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ISIS “We’ve Arrived” in Yemen & threaten the Houthis

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sat, 04/25/2015 - 15:49
I do wonder if the US and company can accidentally, more then once, drop them weapons?
Perhaps Israel can accidentally drop weapons also?

The Islamic State has declared its official presence in war-torn Yemen as the jihadists posted a video online, threating to “cut the throats” of Shiite Houthi rebels.
Like most Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) videos, the 9-minute-long clip was professionally shot and edited - with CGs and catchy background music. Of course, it's professionally shot and edited! 

I feel a flashback coming on...ISIS: Online Campaigns/Slick Productions and Western Connections!

It showed around two dozen IS fighters in full military gear training in the desert area, which is claimed to be located near the Yemeni capital, Sanaa. The jihadist carried AK-47s, heavy machine guns and RPGs and then fired from some of their weapons. After that, the apparent commander of the group stuck the black IS flag into the sand and pronounced that the “soldiers of the Caliphate" have arrived in Yemen to “cut the throats” of the Houthis. "We have come to Yemen, with men hungry for your blood to avenge the Sunnis and take back the land they have occupied," the IS commander said in a video, the International Business Times reported.  He then addressed all able-bodied Sunni men in Yemen to join him the battle against the Houthis.
 The video was posted online on Friday, a day after a newly-announced division of the IS, the Green Brigade, claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on the Shiite rebels. The Green Brigade?

Not to be confused with NATO's Stay Behind group "The Red Brigades"  (facetious)
Red Brigades/Green Brigades- No matter the label- The Stay Behind/Islamist irregulars function in the same way- fulfilling the same agenda

Aldo Moro
A group that terrorized Italy and murdered Prime Minister Aldo Moro. A Prime Minister who had earned the displeasure of the NATO/Atlanticist elite psychos. Particularly one Henry Kissinger
Moro's widow, Eleonora, later said Henry Kissinger had warned her husband against his strategy. "You will pay dearly for it," he is alleged to have said.
From earlier today:
Syria-New Israeli Airstrikes? Syrian Opposition genuflects to Israel & Angelina Jolie Performs
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Syria-New Israeli Airstrikes? Syrian Opposition genuflects to Israel & Angelina Jolie Performs

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sat, 04/25/2015 - 09:06
Breaking News: Has Israel launched multiple airstrikes in recent days?

Opposition video, uploaded to Youtube, just isn’t enough for me, so, can’t be sure- Definitely needs confirming, but, here is the reporting on this news

LA Times
Israeli warplanes (allegedly) struck military targets in Syria early Saturday, according to media reports that were not confirmed by Israeli or Syrian officials.

According to Arab media and pro-opposition sources in Syria,  the strikes (allegedly) targeted several bases belonging to Syrian missile brigades in the mountainous Qalamoun region near the Syrian-Lebanese border.

Reportedly, the targets were Syrian army brigades said to keep long-range missiles and other strategic weaponry. 

Syrian pro-opposition sources uploaded a video to Youtube depicting columns of smoke rising from what was said to be the base of a Syrian army brigade, one of many bases and other military installations in the Qalamoun area.

Also Saturday, reports emerged on Al Arabiyah that Israeli aircraft had carried out two strikes Wednesday against Hezbollah targets in the same area; one alleged target was a large weapons convoy headed for the Lebanese-based Shiite militia heavily engaged in fighting alongside Bashar Assad’s Syrian regime. Unconfirmed reports claimed three people were killed in Wednesday’s attack.

Saturday’s strike was the latest of at least seven strikes allegedly carried out by Israeli forces in Syria in the last two years. Israel’s military declined to comment on the reported strike.Syrian Opposition Group looking forward to servitude in Israeli interests
An official from one of the main opposition groups in Syria sent a letter of congratulations to Israel for Independence Day on Thursday.

The Free Syrian Army’s Mousa Ahmed Nabhan said he hoped that next year the day would be marked at the Israeli embassy in Damascus.Yah.....

Angeline Jolie performs at the UN
She is after all an actor- And a despicable human being. She is acting when she ‘cares’- 
I give this performance, along with all her others, two thumbs down!
Plus several rotten tomatoes all while throwing my popcorn at the screen! 

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ECB: What if Greece Issues a Parallel Currency?

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 04/23/2015 - 10:04
 A very interesting read!
Greece should issue it's own public currency.The ECB, however, is less enamoured of the idea, for what should be the most obvious reason.  It would be a publicly issued currency outside the grasp of global private central bankers

The European Central Bank has analysed a scenario in which Greece runs out of money and starts paying civil servants with IOUs, creating a virtual second currency within the euro bloc, people with knowledge of the exercise told Reuters.
Greece is close to having to repay the International Monetary Fund about 1 billion euros in May and officials at the ECB are growing concerned.
Although the Greek government has repeatedly said that it wants to honour its debts, officials at the ECB are considering the possibility that it may not, in work undertaken by the so-called adverse scenarios group.
Any default by Greece would force the ECB to act and possibly restrict Greek banks’ crucial access to emergency liquidity funding. (In other words the private banksters would have to crush Greece down)
Officials fear however that such action could push cash-strapped Athens into paying civil servants in IOUs in order to avoid using up scarce euros.(But if the private banksters crush Greece, then Greece will be left with no choice but to issue a public currency)It appears the ECB has a dilemma.  If they push Greece to repayment, Greece may issue a parallel, public currency. If the ECB restricts Greek banks and liquidity funding, Greece may issue a parallel, public currency.

«The fact is we are not seeing any progress... So we have to look at these scenarios,» said one person with knowledge of the matter.
A spokesman for the ECB said it «does not engage in speculation about how specific scenarios regarding Greece could unfold.»
One Greek government official, who declined to be named, said there was no need to examine such a scenario because Athens was optimistic it would reach a deal with its international lenders by the end of the month.
Greece has dismissed a recent report suggesting it would need to tap all its remaining cash reserves across the public sector, a total of 2 billion euros, to pay civil service wages and pensions at the end of the month.
 Plundered savings
Experts at the ECB have concluded that using IOUs to pay public sector wages would probably fail to avert a full-blown crisis and could even threaten Greece’s future in the 19-country euro zone.
Those officials believe that up to 30 percent of Greeks would end up receiving such government IOUs rather than payment in euros, which would only put further pressure on Greek banks because those workers were likely then to plunder their savings.The private banksters appear to have a real problem on their hands?
The banks would then be forced to tap increasing amounts of emergency liquidity funding or boost their capital base.
But the banks could not use the IOUs as security for drawing down the emergency credit because the ECB would not accept them.
«The IOUs, I just don’t think it can work,» said the first person who spoke to Reuters. «That could effectively be it, they would be out (of the euro).»
Those fears were voiced by others familiar with ECB thinking.
«With a parallel currency ... you are getting to something so tailored that you are almost in Grexit,» said a second person. «It is something that is outside the institutional set-up.»Yes, it would be outside of the private institutionalized banker set up- It would however be a return to a public currency issued without debt. As was done in Canada, not so long ago. (And it worked beautifully here)
A default by Greece could force the ECB to intervene and insist that any security offered in return for emergency funding be cut in value to reflect the country’s default status.
Greek officials insist that there is no plan for default. However in a recent letter from Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to German chancellor Angela Merkel, he said wages and pensions would have to take priority before repayment of debt if he was forced to make a choice. The conclusions of the ECB’s ‘adverse scenario’ group is in line with the message euro zone officials have been sending to Athens for some time, namely that they should not go it alone with radical measures. For the ECB, the introduction of a type of second currency in Greece would also hamper it in setting borrowing costs in the euro zone.
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Cold Winter, Cool Spring-Arctic & Algonquin Ice Grows & Thickens- Ontario Cap & Trade

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 19:41
So far, it’s been a cool spring. In fact we are headed for a consecutive run of  below freezing temps.
- 1 C or 30 F. Heading towards the end of April... Yahoo? Not!
Thankfully the crocus have made it out.
Daffodils have yet to show their teapot/saucer blooms, though, they usually appear in March.

Here again like last year- NO leaves on the trees. Buds, yes. Leaves, no.
It’s April 21/2015. We are again about a month behind. Hopefully by May we will have leaves on the trees? No one talks about the weather being too cold. Always about the ‘warming’. The alleged man made global warming and carbon. We've had much of that talk here in Ontario as of late. I'll get to that.
Got some work done last week to prep the garden. The soil is too cold.  Too wet.
But, we are hopeful Our tomato seedlings are doing beautifully, in the house. Have I mentioned we love tomatoes? And we save our heirloom seeds from year, to year, to year? The seeds were given to us, many years ago, by a family member long gone now.

Something, noticeably different from even last year, was the lack of robins. You see turning up the soil, or over as is properly said, exposes a veritable smorgasbord of worms- And Robins are a bird that loves worms- But none came to eat the exposed wrigglers. That was a first.

american robin

It’s quite likely the cold had something to do with it.
But no one talks about the cold weather, only about the global warming.
No one that is, except for me.  The cold has been hard on the birds. Very hard on them. As has been mentioned previously here at the blog
The cold has been hard on the Robins
Nova Scotia, Canada:

Mark Elderkin, a species at risk biologist in the wildlife division of the Department of Natural Resources, believes this past season has gone on longer than ever recorded.

“Historically, we might have to go back to 1872 to find similar conditions. In February of that year 171 centimetres of snow fell,” he said.

But for 2015, “everything is later.” Winter-like weather has gone on a month longer than usual, prompting many Nova Scotians to start feeding apples to starving robins recently.If the Robins come round to pull up worms in the garden I’ll be pleased

The Government Of Canada released new maps of the Arctic-

 These maps are going to become more crucial for big oil to drill baby drill! Big Oil needs to know ice conditions. And contrary to all the media lies- Arctic Ice is expanding and thickening.

Arctic Ice 06

Arctic Ice 2014

One can just imagine how much more ice there is after the long cold winter of 2014/2015?

Not only has the ice expanded it has gotten thicker- Nearly 10 inches thicker.

Does anyone imagine that would be happening if the Arctic was really warming?
An increased volume of Arctic sea ice has been detected in Canada

The European Space Agency (ESA) unveiled the results of their five-year CryoSat satellite mission, revealing that the Arctic floes monitored in the north have become thicker by an average of 9.8 inches, or 17 percent, compared to the thinnest winter ice the agency detected in the region in 2013.

Imaging from the satellite showed a large portion of the Beaufort Sea was covered in ice. This area registered as bare water on the map based on the results from eight years ago.But, why are they really and truly measuring all this ice?

"This new capability goes far beyond CryoSat's original purpose, which was to collect measurements for scientific research," Professor Andy Shepherd, CPOM Director and the CryoSat's principal scientific advisor, said."The mission is now an essential tool for a wide range of services operating in areas of the planet where sea ice forms."
A wide range of services operating in areas of the planet where sea ice forms.....?
You all know what is operating in areas of the planet where sea ice forms, right? Of course!
British Petroleum. Royal Dutch Shell. Rosenoft. Exxon. Etc

"Scientists hope that the information gathered through the CryoSat satellite can help organizations working in the Arctic create a safer plan of operations"
Organizations- Safer plans of operation- That’s all for "BIG OIL" And oil exploration in the Arctic. As it always has been.All these oil companies engage in practices that weaken the Arctic Ice-
No warming necessary-

Perhaps the brutal cold of the past years will save the Arctic? Though it may kill plenty of wildlife in the process
Yet another  tidbit regarding the persistent cold.

Hat tip to slozo who left this earlier in the month-
slozoApril 2, 2015 at 5:45 PMI'm super late commenting here, but . . . I just got this link to the Friends of Algonquin Park (eastern Ontario for you non-Canucks).

Key phrase in the report is, it's the thickest ice depth ever recorded, since they started the records in 1964.

Yup. Algonquin Provincial Park
"Due to another bitterly cold winter and the slow onset of warmer temperatures, ice out in Algonquin Park is anticipated to be much later than average (average is April 27). Ice thickness recently measured in the South Arm of Lake Opeongo remains at 64 centimetres (25"). Measurements have been kept since 1964 and current ice depths set a new record for this date in time. About the park

And one last point of fact-

 Being a former greenpeace supporter, no money support anymore but still receiving their emails, it had come to my attention that there was a ‘global warming march’ being held in Quebec City- Load up them buses! No police head bashers of course, unlike the student protests, but, that's a story for another day.
Noticed the march didn’t get much coverage? Could it have been because the protest took place in mid April with snow blanketing the ground? Would too many people notice that contradiction?

Images from the Quebec City "protest" Apparently the contradictions were lost on the indoctrinated?

Ontario is set to start cap and trade-

It’s a cash grab. A way to create another wall street bubble.
A way to enrich the bankers. And the big oil monopolies. And that’s all it ever was intended to be.

