, and made the effort, to integrate into this country. But I always refused to assimilate.

Since the beginning, I was aware of the benefits of having been born and raised in another country, another political system, before arriving here. I have always taken advantage of this asset, and used it in every opportunity that presented itself. I especially used it to understand and analyze some features and paradoxes of the west.

For example, very quickly, I had to admit the evidence that Westerners were viscerally anti-communists, including towards such rather tempered form as that of Yugoslavian communism, which was quite diluted from its original form.

For years I asked myself the question why.

A paradox that I wanted to elucidate at all costs. And I finally understood.

It's huge, because in reality it is the keystone of the West itself. The cause is capitalism itself. Since its beginning, by its very definition, it is an economic concept that is not viable. Therefore, it was doomed to fail from the beginning.

The reasons and causes of its inevitable failure, I will address in my next article.

Filo, for

June 2014


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