Ontario's Cap & Trade Regime could raise 2 billion a year

A carbon cap-and-trade system in Canada’s most populous province is projected to raise as much as $2 billion annually, early government and third-party estimates show. Carbon has now been made into a commodity. Carbon will be traded. And absolutely nothing will change except you and I will be further impoverished. Because this entire "carbon" narrative is just another big lie perpetrated to further impoverish/control the people (carbon based life forms) and to enrich banks/bankers/wall street and continue propping up the oil companies. Like having taxpayer dollars used to help organizations working in the Arctic ice- you know safer plans of operation and all that.

By the Way? April blizzard takes Moscow by surprise

That's about what my tulips look like right now- without the snow, thankfully
Check out the images and read the comments
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Eulex Report Exposes EU's Complete and Total Failure in Kosovo

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 10:07
Kosovo- Is a criminal state.

Kosovo was mentioned just the other day, here at the blog, in the post: Serbian President’s Plane takes Harrowing Plunge- US concerns about Serbian/Russian Cooperation?

You're supposed to believe the EU 'failed' to reign in the corruption.  This claim of failure is the same as the blowback meme- Hollow words. Devoid of meaning. Just spoken or written to give cover to any number of situations/outcomes that could be easily predicted & prevented had some person or group actually desired to do so.

I personally doubt the EU did anything but apply lipstick to Kosovo pig. Or to use a different metaphor- The window dressing, did exactly that which is was designed to do. Nothing.
Something that is intended to make a person or thing seem better or more attractive but that does not have any real importance or effectWhen you think about Kosovo and it's many failings- Think about the future terror states of Ukraine & Kurdistan for this is their future. The one that is being written for them, by the global war/terror machine.

Eulex is the largest, costliest, and most ambitious mission ever deployed by the Union. At peak, it employed three times as many officials as the 11 other ongoing missions combined.
It was also given an unprecedented mandate: besides monitoring and advising domestic authorities, its investigators, judges, and prosecutors have the power to confront serious crime.Unprecedented mandate. Largest and costliest, most ambitious mission- Failed
So much window dressing.........
The rationale of these choices is that political corruption, organised crime, and poor governance are so pervasive in Kosovo that they threaten the stability of the Balkans and Europe’s internal security. In 2008, when Kosovo became independent and the EU deployed Eulex, the new state risked being captured by a largely unaccountable political-economic elite, which partly overlaps with Kosovo’s criminal elite. To avert this outcome and to allow reform, the administration of justice in the most delicate sectors was entrusted to Eulex. But , as I argue in a book which came out just a couple of weeks ago, the international community has failed to prevent this state capture.
Eulex’s poor performance and grave mistakes, in particular, confirmed the untouchable status of the criminal segments of Kosovo’s elite, and, thereby, indirectly assisted them in strengthening their control over the country. In stark contrast with the line followed by most Western powers, and some analysts, Jacque’s report corroborates this analysis. He notes that corruption remains “omnipresent” in Kosovo, adding that, while Eulex could not have been expected to root it out completely “it should, nevertheless, have been possible to lay the foundations of a system capable of fighting corruption”. As no such foundations have been laid, Jacque, rightly, concludes the mission ought to be either reformed or withdrawn.The need for successHis reform proposals are less persuasive, however, because his analysis largely neglects Eulex’s structural defects: a visibly irrational allocation of resources; poor internal accountability and external oversight; and weak judicial independence. One of Jacque’s suggestions - reducing the autonomy of the prosecutors - might actually exacerbate the last problem, as it could expose them to even greater influence by Eulex management. This was always a serious impediment to fighting high-level corruption because Eulex management is politically vulnerable to manipulation by Kosovo’s elite. This, I suppose, is the main reason why the mission disregarded several well-documented cases of alleged corruption involving the elite (a paper accompanying my book describes the seven cases of which I have direct information).
Such vulnerability is not just due to the management’s weak accountability, but also to the West’s approach to state-building in Kosovo. Eulex was set up to fail- It's management vulnerable to manipulation by Kosovo's elite
The political repercussions of their decisions to intervene militarily, in 1999, and then to support Kosovo’s unilateral secession from Serbia, led those powers to be less interested in achieving real progress in the new state than in pretending that it is a state-building “success story”. They need Kosovo to succeed, or to appear to succeed, in order to justify their past, controversial actions.This is one important reason why Eulex - a promising and well-conceived form of intervention - achieved such unsatisfactory results. The Jacque report is important, therefore, because it contradicts the false narrative of the “success story” and sheds some light on Kosovo’s real problems. But does its publication, admirable though it is, mark a policy shift on the part of the EU?
The credibility of the EU, Europe’s internal security, the stability of the Balkans, Kosovo’s development, and the practice of state-building would all benefit from such a shift. Eulex certainly gave cover to the Kosovo crime state exactly as window dressing should
But does this new report signal a shift in EU policy?
I would say NO.
New teeth?But I wonder whether Washington is ready to support it, and whether the EU can make the shift, because if Eulex is to be given real teeth, it would require a change of approach at the highest levels in Brussels and because Kosovo’s elite will fiercely resist a new Eulex mandate in order to protect its criminal interests. Whether Eulex will be reformed or withdrawn, its overall performance over the past seven years ought to be rigorously audited. Drawing lessons from the Kosovo precedent and holding those responsible for its failure to account are the necessary first steps to equip the EU with the capacity to deal with other weak and failing states near its borders. If the Russian aggression ceases in Ukraine, it, like Kosovo, will require outside help to reform its political-economic system. The stakes in Ukraine are even higher and the EU can scarcely afford to repeat the mistakes which Eulex made.
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Oil Rich Nations Selling Off Petrodollar Assets at Record Pace

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Mon, 04/20/2015 - 15:51
Being a bit under the weather yesterday & today, I'm just going to make a quick post while apologizing for not addressing the comments- Sorry :(
But, thanks for leaving them :)

An interesting read via Bloomberg & if anyone wants to offer up some insights, well, that would be very much appreciated! Bloomberg
In the heady days of the commodity boom, oil-rich nations accumulated billions of dollars in reserves they invested in U.S. debt and other securities. They also occasionally bought trophy assets, such as Manhattan skyscrapers, luxury homes in London or Paris Saint-Germain Football Club. Now that oil prices have dropped by half to $50 a barrel, Saudi Arabia and other commodity-rich nations are fast drawing down those “petrodollar” reserves. Some nations, such as Angola, are burning through their savings at a record pace, removing a source of liquidity from global markets. If oil and other commodity prices remain depressed, the trend will cut demand for everything from European government debt to U.S. real estate as producing nations seek to fill holes in their domestic budgets.“This is the first time in 20 years that OPEC nations will be sucking liquidity out of the market rather than adding to it through investments,” said David Spegel, head of emerging markets sovereign credit research at BNP Paribas SA in London.Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil producer, is the prime example of the swiftness and magnitude of the selloff: its foreign exchange reserves fell by $20.2 billion in February, the biggest monthly drop in at least 15 years, according to data from the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. That’s almost double the drop after the financial crisis in early 2009, when oil prices plunged and Riyadh consumed $11.6 billion of its reserves in a single month.The International Monetary Fund commodity index, a broad basket of natural resources from iron ore and oil to bananas and copper, fell in January to its lowest since mid-2009. Although the index has recovered a little since then, it still is down more than 40 percent from a record high set in early 2011. Reserves Drop
A concomitant drop in foreign reserves, revealed in data from national central banks and the IMF, is affecting nations from oil producer Oman to copper-rich Chile and cotton-growing Burkina Faso. Reserves are dropping faster than during the last commodity price plunge in 2008 and 2009. In Angola, reserves dropped last year by $5.5 billion, the biggest annual decline since records started 20 years ago. For Nigeria, foreign reserves fell in February by $2.9 billion, the biggest monthly drop since comparable data started in 2010.Algeria, one of the world’s top natural gas exporters, saw its funds fall by $11.6 billion in January, the largest monthly drop in a quarter of century. At that rate, it will empty the reserves in 15 months. Sales DeclineExcluding Iran, whose sales are subject to some sanctions, members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries are expected to earn $380 billion selling their oil this year, according to U.S. estimates. That represents a $350 billion drop from 2014 -- the largest one-year decline in history.“The shock for oil-rich countries is enormous,” Rabah Arezki, head of the commodities research team at the IMF in Washington, said in an interview.Oil-rich countries will sell more than $200 billion of assets this year to bridge the gap left between high fiscal spending and low revenues, Spegel said.To whom will the oil rich countries sell these assets?
The draw down reverses a decade-long inflow into the coffers of commodity-rich nations which helped to increase funds available for investment and boost asset prices. Bond purchases have helped to keep interest rates low.Does this suggest the end of the recent run of impossibly low interest rates?
(At the time we purchased our home we thought the super low mortgage rate of 10 percent was a blessing, but, the rates now are  as low as less then 2% and in Canada we have a housing bubble that is set to burst!)
Generally speaking bankers prefer inflation to deflation- so higher rates to increase inflation?
Oil producers recycled a large portion of their petrodollars -- a term coined for the dollar-denominated oil trade -- by buying sovereign debt of the U.S. and other countries. As they draw down reserves, Middle East countries are likely to sell “low-yielding European assets,” George Saravelos, strategist at Deutsche Bank AG, said in a note to clients.Potential EffectsThe potential impact of the selloff has divided analysts and officials.
One argument is that petrodollars and other commodity-linked foreign reserves are not a large enough force in an ocean of investments from pension funds, asset managers, insurers and individuals to make a real impact in asset prices and overall liquidity. Plus, bond purchases by central banks involved in so-called quantitative easing mitigates the impact of sales.
The other school of thought, broadly backed by the IMF, says that petrodollars matter because they’re significant enough to turn market sentiment as flows switch direction.Market SentimentThe change in commodity-related foreign reserve flows will have “an impact around the margins” in global markets, said Albert Edwards, global strategist at Societe Generale SA.The disagreement is partly due to a lack of transparency. Tracking the change in commodity-driven savings is difficult because not all countries release timely data and some don’t disclose the size of their sovereign wealth funds.Nonetheless, available data shows foreign savings by commodity-rich nations are dropping across the board. In Chile, the world’s top copper exporter, foreign savings fell $1.9 billion in February, the biggest drop in three years.Analysts and officials anticipate that commodity-rich countries will continue selling off foreign assets through the year.The IMF’s Arezki said that unless they cut spending, resources-rich nations “have no choice but to draw on their financial assets when available” as oil prices are well below the fiscal break-even needed by many exporting nations. The IMF estimates that many oil countries would only balance their budgets if crude prices recover to $75 or higher.Saudi Arabia’s finance minister said in February that the world’s largest oil exporter had enough reserves to to last for “quite some time.”“We have learned from the past,” Ibrahim Abdulaziz Al-Assaf told CNBC. “The oil market, everybody knows, goes through ups and downs and peaks and valleys.” I know some of you are more savvy on this topic then myself, so share some thoughts!
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Sales of US (and British) Arms FUEL the Arab State Wars

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sun, 04/19/2015 - 09:10
First a bit of a rant:

As has been said previously, if not ISIS, the western warmongering nations will simply create/conjure some other 'terror' group/enemy to justify the very actions they themselves have already planned for.

 One very strong motivation to create the conditions for near endless war is of course, the generation of profits for the military, industrial, oil, banking complex.

That obvious, goes without needing to be said, FACT, is made abundantly clear in the article below:

Sales of US arms fuels the wars of Arab states via CNBC
It's quite clear conditions are being created for a vastly larger conflict

Of course, I will highlight the interesting bits. 

 To wage war in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is using F-15 fighter jets bought from Boeing. Pilots from the United Arab Emirates are flying Lockheed Martin's F-16 to bomb both Yemen and Syria. Soon, the Emirates are expected to complete a deal with General Atomics for a fleet of Predator drones to run spying missions in their neighborhood.As the Middle East descends into proxy wars, sectarian conflicts and battles against terrorist networks, countries in the region that have stockpiled American military hardware are now actually using it and wanting more. The result is a boom for American defense contractors looking for foreign business  Last week, defense industry officials told Congress that they were expecting within days a request from Arab allies fighting the Islamic State — Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt — to buy thousands of American-made missiles, bombs and other weapons, replenishing an arsenal that has been depleted over the past year. The United States has long put restrictions on the types of weapons that American defense firms can sell to Arab nations, meant to ensure that Israel keeps a military advantage against its traditional adversaries in the region. But because Israel and the Arab states are now in a de facto alliance against Iran, the Obama administration has been far more willing to allow the sale of advanced weapons in the Persian Gulf, with few public objections from Israel.
Israel and the Arab state in a de facto alliance against Iran- The GCC nations and Israel have long been in a defacto alliance!
 "When you look at it, Israel's strategic calculation is a simple one," said Anthony H. Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The gulf countries "do not represent a meaningful threat" to Israel, he said. "They do represent a meaningful counterbalance to Iran."The Gulf countries, like their NATO/Israeli/Sunni Kurd irregular fighters, are no threat to Israel.
They have been allied for a good long while now. All talk of Israel being surrounded by hostile neighbours, perpetually threatened and portrayed as 'victim', are total perception management claims to justify Israel's barbarity.
 The region's turmoil, and the determination of the wealthy Sunni nations to battle Shiite Iran for regional supremacy, will lead to a surge in new orders for the defense industry's latest, most high-tech hardware. Saudi Arabia spent more than $80 billion on weaponry last year — the most ever, and more than either France or Britain — and has become the world's fourth-largest defense market, according to figures released last week by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, which tracks global military spending. The Emirates spent nearly $23 billion last year, more than three times what they spent in 2006.Qatar, another gulf country with bulging coffers and a desire to assert its influence around the Middle East, is on a shopping spree. Last year, Qatar signed an $11 billion deal with the Pentagon to purchase Apache attack helicopters and Patriot and Javelin air-defense systems. Now the tiny nation is hoping to make a large purchase of Boeing F-15 fighters to replace its aging fleet of French Mirage jets. Qatari officials are expected to present the Obama administration with a wish list of advanced weapons before they come to Washington next month for meetings with other gulf nations. The money spent on mass destruction, redirected, could ensure that not one child on this planet ever went hungry- And we're supposed to believe the psycho elites we allow to lead us, really care?!
Come on people!
American defense firms are following the money. Boeing opened an office in Doha, Qatar, in 2011, and Lockheed Martin set up an office there this year. Lockheed created a division in 2013 devoted solely to foreign military sales, and the company's chief executive, Marillyn Hewson,(I always wonder if she is related to Mr Globalist:  Paul Hewson aka Bono?) has said that Lockheed needs to increase foreign business — with a goal of global arms sales' becoming 25 percent to 30 percent of its revenue American intelligence agencies believe that the proxy wars in the Middle East could last for years, which will make countries in the region even more eager for the F-35 fighter jet, considered to be the jewel of America's future arsenal of weapons. But with the balance of power in the Middle East in flux, several defense analysts said that could change. Russia is a major arms supplier to Iran, and a decision by President Vladimir V. Putin to sell an advanced air defense system to Iran could increase demand for the F-35, which is likely to have the ability to penetrate Russian-made defenses. "This could be the precipitating event: the emerging Sunni-Shia civil war coupled with the sale of advanced Russian air defense systems to Iran," Mr. Aboulafia said. "If anything is going to result in F-35 clearance to the gulf states, this is the combination of events."At the same time, giving the gulf states the ability to strike Iran at a time of their choosing might be the last thing the United States wants. There are already questions about how judicious Washington's allies are in using American weaponry."A good number of the American arms that have been used in Yemen by the Saudis have been used against civilian populations," said Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association, an assertion that Saudi Arabia denies.
If the US was even slightly concerned about massive civilian casualties, in any country, their arms makers would not be selling weapons. The US would not be refuelling the Saudi planes that drop the American made bombs. The US would not be supplying logistical assistance to aid the strikes with American made weapons, on civilians.

Video that accompanies the above article:

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Protecting the Vicious, Punishing the Virtuous: Marijuana Prohibition and Idaho's Prison-Industrial Complex

freedominourtime - Sat, 04/18/2015 - 10:22

From gubernatorial protege to prison commissar: Protected felon Josh Tewalt.

Josh Tewalt has a drug problem that led to several arrests. Like many others afflicted with that weakness, Tewalt eventually wound up in prison. Unlike most of them, however, he landed on the right side of the bars in the very lucrative position of Deputy Chief of Corrections for the State of Idaho. 
Without the dubious benefit of a college degree or substantial experience in law enforcement apart from his own time in jail, Tewalt receives a base salary of at least $83,000 a year to manage the human inventory of Idaho’s prison-industrial complex
Under Idaho’s state code, Tewalt’s repeated DUIs constituted an aggregate felony. Many – perhaps most – of the people whose lives he now controls committed offenses less serious than his. More than a few of them were convicted of felonies under Idaho’s pre-medieval laws against marijuana possession. The inmate population over which Tewalt presides may soon include desperate parents of children suffering from conditions for which non-intoxicating cannabis oil (CBD) is the only effective treatment.
A tippler, rather than a toker: Governor Otter. On April 16, Idaho Governor Butch Otter vetoed a measure (S1146a) that would not have decriminalized possession and use of CBD, but would have created an “affirmative defense” for those who obtain and use it for treatment of several medical conditions, including cancer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and various kinds of seizure disorders. 
That bill did not recognize that marijuana use is a function of the unqualified right to self-ownership, which is the only morally sound perspective on the matter. It would have placed a modest impediment in the way of cynical people who make a subsidized living by punishing those who exercise that right. This would include parents who would not consume CBD, but administer it to their children. 
Natalie Stevens, who testified in favor of the bill before the Idaho Legislature, is among those who may face prosecution if they obtain CBD for medical treatment. Stevens’s 11-year-old daughter Marley suffers from Dravet’s Syndrome, an intractable form of epilepsy. The child first experienced seizures at four months of age, and they have steadily increased in severity.
Speaking on behalf of her family, Stevens explained that the prospect of imprisonment is easier to contemplate than the continuing spectacle of her child’s unrelieved suffering. She told the legislators that she wants to follow the law, but is willing to do anything for her child. 
“Seizures are our prison,” Stevens explained. “We’ll gladly risk this. We’re already in prison. We would rather be arrested [for possession of CBD and have an affirmative defense.” Arrayed against Stevens and many other suffering children and their anguished parents were the crème de la scum of Idaho’s entitled punitive class – police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, and Elisha Figueroa, director of the Idaho Office of Drug Policy. 
Drug Czarina Figueroa. These people, and their comrades, are determined to abduct and prosecute any Idaho resident who obtains and uses CBD. Enactment of S1146a would not have deprived them of that opportunity. Police who find people in possession of CBD would still be able to seize and “forfeit” cash, cars, and other property even before charges are filed, and prosecutors could still seek to extort plea bargains from financially straitened and over-matched defendants. 
The only significant difference is that those prosecuted for CBD possession would have a legally recognized affirmative defense, and thus a legitimate prospect of victory in a jury trial. Those who operate Idaho’s carceral apparatus simply couldn’t countenance a slight reduction in the prohibitive advantage they enjoy in seeking to cage someone for making unauthorized use of a benign mood-altering substance. In this case, the prohibited substance is a cannabis derivative has no measurable psychoactive properties. It is banned for ritualistic reasons, not substantive ones: The high priests of prohibition have decreed that we must avoid even the appearance of “evil.”
State-imposed taboos must be sustained through exceptionally vicious applications of state power. The superstition called marijuana prohibition is dying, and in its final convulsions those who act in its name are seeking to wring whatever residual trickle of misery they can out of the unbelievers– including children stricken with untreatable diseases and the parents who would give anything, their lives included, to relieve that suffering. 
Adherents of the Prohibition cult earnestly believe that the individual, as the property of the state, can be punished for consuming a substance without the explicit permission of those who act on its behalf.
In his veto message, Otter – in a gesture of regal condescension akin to Xerxes extending his scepter to Esther – included an executive order creating a small, carefully controlled experimental “access program” for a limited number of sick children. Under invasive scrutiny by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, they will be allowed to act as guinea pigs in tests of an FDA-approved product called Epidiolex ®, a form of refined cannabis oil produced by GW Pharmaceuticals
Legalizing the “limited use of cannabidiol oil … contrary to federal law” would be entirely inappropriate, Otter insisted in his veto message, since this approach would supposedly be rife with “misuse and abuse with criminal intent.” Which is to say, recognizing the innate right of people to cultivate and use marijuana would allow them to escape the clutches of “regulatory capture” – in this case, by pharmaceutical corporations working in alliance with the federal government. 
This is how an actual “drug cartel” works. 
Where the right to use marijuana is recognized, abuses can occur. The same is true of alcohol, a legal and immeasurably more destructive drug – something Otter can certify on the basis of personal experience. 
 As Lieutenant Governor 23 years ago, Otter was arrested for a DUI, and served a year of probation as a result. When stopped by a Meridian police officer, Otter initially said that his vehicle swerved because of a knee injury. He later explained to a jury that he failed a field sobriety test because, in his hunger following an eight-mile run, he had soaked chewing tobacco in Jack Daniels – an explanation that actually enhances, rather than diminishes, concerns about potential issues of addiction. 
Otter has plenty of company in the Olympian realm in which dwells Idaho’s political elite. This includes Deputy Corrections Director Josh Tewalt, who will be the custodial master of any Idaho residents who seek effective medical treatment with CBD in defiance of what Otter and his ilk insist on calling the “law.” 
In 1999, less than two years after graduating from High School, Tewalt was hired as a staffer by Governor Dirk Kempthorne. Two years later he was employed by then-Representative Butch Otter. While on Otter’s staff Tewalt was arrested for DUI. 
Although he resigned from Otter’s staff following a second DUI arrest in 2005, he benefitted from the kind of leniency granted only to the powerful and well-connected: The charge was reduced to inattentive driving. This spared Tewalt a mandatory one-year license suspension, compulsory installation of an ignition interlock system, and a possible one-year prison sentence.  Most importantly, the amended charge saved him from a felony when he was arrested for his third DUI just a few months laterPrison master: Reinke. Since his record didn’t bear the indelible stain of a felony, Tewalt was able to get a job with the Idaho Cattle Association, eventually rising to the position of executive vice president. This brought him into contact, once again, with Butch Otter, who had been elected governor. Tewalt was appointed by Otter to serve as a legislative analyst in 2008. The following year, Otter officiated at Tewalt’s wedding, where he met Brent Reinke, Director of the Department of Corrections. Reinke hired Otter’s protégé to be his deputy in 2011. This belated wedding gift by one crony to another entailed a $40,000 dollar raise.
Tewalt was brought on board to be a “change agent,” insisted Reinke, someone who can “learn our system and challenge our practices.” Tewalt proved to be an apt pupil, and an indifferent revolutionary; with his help, Idaho’s prison-industrial complex has prospered.
Idaho currently has the second-fastest growing prison population in the Soyuz. Over the next four years, prison construction and maintenance are expected to cost $300 million in funds plundered from the state’s tax victims. On average, the amount of time served by drug offenders – that is to say, political prisoners – is double the national average. Owing to an unusually prehensile parole system, Idaho has an exceptionally high rate of recidivism, and it’s not uncommon for prisoners to serve 200 percent of their “fixed” sentences. 
Tewalt’s stewardship includes the Juvenile Corrections Center in Nampa, where more than a dozen child inmates – including some who were mentally handicapped or on psychiatric medication -- were molested or otherwise abused by guards and staffers. A federal audit conducted under the Prison Rape Elimination Act certified that the “problems” in that facility have been rectified. This came as a surprise to some of the personnel cited in the report, who told the Idaho Press-Tribune that the federal investigator never bothered to interview them. 

The “system” Tewalt learned under Reike’s tutelage was one in which some inmates at the Idaho Correctional Center – a state prison operated by the Nashville-based Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) – were routinely beaten and abused by prison gangs under the indifferent supervision of the staff. In 2010, several inmates filed lawsuits (which were later consolidated into a class-action case) alleging that the CCA-run facility was known as a “Gladiator School.” 
Shortly before Tewalt was hired in 2011, a federal judge imposed a consent decree requiring a number of reforms in the administration of the prison. The CCA responded by falsifying at least 5,000 hours of employee records to certify that it had maintained minimum staffing requirements. When news of this misconduct went public, CCA filed for a protective order seeking to preserve the opacity of its administrative practices. The corporation was found in contempt of court – but was allowed to finish out its contract with the state, which expired last year. 
“We have delivered exceptional value to Idaho’s taxpayers through cost savings, and we’ve also provided outstanding rehabilitation programming to the inmates entrusted to our care,” boasted CCA Vice President Brad Regensafter the company decided not to bid on a follow-up contract. While that statement is a lie, it must be admitted, in all fairness, that this public-private partnership -- which is, by strict definition, an application of fascism -- offered "exceptional value" to the CCA's shareholders and executive-level employees.
 Tim Wengler, the Idaho Correctional Center’s warden, was allowed to retire at age 46 – after firing former chief of security Shane Jeppsen, who says he warned Wengler about the abuses in 2010. Retaliation against whistleblowers continues to be a feature, rather than a glitch, in the prison system Tewalt manages. Diana Canfield, a former mental health clinician at the formerly CCA-run prison, was fired after complaining to her supervisor about the destruction or alteration of inmates’ medical records
Many, if not most, of the people consigned to live in Josh Tewalt’s domain are imprisoned because of vices, rather than crimes. But it’s difficult to imagine anything more vicious than Butch Otter’s willingness to imprison virtuous parents whose only “offense” is to use cannabis oil to treat their incurably sick children.
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Serbian President’s Plane takes Harrowing Plunge- US concerns about Serbian/Russian Cooperation?

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 18:38
Serbian President’s Plane take Harrowing Plunge-

Happenstance? Or something more sinister?

An engine on an aging (perception management?) Serbian government plane carrying the president failed on Friday, sending the aircraft into a horrifying 60-second plunge over the Adriatic Sea, according to Serbian officials and news reports.

The plane, bound for Rome, safely returned to Belgrade, the Serbian capital, after the pilot managed to steady it

The aircraft, a Dassault Falcon 50, was carrying 10 people, including the president and four political advisers, and it took off from the Belgrade airport at 9 a.m. local time, Mr. Fatic said in a telephone interview. About an hour after takeoff, at an altitude of about 33,000 feet, one of the three engines on the plane stopped working, he said. During the next minute, the plane dropped over a mile.Stanislava Pak Stankovic, another presidential adviser on board, seemed astonished to have survived the plunge. “Believe me, at one point we were literally dropping like a rock,” she told the newspaper. “We will be celebrating this day as our second birthday.”Both said a disaster had been averted thanks to the pilot’s “great professionalism” and “exceptional skill.”The French-built Falcon has experienced five serious malfunctions in recent years (How many recent years? Sufficiently vague reporting, of course)  Mr. Fatic said. He denied that any of the problems were the result of negligent maintenance.Might the US and company have some concerns when it comes to Serbia?
Plane crashes are becoming more frequent and are often associated with assassination attempts
I'm just saying.....

Let’s read a few news reports that may have caused the US/NATO war machine some consternation!

US Vice President Joe Biden sped up the process of issuing an invitation to Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic to come to Washington, after the decision by the Serbian government to take part in the May 9 Victory Day commemoration in Moscow, which this year will mark 70 years since the surrender of Nazi Germany at the end of World War Two.Sources in western diplomatic circles told that the timescale of Vucic's visit to Washington, which was already slated for the coming year, was pushed forward due to US fears about Serbia's close ties and continued cooperation with Russia. According to the paper, the call is a reflection of a recent statement from US Secretary of State John Kerry that Serbia is "in the line of fire" between the West and Russia.  According to the source, the catalyst for Biden's hasty invitation to Washington is the decision by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic to accept Russia's invitation to attend the May 9 celebrations and the president's April 6 announcement that members of the Serbian armed forces would also take part in the parade on Red Square"Cooperation with Russia could “intensify” when a Serbian parliamentary delegation visits St. Petersburg for talks that will touch on the Russian-led alliance, said Milovan Drecun, a lawmaker of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party"Interesting. Timely. Curious.
So, one last thought:

It's Friday evening! 
Had the pilot not been as capable as he clearly was & if the Serbian President had perished in the crash, how might the Western news cycle presented this incident, over this entire weekend?


It's being reported that Serbia has threatened to arrest or minimally detain the KLA terrorist- Linked back to Afghanistan & western backed Mujahadeen- Think Carter and Brzezinski, here!- 
Human trafficker. Organ Trafficker. Presides over the NATO terror state known as Kosovo...   

Hashim Thaci-
Relevant flashbacks :
Of course, out of the ashes of that conflict arose the Narco/ Child prostitute/ Organ trafficking state of Kosovo. The new country the US just couldn't wait to "recognize" Just days after Kosovo's first independent election since splitting from Serbia in 2008, the country's newly elected prime minister is being accused of heading a "'mafia-like' group responsible for smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs through eastern Europe." The Guardianhas obtained an organized crime report from the Council of Europe which provides incriminating evidence that Hashim Thaci and his criminal group have been involved in the murder and selling the kidneys of several Serbs and have had powerful control over the heroin trade as well as the government for at least the past ten years, since the period leading up to the Kosovo war. Oh what a tangled web we weave.......

From earlier today:
ISIS: Online Campaigns/Slick Productions and Western Connections!
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ISIS: Online Campaigns/Slick Productions and Western Connections!

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 12:13
ISIS: A Social network or Terrorist network? 
Haaretz-By Zvi Bar'el :
"Long before it started making inroads into Iraq and Syria, Islamic State recognized the importance of a strong online campaign and slick presentation. Indeed, its Web presence may be its lasting legacy"How about ISIS as a global NATO media campaign

Before we get into this article, I ask that readers keep in mind the massive spying done on social media, globally. Then ask yourself how it is possible that ISIS - the terror that is allegedly threatening the entire world-  can maintain this huge global presence with no fear of being shut down. No criminal charges ? No fear of repercussion. Doesn’t that indicate friends in very high places? The right connections?  After all haven't we all read of the numerous cases of individuals making statements on social media that bring law enforcement straight to their door?
I could literally find hundreds of these types of cases. And I do realize there have been some useful idiots arrested based on their alleged ties to ISIS. BUT, how is it that ISIS can function so widely on this massive scale,  globally, without repercussion?  With near total impunity? 
I find that thought/concept very hard to reconcile.

"But the recent ISIS publication was more detailed and, it seems, more accurate.(reference to some US soldier information that was allegedly published by ISIS) This publication is just part of a broad network – the organization’s “media and public relations branch” – that was hard at work long before ISIS racked up any significant military achievements. The propaganda arm is run mostly by the Al-Hayat Media Center (not to be confused with the Saudi newspaper)".. Digression alert- Al Hayat, as Haaretz implies, is not just a Saudi newspaper, though it does operate in Saudi Arabia having three regional offices, which is in and of itself very interesting!
So, is Haaretz intentionally trying to throw the reader off track?

 Al Hayat which produces the Saudi newspaper is a global operation:
Al Hayat stinks of a global intel war mongering/banker backed operation:
“Although Al Hayat is headquartered in London—the principal location for its editorial, administrative, distribution, and subscriptions offices—the paper also maintains offices in Paris, Washington, New York, Moscow, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Beirut, Cairo, Baghdad, and Damascus.[4] The three offices in Saudi Arabia reflect the paper's focus on the country as well as the regional division into central (Riyadh), west (Jeddah), and eastern (Dammam) editions"Again, why would Haaretz diminish the signifigance of the media conglomerate that is Al Hayat/ Al Monitor? 
Al Hayat/Al Monitor- from the horses mouth Published: London, Pan Arab Language: Arabic Established: 1946 Published: daily Website:
Al-Hayat, which means “Life”, is a leading pan-Arab daily newspapers. It is based in the UK, printed in London, Beirut, New York, and Riyadh, and is popular among Arab diaspora communities. Al-Hayat has a number of regional offices across the Middle East. Its main competitor is the other big pan-Arab newspaper published in London, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat. Necessary background out of the way, let us get back to the Al Hayat Media Center, the propaganda arm of ISIS. Which in my opinion should absolutely be ‘confused’ with the London based Al Hayat. Not only should the two be confused, it would seem the two should be considered the same- Propaganda arms of NATO global/terror/banker army.

Haaretz continues “..... (ISIS Al Hayat) which was established in 2014 and is headed by Ahmad Abousamra, a French-born Muslim who grew up in Boston and received a technology degree from Northeastern University. In 2012, the FBI published an arrest warrant for Abousamra, 34, and even offered a $50,000 reward for anyone providing information leading to his arrest. Today, it seems he lives in Syria and runs his network from there, with the aid of Islamic State supporters from all over the globe”
ISIS al Hayat established in 2014!

Isn't that interesting? So, let me repeat that- ISIS Al Hayat which was established in 2014. Then connect that to the fact that right around that same time London's Al Hayat was given a prestigious media award for the launch of their"edgy news and commentary" site
Al-Monitor/ Al Hayat named Free Media Pioneer Award winner You should read the entire page linked.  VIENNA, Feb 26, 2014 - Al-Monitor, an edgy news and commentary site launched in the aftermath of the Arab Spring that brands itself as “the pulse of the Middle East”, is the recipient of this year’s International Press Institute (IPI) Free Media Pioneer Award, IPI announced today. “Al-Monitor’s unrivaled reporting and analysis exemplify the invaluable role that innovative and vigorously independent media can play in times of change and upheaval,” Recent recipients of the Free Media Pioneer Award, established by IPI in 1996, were Malaysia’s Radio Free Sarawak (2013), 35 Multimedia Magazine in Belarus (2012), Tunisia’s Radio Kalima (2011), Radio Okapi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (2010) and Novaya Gazeta in Russia (2009). Certainly an interesting roster of previous award recipients?

What about Ahmad Abousamra? - Abousamra, despite having a warrant issued for his arrest by the FBI manages to just keep on, keepin’on? Even though the US has special ops on the ground in Syria. CIA operatives at the border with Turkey.  And Abousamra doesn't get arrested?
 - Good thing it was the FBI that issued the warrant because you all know that the FBI and the CIA haven’t cooperated well in the past- wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
 Curious that  not one soul needs that $50,000.00 reward for information leading to his arrest?
My oh my, he is either surrounded by the loyal accomplices or the well to do, because who doesn't need $50,000 dollars in a war torn part of the world?
Denis Cuspert “Former German rapper  (aka Deso Dogg), who now goes by the name Abu Talha al-Almani, works alongside Abousamra and writes and produces many of the jihadist songs on Islamic State's website” So, we have a French national (NATO nation) born Muslim, who grew up and was educated in the US (NATO nation) in Boston (interesting) and his friend a German (NATO nation) born “rapper” working alongside one another in Syria.

 "Al-Hayat (please do confuse the two entities because for all intents and purposes they seem to be exactly the same!) is a sort of umbrella organization, under which various media and propaganda arms operate, including the online magazine Dabiq (in English); two production companies; the Islamic State news website; and an Arabic radio station, which also recently started broadcasting in English. It is not clear how many people are involved in these projects, which rely primarily on English, French, Russian and Urdu-speaking workers" Regional propaganda networks also operate in the areas under ISIS’ control.(Other then ISIS controlled areas, where else do they operate? You know also? )  There are “media offices” in cities such as Aleppo and Rakka in Syria; and Anbar province, Diali and Baraka in Iraq. The branches in Sinai and North Africa also have their own media operations.Every branch works independently, (from London's Al Hayat: innovative and vigorously independent media )  but coordinates and consults with professionals in Syria or in Western countries. (which ones?) Some of the websites publish in numerous languages, ( Just like Al Hayat in London) though others make do with only Arabic. Dozens of these sites have been recruited to spread the message, alongside tens of thousands of Facebook and Twitter accounts, which work constantly to disseminate information and recruit people for the cause.The content the Islamic group publishes online is carefully edited – for language, visuals and graphics – say ISIS activists. Editors check the grammar and style, and make sure the texts are persuasive. Sometimes, Al-Hayat and its daughter organizations (Whose the mom?) use focus groups of foreign-language speakers in an attempt to guarantee that the content is free of embarrassing mistakes and unacceptable slang – and that it comes across professionally Doesn’t that sound just like the Al Hayat in London? Professional editing. Foreign language speakers for content creation? So, please confuse the two.

The visuals are usually shot from small television cameras or cell phones, but sometimes two or even three cameras are used in order to provide video depth.(Beheading videos) The videos often include scenes from Hollywood war films; (how do they get around Hollywood’s copyright laws) stills that are sometimes unrelated to ISIS’ activities; and audio files meant to enhance the dramatic effect. It is even possible that some of the mixing and editing takes place in companies in the West and not in ISIS’ Mideast media centers.Companies in the West? Perhaps, movie studios in the US? Which western companies, mentioned twice by Haaretz, are mixing and editing for ISIS? And why isn't law enforcement, particularly western law enforcement,  stopping that from happening? How is it that Haaretz couldn't come up with the name of one of these Western affiliates, despite mentioning the western affiliation in their report? Let me throw another name out there! London, perhaps? Yes, how about London! Then of course, Israel. After all it is Haaretz reporting all this.

Of course there was more at the Haaretz link- Read it if you can get past the paywall
I did save the entire article, but, thought just these few paragraphs amply demonstrate that the ISIS al Hayat & London based al Hayat are surely one and the same. It also seems clear to me that Haaretz is obfuscating reality via it's murky article.

Because, there is no where better to hide then in plain sight!

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Russia: Three Impactful Moves Made This Week. Agree or Disagree & Why?

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 04/16/2015 - 08:19
Let's call this Russia & the rest of the World day here at the blog.

Earlier today:  The Russia /China Entete- The West Needs to Take Seriously

Directly below an interesting article. This time from Sputnik News

Lavrov's pic, just cause he is so dam wittyRussia made three impactful moves in the course of only a week which show that it’s truly returned to being a Mideast power.
Russia's diplomacy over the past week proved to the world that there's more to Moscow's Mideast policy than supporting the democratically elected government in Damascus in its War on Terror. As important and honorable as that action is, the Western mainstream media has obsessed over it and myopically framed it in such a way as to make it seem like Russia has no other method of projecting its influence in the area. Millions of people in the Mideast already knew this to not be true, but now such a false inference no longer holds any weight to the Western audience as well, since Russia resolutely demonstrated to the entire world that it has a robust regional policy capable of transforming events on the ground. The days of Russian diplomatic dormancy in the Mideast are definitely over, and Moscow now rivals Washington as the most important non-regional actor there. Let's take a look at what happened this past week in Syria, Yemen, and Iran:
The Second Intra-Syrian Conference
Moscow II, as the event was called, was held in the Russian capital last week and was important for demonstrating that the first such meeting was not simply the one-time occurrence that the West made it out to be at the time. Russia's diplomatic initiative is finally starting to show signs of success, since both Damascus and the non-terrorist anti-government opposition (NTAGO) reached an agreement on five conflict resolution principles for the first time since the destabilization began over four years ago.

Not only that, but the UN is starting to take notice of the historic progress that is finally beginning to be made, since UN Special Envoy for Syria Steffan de Mistura has now said that the organization will try to commence a new round of peace talks beginning in May. Whether it'll be Moscow III or Geneva III is uncertain, but at this point there's no doubt that Russia is fulfilling the peacemaker role in war-ravaged Syria that has eluded all other actors' previous attempts, and that this alone makes Moscow a significant force for stability in the entire Mideast.
Russian plane evacuating people from Yemen at Chkalovsky Airport
The past week has also seen Russia take on a military role in the Mideast, with its aircraft and ships evacuating not only its own citizens from the beleaguered victim of Saudi aggression, but also those of other nations as well. Russia's humanitarian assistance to foreign nationals extends well past the allied states of Belarus and Tajikistan, since nationals from Poland, Ukraine, the US, and the UK were also rescued. The series of evacuation operations demonstrated that Russia is capable of rapidly deploying its armed forces to ever-changing war-time environments far from its borders, and also that such units can be used as instruments of peace and diplomacy.

The latter point is even more poignant when one recalls how the remaining Americans in Yemen had felt abandoned by their own government after having their repeated pleas for help fall on deaf ears. The irony is that the one country which Washington has tried to convince its citizens is ‘big, bad, and evil' happens to be the one that came to their aid when Uncle Sam failed to heed his call of duty. This historic instance of the Russian military saving some Americans that had been abandoned in a Mideast warzone shows the global audience that Moscow isn't blinded by New Cold War tensions when it comes to carrying out humanitarian operations, and serves as a striking rebuff to Western ‘commentators' who allege that Russia can never be a force for good in the world.Russia also rescued Canadians:Canadians evacuated from Yemen, by Russia, confirmed by Canadian Government

The Russian-Iranian Strategic Partnership
Moscow and Tehran are moving towards a de-facto strategic partnership, which can be easily seen by the two groundbreaking announcements from earlier this week. It's now been confirmed by the Russian government that the rumored oil-for-goods program between Russia and Iran is actually a real policy that's already been implemented, showing that Moscow has wasted no time in trying to court the Iranian market after the proto-deal was agreed to a week earlier. Providing goods in exchange for resources is a strategic decision that creates valuable return customers in Iran, who will then be in need of maintenance and spare parts for their products. It's also a sign of deep friendship between the two Caspian neighbors and sets the groundwork for the tentative North-South economic corridor between Russia and India via Iran. The closer and faster that Russia economically moves towards Iran in the coming months, the more likely it is to successfully preempt imminent European competitors from establishing valuable market share in the country and perhaps one day using their future complex economic interdependence with Iran for nefarious political purposes.  Flashback: Putin’s Mideast Gains Trump $ Loss From Iran Agreement
The second big move that Russia made towards Iran was the resumption of the stalled S-300 surface-to-air missile (SAM) sales that Tehran had long been asking for. The agreement was unilaterally frozen by an edict from then-President Medvedev in 2010 in order to show solidarity with Russia's Western partners in their sanctions against Iran (although the units themselves were never sanctioned by the international community). Furthermore, there may have also been a military logic to the decision since the US and Israel were at a hair's end of triggering a conventional war against Iran during that time, and news about the arrival of balance-of-power changing S-300s could have triggered a preemptive strike by either or before their window of opportunity was permanently removed. In this sense, although many observers at the time saw the shipment freeze as a sign of Russian weakness and geopolitical wavering, it may have actually been a sign of an astute understanding of the military-political situation between all the actors and could have prevented a larger conflict from erupting.Reverting back to the present, President Putin rescinded the voluntary embargo and even spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in an effort to assuage the latter's hyped-up anxieties about the deal. It doesn't seem to have done much good because the Israeli leader is still fuming about this development, evidently because he understands that it will seriously hinder his country's ability to unilaterally strike Iran with symmetrical near-impunity. The big question is why the Russian government made its decision at this time, and it's telling that it occurred on the heels of the nuclear proto-deal. The geopolitical calculus has obviously changed to where the US is now more concerned with an indirect unconventional war against Iran in the future than a standard bombing campaign, hence its dismayed acceptance of Moscow's move and refusal to loudly protest it. Israel's intransience is simply the ‘bad cop' of the ‘good cop, bad cop' dynamic between Washington and Tel-Aviv, as their publicized ‘fallout' is nothing more than a strategic illusion anyways. Nonetheless, the S-300 SAMs won't be delivered until the end of the year, so if the nuclear proto-deal falls through or the West cooks up a provocation, then the US-Israeli axis could still strike Iran while the opportunity remains.
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The Russia /China Entete- The West Needs to Take Seriously

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 04/16/2015 - 08:00
Interesting interview via DW
The Ukrainian crisis has certainly strained Russia's relations with the West. Sanctions have been imposed on Moscow, hurting Russian's economy as well as causing its currency and energy exports to plunge. Western countries are also trying to reduce their dependence on Russian gas - at least in the long run.

As a result of the rapidly deteriorating relations between Russia and the West, the government in Moscow is moving closer towards Asia, particularly Beijing. This became clear with President Vladimir Putin's visit to China on May 20, during which a multi-billion dollar gas supply deal was signed, among other things.Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev also recently visited Vietnam and Thailand to step up the country's engagement in both Southeast Asian nations and advance trade and investment ties.In a DW interview, Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, says that due to the Ukraine crisis and the ensuing economic sanctions by the West, what was originally Moscow's "marriage of convenience" with Beijing has turned into a much closer partnership. He also argues that Russia is now more likely to back China in the steadily growing competition between Beijing and Washington.
DW: What impact has the Ukraine crisis had on Russia's foreign policy alignment?

Dmitri Trenin: The Ukraine crisis has shifted the axis of Moscow’s foreign policy from the Euro-Atlantic to the Asia-Pacific. China, rather than Europe and Germany, is emerging as Moscow’s principal foreign partner. Russia, however, began pivoting to Asia even before Ukraine.

The Kremlin realized some time ago that the situation in which its most depressed regions were physically abutting the world’s most dynamic region was not tenable in the long term. It also saw the chance of using Asia’s dynamism as an external resource for Russia’s economy – heretofore only to be found in the West. The current conflict with the West, of course, expanded this geo-economic calculus through including geopolitics into the equation.
DW: How is Moscow's foreign policy re-balance being reflected?

DT: Moscow had long hoped for a balance between its Western and Asian foreign policy directions. This balance is no longer there, in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. The need for balance is now a need for Moscow’s policy in Asia and elsewhere outside the West.

Aware of this, Russia is seeking to balance its all-important relationship with China by an outreach to India and Vietnam in Asia; Brazil within the BRICS group. It also supports bringing not just India and Pakistan to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which is due to happen this year, but also Iran, once the United Nations Security Council sanctions are lifted.
DW: What are Russia's goals and aims in Asia, and why is China so important to achieve this?

DT: Russia does not have overarching strategic goals in Asia. It advocates a multipolar world within which US global dominance would give way to a great-power concert. China, of course, is very important in achieving this new global balance. In Asia itself, Russia would want to see reduced US presence/influence. It is sympathetic to China’s "Asia for Asians" slogan.
DW: Who is likely to profits most from this situation China?DT: No Sino-Russian bloc is in the offing, but the relationship is getting way beyond the "marriage of convenience" formula. In the fields of energy, arms transfers, global and regional diplomacy the relationship has already acquired a new quality. China will be certainly strengthened as a result, but also Russia will strengthen its relationship with one major power which is not interested in its surrender to the West.
DW: What are the implications of Russia's tilt towards China for both the United States and Europe?DT: Instead of a Greater Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok which Putin proposed in 2010, the EU will see something like a greater Asia from Shanghai to St. Petersburg. The United States will see its principal 21st century competitor being able to rely on the resources and support of its 20th century adversary.
DW: How is a stronger Russian presence, commitment to Asia likely to impact the region?DT: From Turkey to ASEAN to Korea, Russia will be actively seeking economic opportunities which would compensate for those lost in Europe. Over time, it will have to be more engaged diplomatically. Rather than competing with China, Russia will more likely accommodate it, as in Central Asia. However, Russia will not become a "UK to the US," accepting Beijing’s leadership. It will work toward some kind of a "great power relationship" wit its giant neighbor.
DW: How important is this development for world politics and what can the West do about it?DT: The Sino-Russian entente – with its unstated, but transparent goal of reducing U.S. global dominance – is easily the most important result of the Ukraine crisis and the preceding deterioration of Russian-Western relations. The West needs to take this seriously.
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Kurds Fully Participate in Generational Assyrian/ Armenian Christian Genocides

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 11:44
 As it was in the past- so it is today

Yesterday's post ended
"How could one have missed the black Pope playing politics in such a blatant fashion?
The Ottoman empire and Genocide

The black Pope Francis mentions the role of the Turks, but, fails to mention the active participation of the Kurds in the genocide of  both the Armenians and Assyrians

Why do we not speak of the Kurdish role in both those genocides?
Is it because it runs against the grain of the perception management when it comes to the 'heroic Kurd' meme?

Heads Up!- I will be speaking of that bit of history in short order" That short order is up- today!
NYT's 1915-  500,000 Armenians Said To Have Perished. Washington Asked to Stop Slaughter of Christians by Turks and Kurds.
 Do pay attention to the types of Armenian Christians that were targeted and those that were not!

 "The records of the State Department are replete with detailed reports from American Consular officers in Asia Minor, which give harrowing tales of the treatment of the Armenian Christians by the Turks and the Kurds. These reports have not been made public. They indicate that the Turk has undertaken a war of extermination on Armenians, especially those of the Gregorian Church, to which about 90 per cent of the Armenians belong"

  "Turkish authorities drove the Gregorian Armenians out of their homes, ordered them to proceed to distant towns in the direction of Bagdad, which could only be reached by crossing long stretches of desert. During the exodus of Armenians across the deserts they have been fallen upon by Kurds and slaughtered, but some of the Armenian women and girls, in considerable numbers, have been carried off into captivity by the Kurds"The Turkish Government originally ordered the deportation of all Armenians, but, some time ago, after representations had been made by Ambassador Morgenthau, the Ottoman Government gave assurances that the order would be modified so as not to embrace Catholic and Protestant Armenians The reports that have been sent to the State Department by its agents in Asia Minor fully confirm these statements made in the appeal sent to this country by Viscount Bryce, formerly British Ambassador to the United States, to try stop the slaughter of the Armenians. Viscount Bryce stated that the horrors through which the Armenians have passed have been unparalleled in modern times.So, when we discuss righting historical wrongs, I have to ask, what about this historical wrong?

The Assyrians: A People without Rights
In the twentieth century, Assyrians have suffered genocide, been pushed out of their ancestral lands, and are struggling for survival. The Assyrian nation today stands at a crossroad. One third of is in a diaspora, while the remaining two-thirds lives perilously in its native lands. It cannot be denied that while the Iraqi people are undergoing a great deal of suffering, it is evident that Assyrians are being targeted more than others. They are being subjected to persecution, massacres and genocide in Nineveh and other Assyrian cities and villages since the beginning of the last century. During World War I, for instance, Turks and Kurds massacred about two-thirds of the Assyrians living in the area. Next came the ethnic cleansing of 1933 at the hands of the Iraqi army and the Kurds. Later, in the 1960s & 1970s, the ethnic Assyrian community was targeted by a Kurdish campaign led by the Kurdish leader Mullah Mustafa, also known as “Mustafa Barzani”, whose rebellion against the successive Iraqi governments resulted in the displacement of thousands of Assyrians. A people without rights, slaughtered by the Kurds. Where is their homeland? 

Mustafa Barzani? 

The Barzani name is a name from both the past and the present. How very interesting.
How coincidental can that be? Or not!

Mustafa Barzani, 1931-32.BornMarch 14, 1903Barzan, Ottoman Empire,
(now: KRG, Iraq)DiedMarch 1, 1979 (aged 75)Washington, DC, U.S.

 Masoud Barzani

 On August 7 Assyrians worldwide celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Simmele massacre, including in Ankawa, within the Kurdish autonomous region in north Iraq. President Massoud Barzani of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) sent a letter of support to the Assyrians, but in his letter he indirectly made the Assyrians victims of the Simmele massacre martyrs in the "Kurdistan liberation movement." Kurdish leaders, starting with Barzani, have asked the West to recognize Saddam's killing of Kurds in the Anfal campaign as a genocide. But the Kurds themselves have much blood on their hands because many Kurdish clans actively participated in the murder of Assyrians during the Turkish genocide in World War One, as well as other massacres perpetrated before and after 1915. Some Kurds have apologized for these acts (AINA 4-23-1995). Most recently, the Kurdish Federation in Germany issued an apology at the unveiling of the Assyrian genocide monument in in Belgium (AINA 8-5-2013). Assyrian organizations have asked for official recognition of the Simmele massacre (AINA 8-8-2013) and an apology by KRG President Barzani, who represents the Kurdish nation in Iraq. Barzani had never before made a statement on the subject but on August 7, 2013, when the Assyrians in Ankawa commemorated the 80th anniversary of the Simmele massacre, Barzani sent a letter, which also was published in the KRG's official website. But instead of apologizing for Kurdish participation in the 1915 genocide and Simmele massacre (which was led by the Kurdish General Bakr Sidqi), Barzani rubbed salt in the wound.
The letter, translated, is available for you to read at the link embedded in the name Massoud Barzani

Barzani whitewashes the Assyrian massacres to Kurdify the narrative:
"What does Barzani mean when he says "martyrs of the Kurdish liberation movement?" The Assyrian martyrs in Simmele were not part of the Kurdish liberation. They were massacred not because they were Kurds, but because they were Assyrians.
By making such a statement Barzani is pursuing a campaign to Kurdify the Assyrian question. The attentive reader may ask why Barzani is using Assyrian denominational names (Chaldean, Syriac) when referring to the Assyrian nation. The answer is that this is Barzani's attempt to categorize Assyrians as Christian Kurds or just Christian citizens of the KRG.For years we have seen a clear pattern among Kurdish leaders and intellectuals of an aggressive Kurdification campaign in order to create a false Kurdish history. They make it easy for themselves by simply replacing the word "Mesopotamia" with "Kurdistan" and thus claiming that "Kurdistan is the cradle of civilization." We find this message on a sign on the road to the Assyrian antiquities in Khanas, constructed by the Assyrian King Sennachereb in the 7th century BC. Kurdish intellectuals also write articles with the same message. A few months ago a Kurdish student in Uppsala, Sweden, Necati Kanat, wrote a propaganda article of this sort on Newsmill, where he said, among other things, "...civilization arose in Mesopotamia (Kurdistan). Mathematics, arithmetic, penmanship, irrigation systems, the wheel et cetera, were originated as part of the development of civilization. It started with small villages along the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in Kurdistan and moved to cities, cultures, kingdoms and empires."
Barzani's letter shows that not even our Assyrian martyrs escape Kurdish falsification of history. The offense is of course so much greater when the perpetrators of the massacres of Assyrians were often Kurds. Here are just a few examples:
  • In 1843 and 1846 Kurdish clan leaders Bedr Khan Beg and Nurullah murdered tens of thousands Assyrians in Hakkari and Turabdin. They were the henchmen of the Turkish sultan. Bedr Khan Beg's cousin's sons, Izaddin Sher and Masur Beg, continued the killings of Assyrians in Tur Abdin in 1855.
  • Sultan Abdulhamid's Hamidiye troops, who killed some 20,000 Assyrians and Armenians 1894-96 in the towns of Omid, Urhoy, were also Kurds.
  • 20 years later, in 1915, various Kurdish clans actively engaged in the genocide of World War One, and many tribal leaders also became wealthy landowners after taking Assyrian lands by force. They also took captured Assyrian women and girls as wives"
 I did say way back, here on the blog, the Kurdish narrative presented by the war mongering media, felt too contrived to be taken as fact. My suspicions were solid  and are now validated!

There is ample information to support the claim that Barzanis are a Jewish tribe of Kurds. Though most Kurds are Sunni Muslim. Kurds either Jewish and/or Sunni Muslim have a history of killing Christians. Looking back through time we see much commonality, despite an illusion of divergent groups. And we realize how very little has really changed.

This hidden, unacknowledged history both clarifies and validates why it is I  had detected a symbiotic relationship between the Kurds/ISIS and of course Israel. Though I connected the dots prior to having this background knowledge it has been clear for sometime now that the Kurds & ISIS are  partners in crime. While every person involved may not be aware of these long term relationships, this history- the puppeteers and main players, surely are.

Just a few of the previous posts written on this topic:

  • Kurd/ISIS Symbiosis: Maliki has evidence of Kurdish collusion when Mosul fell And finally- WizOz left a comment that should also be read, entirelyWizOzApril 13, 2015 at 11:05 PM@Why do we not speak of the Kurdish role in both those genocides?
    Is it because it runs against the grain of the perception management when it comes to the 'heroic Kurd' meme?

    Penny, spot on like always.

    But the 'heroic' Kurds were just recidivists:
    (from WikiIslam):"The tools used by sultan Abdul Hamit were the Turkish army and the Turkish police, and the Kurdish people, who are Muslims. He equipped the Kurds with modern rifles and gave them the relevant military skills. Serpouhi Tavoukdijan writes in his book “Expatriate” that in return for their weapons their task was to murder Armenians. They were given the right to rape Armenian women free of penalty and took Armenian houses and shops belonging to the murdered.
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Putin’s Mideast Gains Trump $ Loss From Iran Agreement

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 07:17

An interesting piece, but, as of yet I'm not convinced of the reality of the P5+ 1 agreement
Benefits to Russia may be just one reason for this agreement to fail.
-The U.S. and five other global powers, including Russia, aim to complete negotiations with Iran by the end of June- The price (of oil) could tumble another $15 a barrel once sanctions on Iran are lifted after a final nuclear deal, the Energy Information Administration said on April 7.- Oil at $40 a barrel could shave almost 2 percent from Russian gross domestic product, according to estimates by the Russian central bank last month before the Iran framework was announcedBut, the lower oil price would be offset by other benefits

-  Lower oil prices could be offset by Increased opportunities in a sanctions-free Iran, according to Radzhab Sattarov, head of the Iran committee at the Moscow Trade and Industry Chamber.-Gazprom, its oil arm, OAO Gazprom Neft, and OAO Lukoil have had projects in Iran interrupted by sanctions, and Rosatom is seeking further contracts at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran. -Russian-Iranian cooperation on oil shouldn’t be underestimated, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Monday, according to the Interfax news service. Russia is already supplying goods to Iran in exchange for oil, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.-“For Russia, it is more beneficial if Iran becomes a normal country you can have regular business with,” said Fyodor Lukyanov, head of the Moscow-based Council on Foreign and Defense Policy. “There will be more competition but still Russia will have more advantages compared to American companies in doing business with Iran as the U.S. will remain the symbol of everything they hate.” The political benefits may not only be in the Middle East.-Iran could join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a group that includes Russia, China and Central Asian states, thereby boosting Russian ability to influence Iran’s policies in Central Asia and Afghanistan, Kozhanov said.-“In Russia’s strategic thinking, Iran’s role is increasing,” Kayhan Barzegar, director of the Tehran-based Institute for Middle East Strategic Studies, said in a phone interview. “Russia and Putin have come to the conclusion that relations with Iran must increase.” So, will the P5 + 1 therefore fail?
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Apparently, the Fantasy Cop Package Doesn't Include "Qualified Immunity"

freedominourtime - Mon, 04/13/2015 - 14:14

Note: This essay has been updated to reflect the criminal charge against Robert Bates.

Some wealthy men of a certain age pay an extravagant fee to attend fantasy camps where they can pretend to be Major League Baseball players, or engage in brief jam sessions with patient and well-compensated classic rock performers. Others take part in “canned hunts” in which the prey are penned in and sometimes specially bred to be helpless.
Tulsa insurance executive Robert Bates bought the full Fantasy Cop package – but it was Eric Harris who paid the premium when Bates fatally shot him following an undercover “sting” operation on April 9. He now faces a second-degree manslaughter charge.

Since 2008, Bates, who spent a single inglorious year as a police officer more than five decades ago, has been enrolled as a “reserve deputy” with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. During the altercation on April 9, Bates apparently mistook his handgun for a Taser. 
Unlike the “real” peace officers on the scene, Bates’ first impulse was to apologize as his victim’s life ebbed away. That apology was probably directed not at the victim, but at the reserve deputy’s steroid-enhanced and tattooed comrades – one of whom was kneeling on the back of the victim’s head. They probably didn’t notice, given that they were too busy taunting the dying man.
“You f***g ran! … F**k your breath!” snarled one of the privileged simians in the Tulsa Violent Crimes Task Force. He might not have been aware that Harris had endured a fatal gunshot wound. In any case, he almost certainly didn’t care. It is entirely illegal for police to kill fleeing, unarmed suspect because he ran. It is also quite commonplace. This helps explain why it was that in the month of March – by one calculation – American police shot a greater number of suspects than British police did during the entire 20th Century. 
"Deputy" Bates and his victim. If one of the full-time deputies had fired the fatal shot, the assailant would enjoy “qualified immunity” relieving him of civil liability and protecting him from criminal prosecution. Apparently, “qualified immunity” doesn't come with the Fantasy Cop Package that Bates purchased through his donations. Major Shannon Clark of the TCSO told the Tulsa World that “There are lots of wealthy people in the reserve program. Many of them make donations of items. That’s not unusual at all.”
In the seven years since he became a reserve deputy, Bates has donated firearms, stun guns, and several vehicles to the department. Without disclosing details of his training and qualifications, the TCSO lists Bates as an “advanced reserve,” in which position he was entitled to “do anything a full-time deputy can do” – except, apparently, the ability to absolve himself of legal accountability by invoking “qualified immunity.”
The selling point for the TCSO’s donor program is status, not service. This reflects the fact that, as I’ve noted before, law enforcement defines its role in terms of what police can do to people, rather than what they are required to do on their behalf.   
This sense of being elevated above the common herd offers a compelling appeal to the libido dominandi, and that allure explains why wealthy people and celebrities – such as Shaquille O’Neal, Steven Segal, and Ted Nugent – become dilettante cops. Both O’Neal and Segalparticipated in botched SWAT raids, which apparently is one of the perks of a celebrity buy-in. 
Furthermore, in some jurisdictions that exalted status is literally given away.

“Many assume police officers are rigorously trained before being allowed to patrol the streets,” observes the Shreveport Times. “But drive through rural Louisiana and it’s possible to be stopped by a law enforcement officer who’s never experienced a day of police academy and instruction on use of force, stressful scenarios and physical fitness that comes with it. Sometimes, an eight-hour firearms training and on-the-job guidance is all an officer gets before starting work as a salaried, gun-toting, arrest-making officer.”
Louisiana’s state law allows municipal political cliques (sometimes called “city governments”) to hire and deploy armed collection and abduction specialists (otherwise known as  “full-time sworn officers”)  and keep them on the payroll for up to a year before they become certified police officers. Some departments “simply violate the law, sometimes failing to send full-time officers to the academy,” according to Kenny Saunders, who teaches at a state-certified academy.
Motorists in rural Louisiana run an appreciable risk of being detained, harassed, or otherwise abused by a costumed stranger whose official status as a police officer is akin to that of Eric Cartman.
Let it not be thought, however, that this is a problem that can be solved by making certification standards more rigorous. A state-certified purveyor of aggressive force is just as dangerous to innocent people as one whose credentials aren’t in order, assuming that both can take refuge within the spurious doctrine of “qualified immunity.”

There are anywhere from three to five times as many private security officers – such as armed guards, private investigators, and armored car drivers -- in the United States as “sworn law enforcement officers.” A private peace officer who kills or injures an innocent person is not protected by “qualified immunity.” 
While a police officer has no enforceable duty to protect an innocent person from harm, a private security operative who fails to carry out his contractual duty of care might be liable to a civil action, and will certainly be punished in the marketplace.
In Idaho, it is possible to become a private investigator simply by advertising one’s services. If clients are willing to pay you to ask questions, or an established detective agency is interested hiring you to conduct surveillance or file public records requests,  you can call yourself a private investigator – with the understanding that you are fully liable if you are charged with a crime or hit with a lawsuit.
At present, only six cities in Idaho (interestingly, Boise is not one of them) impose a licensing requirement for private investigators. Although there is no state licensing requirement, the Private Investigators Association of Idaho (PIAI) has introduced a “Certified Private Investigator” program intended to establish professional standards in the industry.
The first requirement to become a CPI would be to carry, and maintain, at least $500,000 in errors and omissions or general liability insurance.
“Anybody looking to hire a reputable and reliable investigator should require him to have at least a half-million in liability insurance,” PIAI President Dan Landis told me in a telephone interview. “If someone gets hurt through an act or oversight, or gets arrested for the wrong reason, the investigator needs to be covered.”
Every day, police injure and kill people through bad acts or culpable omissions, and arrest people without legitimate cause – and those responsible generally suffer no personal consequences because of their supposed authority. Police are not required to carry personal liability insurance to cover such contingencies. On those rare occasions when fault is found, the financial consequences are socialized, which means that they are ultimately absorbed by the tax victims within a given political jurisdiction.
Private investigators, like other private peace officers, are not afforded that corrupt luxury. This is why the PIAI’s minimum standards for certification are more demanding that those that must be met for police applicants in many municipalities.
Applicants cannot have a criminal record of any kind. They must be bonded and pass a deep and extensive background check.  Although there is no private investigators’ academy, applicants must have “a minimum of 500 hours (verifiable) experience in the field of `private investigations.’”
Significantly, “Law enforcement, government or military experience does not qualify as `private investigations.’”
“Being ex-law enforcement doesn’t mean a thing,” Landis contends, because a police officer, in the final analysis, is merely an individual with “a gun, a badge, and a suit.”
The totems of government “authority” protect those who carry them from the legal consequences of using aggressive force. They do not confer the acumen, character, or persistence necessary to uncover facts and build a case. 
Once a cop, he became a peace officer: Spenser (r., with Hawk).Even without formal, albeit non-governmental, certification, private investigators – unlike government-employed enforcers -- cannot succeed without producing results.
When a burglary is committed, the victim doesn’t have the option of choosing the most competent police agency (assuming one exists) to investigate the crime; he or she must be content with the “service” offered by the department claiming a local franchise within the government’s coercion cartel. Because it operates as part of a monopoly, the police department can’t go out of business, and it treats customer dissatisfaction as an “officer safety” issue rather than a reason to improve its job performance.
This helps explain why, in a country where the government confiscates billions of dollars each year in the name of “public safety,” citizens probably spend at least that much more to pay for protection of persons and property, or to investigate crimes against them – services that are supposedly provided through the state’s security monopoly.
If Robert Bates had been interested in protecting persons and property, he would have invested in a private security firm.  He preferred the power, prestige, and privilege that come with being part of the state’s coercive caste. Under the abysmal standards governing that profession, Bates may have considered himself immune to the consequences of committing negligent homicide. 
After all, every law enforcement officer is impersonating a peaceofficer – so why should Bates be singled out for exemplary punishment? 
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Iran Brands Yemen’s War as a Conspiracy Against Saudi Arabia

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Mon, 04/13/2015 - 07:35
Keep this information in mind.....

A top Iranian diplomat has condemned Saudi Arabia’s military campaign against Yemen, saying its only aim is “to disintegrate and weaken” Saudi Arabia; he has recommended that the country stops counting on Washington’s help in Yemen.

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, has said that the ongoing war in Yemen is, in fact, a plot against Saudi Arabia.

"The enemies of the [Middle East] region are unfortunately trying to disintegrate and weaken Saudi Arabia, and the aggression against Yemen and its consequences are the start point of this ominous plot," the Iranian news agency PressTV quoted the top official as saying on Sunday

Amir-Abdollahian recommended that Riyadh "stop counting on Washington's help in Yemen" and accused the US of pursuing dual policies in the Middle East.

The Iranian diplomat urged for an immediate stop to Saudi Arabian airstrikes against Sana’a, stressing that a national dialogue and the delivery of humanitarian aid to the country are the only solution to the ongoing conflict.

The continuation of Saudi aggression would lead to “inevitable consequences", he warned
As we see the tables being turned on Turkey, are we witnessing the same for Saudi Arabia?
How could one have missed the black Pope playing politics in such a blatant fashion?
The Ottoman empire and Genocide

The black Pope Francis mentions the role of the Turks, but, fails to mention the active participation of the Kurds in the genocide of  both the Armenians and Assyrians

Why do we not speak of the Kurdish role in both those genocides?
Is it because it runs against the grain of the perception management when it comes to the 'heroic Kurd' meme?

Heads Up!- I will be speaking of that bit of history in short order

From yesterday

A name to watch!: Adam Osmayev- yet another curious Chechen...
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Another FALSE FLAG Rigged Court Show Trial Is In The Books For Another FALSE "OFFICIAL STORY"

bigdanblogger - Sun, 04/12/2015 - 20:48
The PATSIES didn't have the backpacks:

...but THESE GUYS did:

...but YOU wouldn't know that, if you listen only to the mainstream media!!!

Just another day in the country that used to be the United States: The Boston Marathon False Flag rigged court trial is now over. Another false "Official Story" is in the books. The complicit mainstream media can now employ the 1967 CIA tactic developed for the JFK assassination of ridiculing those who question the FALSE "OFFICIAL STORY" of the Boston Marathon false flag "CONSPIRACY THEORISTS".

Here's how the "trial" went: the defendant didn't get to speak, they didn't bring up the footage of men from CRAFT dressed in black walking around the Boston Marathon with the exact black backpacks the "bombs" were in, they didn't mention that the defendant DIDN'T have that kind of backpack, and they didn't mention the footage of the loudspeakers saying there was a DRILL going on by "officials". The defendant HAD TO have a lawyer that was in on all of this sham.

I put this post out April 18, just 3 days after the Boston Marathon FALSE FLAG, it didn't take me ling to realize it was another FALSE FLAG:

Questions About The Boston Marathon Bombing

Then I put this post out on April 24, 2013, just 9 days after the Boston Marathon FALSE FLAG:

MORE Questions About The Boston Marathon Bombing.......

Notice how some of the videos in those posts have "disappeared" from YouTube. Isn't that peculiar? Really, it ISN'T peculiar. YouTube makes sure videos that go against "OFFICIAL STORY"s somehow "disappear" over time, and that's not that long ago, that's just 2 years ago. I notice that on many of my best posts, when I go back to them, the videos have "disappeared" from YouTube. Many times I go back and edit the posts to find the videos again somewhere else and put them back in the posts. It's a lot of work, but I DO do that, especially on past posts I consider exceptional.

I've also noticed, and so have others, that very famous videos with hundreds-of-thousands of hits on them don't come up in a search on YouTube, even though they're there. Even if you put the EXACT title of the video.

I can add very little to what I've already said in those two posts above, but I will post anything new that has to do with the SHAM RIGGED "trial" below. I am totally disgusted by what this country has become. It is run by criminals and murders who rig elections on, among other things, electronic voting machines. Our courts are rigged, especially in FALSE FLAG trials like The Boston Marathon and especially 911. The JFK Warren Report may have been the start of what we see now.

I'm really sorry to say all of this and I'm sorry to burst your bubble if you think the U.S. is "exceptional", the "good guys", etc... We have been brainwashed with that since birth. It's tough to get rid of that and see the truth. It's tough to cut through and detect the propaganda we are surrounded by especially the mainstream media which is really a branch of the government.

Above all, I feel most sorry for the PATSIES whom this rap was pinned on. Pinned on by the REAL criminals and murderers in our government and connected to our government.

Sorry about all of this "TRUTH" I'm laying on you, but the truth is the truth. If you don't like it, don't blame me. Blame the ones doing it and yourself for believing it.

These articles below I'd like you to read about the "trial" are by the website I think they had the best coverage of the Boston Bombing trial I have seen. I have to recommend this website as one of the best I've come across. It's fairly new compared to most others. It's a facts-based website which remind me of PROJECT CENSORED! I am really impressed with this site. It may someday make it to my very short list on the upper-right of my site, where I've only had 3 websites for years listed as THE Best: Washington's Blog, What Really Happened, and TV News Lies. This site may someday break that barrier and be listed there. Here is all their mountains of great coverage all in one spot of the BOSTON BOMBING INVESTIGATION: BOSTON BOMBING INVESTIGATION

This video I just found summarizes everything:

UPDATE: I just found this new article that's excellent:

EXCLUSIVE: In Defense of Dzhokhar: The Real Smoking Gun in Boston


I cannot stress enough for everyone to STOP WATCHING THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. And part of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA is also the FAKE LEFT MSNBC and the FAKE RIGHT FOX NEWS. This "trial" shows that although MSNBC & FOX "pretend" to be left and right, when it comes to "OFFICIAL STORY"s, they are in LOCKSTEP with the government on ALL "OFFICIAL STORY"s from The Boston Marathon back to 911 and back to JFK. Sure they "pretend" they're left and right, exactly like the Democrats and Republicans pretend they're left and right. But they ALL - MSNBC FOX DEMOCRATS REPUBLICANS - are in lockstep on EVERY SINGLE "OFFICIAL STORY" IN HISTORY: 911, Boston Marathon, JFK, Oklahoma City, etc...ALL OF THEM. And they ALL ridicule those who question the "OFFICIAL STORY" and call the "CONSPIRACY THEORISTS":

In 1967, the CIA Created the Label "Conspiracy Theorists" ... to Attack Anyone Who Challenges the "Official" Narrative

Below is a summary of the important points in the CIA memo, but click on the link above to read the memo. How many of these things have you heard being used or even being used on YOU? I notice one in particular: the CIA urges those attacking people who question "officials" to say, "HOW CAN SO MANY PEOPLE KEEP A SECRET???" I can't tell you how many times I've heard someone question and "OFFICIAL STORY" and IMMEDIATELY someone says that! That is called a SHILL btw:

Summarizing the tactics which the CIA dispatch recommended:

  • Claim that it would be impossible for so many people would keep quiet about such a big conspiracy (bd: this is the big one I always hear!)
  • Have people friendly to the CIA attack the claims, and point back to “official” reports
  • Claim that eyewitness testimony is unreliable
  • Claim that this is all old news, as “no significant new evidence has emerged”
  • Ignore conspiracy claims unless discussion about them is already too active
  • Claim that it’s irresponsible to speculate
  • Accuse theorists of being wedded to and infatuated with their theories
  • Accuse theorists of being politically motivated
  • Accuse theorists of having financial interests in promoting conspiracy theories

Other articles on the Boston Bombing FALSE FLAG:

Boston Show Trial: Dzhokhar “Guilty!” on all 30 counts: Not even probable cause to warrant an indictment, much less proof to justify a conviction

Boston Show Trial: The Opinion of an Attorney at Law: A former law professor explains the backpacks of the accused were the wrong ones

New York Times: All the lies they can fit in print: Their Boston trial coverage demonstrates conclusively that even our nation's newspaper of record is corrupt to the core

The Boston Show Trial: The “bloody confession” of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Not even Leonardo da Vinci could have written uniformly spaced, straight-line text on the curved surface of the inside of a boat

Boston Show Trial: Attorney declares patsy “Guilty!” - In a grotesque miscarriage of justice, she saves the state the impossible task of proving her client did it

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Adam Osmayev- yet another curious Chechen...

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sun, 04/12/2015 - 15:05
Chechens & Chechnya?
For some reason the western narrative concerning Chechens gives me a 'Kurdish' vibe... Complete with a mythologizing that is over the top. And of course always accompanied by calls for respecting their human rights and right to self determination. The NATO nations talk a good talk, but, do nothing of the sort in reality. So, when it comes right down to it, talk of Kurds, like Chechens, and Uighers for that matter needing to have a homeland, the righting of historical wrongs is always, actually about something else entirely

Recall the fierce Chechen that appeared in Syria, leading ISIS out of Iraq, into Syria?
Meet the Rebel Commander in Syria......   Tarkhan Batirashvili, according to analysts—an ethnic Chechen whose warring skills, learned in the U.S.-funded Georgian army..... After high school, he joined the Georgian army and distinguished himself as master of various weaponry and maps, said Mr. Topuria, his former commander, who recruited him into a special reconnaissance group. Mr. Batirashvili was first identified as commander of a group calling itself Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar, or "Army of Emigrants and Helpers."Such an interesting rebel commander.  A Chechen, with skills learned in the US funded Georgian Army.. Recruited into a "special recon group" & participating in an "Army of Emigrants and Helpers"

A pattern that repeats itself in the story of Adam Osmayev 
From a dimly lit room at his base in eastern Ukraine, the commander of a battalion of Chechens fighting Russia-backed rebels looked shaken as TV broadcast news of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov's slaying. Adam Osmayev hailed Nemtsov as a "true hero" both for condemning Russia's war against separatists in Chechnya and for decrying Russian intervention in the current conflict in Ukraine.
"Watch them try to tie Ukraine to this (murder) in some way," Osmayev added.The murder of Nemstov already had one very curious tie to Ukraine via his girlfriend: Anna Duritska.. prostitute and tool of blackmail- The selling of brand "Saint Nemstov" & Western Media Self Censoring

He was half-joking. But two weeks later, Kremlin-friendly Russian newspapers published reports based on unidentified sources in the security services that accused the Ukrainian government and also Osmayev himself of ordering the Feb. 27 murder of Nemtsov in central Moscow in an attempt to destabilize Russia.

Osmayev denies involvement and no evidence has been presented linking him to the hit on Nemtsov, who was a relentless critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Attempts to implicate the British-educated Chechen commander appear to be part of efforts aimed at deflecting attention from anyone close to Putin, including his security services and the powerful leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Within days of Nemtsov's assassination, investigators arrested five Chechens, including a senior officer in Kadyrov's police force, and charged them with carrying out the killing. All five have denied the charges.Let's cut to the chase
The reports pointing to Osmayev, a Kadyrov foe, were seen as part of these efforts to deflect attention.

"State-controlled media have put forward a theory that is politically satisfying for Russia's security forces, the Kremlin, Kadyrov and all of their rival groups - namely, that Chechen Adam Osmayev ordered Nemtsov's murder," political analyst Georgy Bovt wrote in a commentary published in The Moscow Times.Osmayev, 33, has a troubled history with both Kadyrov and Putin.After graduating from Wycliffe College, a prestigious private school in Britain, and attending the University of Buckingham, he returned to his native Chechnya shortly after the second war there ended in 2000. He worked alongside his father, who had been appointed the head of Chechnya's state oil company.*Chechnya at that time was led by Kadyrov's father. *After his assassination (who killed him?) in 2004, power passed to his son, Ramzan, and his relationship with the Osmayevs quickly deteriorated in a dispute over lucrative energy contracts. The Osmayevs fled to Ukraine. Besides energy contracts could the relationship  have deteriorated because the Osmayevs might have been involved in the assassination of Kadyrov's father? It's possible.
In February 2012, Adam Osmayev was arrested at Russia's behest and charged with planning an assassination attempt against Putin. Ukraine at the time had a pro-Kremlin government. Osmayev spent three years in detention until being released in November 2014 by Ukraine's new Western-leaning government.
So Adam Osmayev was incarcerated, after detonating an explosive an an apartment while possibly plotting an assassination attempt against Putin. But, as luck would have it a very compliant western leaning government took charge after the coup and freed the would be assassin of Putin, and possibly the assassin of  Kadyrovs' father- Not hard to see him ordering the assassination of Nemstov is it?
Digression: Osmayev and his accomplice in Odessa
His plot was exposed when he and two accomplices accidentally detonated a bomb inside an apartment block in Odessa, Ukraine.
Prosecutors said the group were training themselves on how to use explosives. One of them was killed in the blast, which also destroyed part of the apartment building.
Pyanzin and his surviving accomplice, Adam Osmayev, a Russian citizen, were injured in the explosion.The Odessa apartment where Pyanzin and his accomplices accidentally detonated a bomb (Reuters)
Shortly after his release(lackeys in Kiev)  he joined a battalion formed by prominent Chechen commander Isa Munayev to fight against Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. When Munayev was killed on Feb. 1, Osmayav took over the command.

His battalion includes several dozen Chechens, many with combat experience gained in the separatist wars in their homeland against Russian army troops. They regularly get calls from Ukrainian army units asking them to carry out reconnaissance missions or diversionary raids behind rebel lines. Reconnaissance missions. Osmayev the Chechen & recon missions.  Tarkhan Batirashvili, Chechen, & reconnaissance missions.
Osmayev said he has few doubts that the perpetrators of Nemtsov's killing have ties to Kadyrov, but that the security services now need a convenient scapegoat whose guilt would be easily acceptable to the Russian general public.Oddly enough in this sentence below- Osmayev more or less acknowledges that  since he is involved in Ukraine, it's not hard to understand why Russian authorities would tie him to the Nemstov murder?
"The fact the FSB is trying to somehow implicate me in Nemtsov's murder is utterly ridiculous," Osmayev said, "but not hard to believe now that I am involved in the situation here in Ukraine."Is he is acknowledging his involvement in the assassination is quite plausible?

VICE doing their propagandist best in promoting Osmayev

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Yemen: Going Massive & Sweeping it all Up. To Paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Fri, 04/10/2015 - 10:31
This post contains about a weeks worth of assorted news items related to Yemen- 
Hence my reference to Donald Rumsfeld statement after 9/11. 
As always, share some information or thoughts on the subject!

Working back from Today:

*UPI: Saudis conduct massive airstrikes on Yemen

The raids were conducted on the Dar Sad and downtown sections of the city.
“The raids, late Thursday, targeted the Dar Sad neighborhood of the port city of Aden regarded as a Houthi stronghold, as well as the city's downtown area and a sports stadium” A downtown neighbourhood?- Still striking civilians- That was clear from the moment the US encouraged bombing runs began

*Independent UK- Britain and America are helping Saudi Arabia push Yemen towards total collapse

America is helping with more then intelligence or the logistics necessary to kill civilians on a massive scale

*U.S. steadily deepening involvement in war in Yemen

-U.S. military officials said Tuesday that the United States has stepped up weapons shipments to the Saudi-led Sunni Muslim coalition

-Additionally, the number of U.S. military personnel assigned to what U.S. officials have called a “joint fusion center” in Saudi Arabia to oversee the air campaign has risen to about a dozen, Warren said.

 -U.S. military assets had been used to rescue two Saudi pilots March 26 from the Gulf of Aden after the engine of their F-15 fighter failed.

- U.S. had agreed to provide refueling services for the coalition’s aircraft, though it had not yet been called on to do so and would not do so over Yemeni territory.
It’s quite clear the US is extremely active, participating in a range of tactics aimed at keeping Saudi Arabia engaged and destroying Yemen, completely.
Could one reason for keeping the Saudis engaged in Yemen, have anything to do with giving Saudi Arabia their own Vietnam?

*WaPo-Yemen conflict’s risk for Saudis: ‘Their Vietnam’

For the Saudi government and its allies, the military operation in Yemen may be turning into a quagmire, analysts say.

“What’s a potential game changer in all of this is not just the displacement of millions of people, but it’s this huge spread of disease, starvation and inaccessibility [of] water, combined with an environment where radical groups are increasingly operating in the open and recruiting,” said Jon B. Alterman, director of the Middle East Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.”The displacement of all these Yemenis, their ensuing misery, disease and starvation will spread into neighbouring countries- Including Saudi Arabia.

And speaking of radical groups operating openly...

*Al-Qaeda in Yemen offers bounty for Houthi leader

 Interesting how Al Qaeda is always taking actions that are useful to US/Israeli interests?
"Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has announced that it is offering 20 kilograms of gold to anyone who kills or captures the leader of Yemen’s Houthi movement, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

The AQAP, in a message posted online Wednesday, offered the bounty worth about $774,000 for the murder or arrest of Saleh and al-Houthi"
Maybe this explains a bit about Libya’s missing gold? Just a thought.

Other Interesting developments?

*Janes-Pakistan will not assist Saudi Arabia:
"The parliament of Pakistan expresses serious concern on the deteriorating security and humanitarian situation in Yemen and its implications for peace and stability of the region," the resolution, passed on 10 April, said. But it added, "Pakistan should maintain neutrality in the Yemen conflict so as to be able to play a proactive diplomatic role to end the crisis."*Turkey and Iran are also talking diplomacy?

What role does the construction of the Iran/ Pakistan Pipeline have to do with these calls for diplomacy?

*Consider the Peace Pipeline also known as  IPI
Iran-Pakistan-India Gas Pipeline (IPI) Location  Iran-Pakistan-India - IR Investment  1,500,000,000 USD Announced  2/15/2002 Completion  12/15/2018 Scope  Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) pipeline project (also called peace pipeline) was aimed at constructing a 1,620-mile (2700 km) pipeline from Iran's South Pars fields in the Persian Gulf to Pakistan's major cities of Karachi and Multan and then further to Delhi, India. Because of Iran is the most geographically convenient supplier of gas to both countries; Iran is offering to cover 60 percent of the construction costs of the pipeline.* Iran Pakistan Pipeline to be completed by 2017

Two interesting news items from the beginning of the week

*WaPo again
The Sanaa Legal Right Center said at least 122 people were held by the rebels, including top members of the Sunni group al-Islah, which is active in Yemen and has ideological ties to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Now that's interesting, no? al-Islah ties to the alleged outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? Yet Egypt is fully participating in this attack on Yemen & al Islah allies with Muslim Brotherhood supports the coalition of the massive killing???
Ali Alfakih, deputy editor of al-Masdar newspaper in Sanaa, said similar raids were reported in other rebel-held areas, but details could not be confirmed.

An Islah leader, Fat’hi Alazab, was taken into custody at a mosque, said his brother, Rajab Mohammed Alazab.

“He was taken just like that, without even being accused of anything,” he said. “It seems that this has to do with the political statement issued by Islah supporting the coalition war.*Bloomberg:

Yemenis dig graves to bury the victims of a reported airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition against Shiite Huthi rebel positions in the village of Bani Matar, 43 miles West of Sanaa, on April 4, 2015
“We have always agreed to the principle of dialogue,” al-Kahoum said in a telephone interview late on Sunday. “But Hadi is completely out of the political scene. His legitimacy won’t be restored by planes or on the back of tanks.”Al-Kahoum, the Houthi official, didn’t rule out accepting renewed UN efforts to mediate and denied the group was imposing conditions by insisting on Hadi’s ouster.“He is the one who resigned. He is finished,” he said.Hadi left. This is a fact. It's not difficult to understand. I've covered it on more then one occasion and cannot believe the careless or willful ignorance being spread in this regard. Hadi stepped down.
The Houthis did not overthrow him.
 “Security forces won’t show any tolerance toward those who act as agents to foreign powers,” al-Kahoum said. Al-Islah’s support of the Saudi-led bombing is a “national treason,” he saidAl Islah, again. Linked with Egypt and the Saudis.
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Ships awaiting rescue in the Thick Ice of Lake Superior, Finally On The Move

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 04/09/2015 - 17:52
No, this is not the Arctic. This is the ice of Lake Superior.

So, the Great Lakes-NOAA

There they are. The land between Erie and Ontario is the place I call home.
And Erie in particular is full of ice, still. (I'll update you all)
When I tell readers I am further south then many American States in the north, I’m not kidding.

But today, we are talking about Lake Superior

From the Janesville Gazette- today

Ships are moving again after U.S. and Canadian crews worked to clear the way through ice on eastern Lake Superior.

Windsor Square

Vessels carrying commodities to and from ports throughout the Great Lakes wait on eastern Lake Superior while U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard ice breakers create tracks for the vessels to continue transiting April 7, 2015.

Last year, 2013/2014 which was also a very frigid, icy, long winter cost jobs & revenue in the shipping industry- Detroit News

The brutal winter of 2013-14 cost the economy more than $700 million and nearly 4,000 jobs, according to the Lake Carriers’ Association.
The winter of 2014/205 is shaping up to be as difficult for the area with, as mentioned a delayed Welland Canal Opening.  And all those freighters trapped in ice. One freighter was damaged.

Eighteen freighters stuck- One damaged by Ice

One ship, the Kaye E. Barker, tried to make some headway but the ice put a hole in her side, meaning she had to dock in Waiska Bay and transfer her cargo to another ship.Stuck in the middle with you: Freighters trapped in ice are shown in this photo on Tuesday near Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior northwest of Sault Ste. Marie, OntarioThe Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley is shown in this aerial photo near Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior. The icebreaker was participating in an effort to free eight freighters from heavy ice

The ice breakers on the scene include the US Coast Guard cutter Alder – the largest US icebreaker, according to the Tribune.

The ships desperately need a path cut through the lake by Canadian and US ice breakers, which have themselves been hampered by the extreme weather conditions
My brother caught sight of the Canadian ice breaker going through the Welland Canal on the opening day- Most likely the same icebreaker pictured above. Crazy cold and ice, still lingering as we continue on with colder then normal temperatures thanks to all that ice

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