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The most pathetic case of backpedaling I have seen in my life

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Tue, 07/22/2014 - 23:20
Check out this story by AP and compare the lame, pathetic and self-evident nonsense of these so-called "intelligence officials" offer with the hard fact based presentation of the Russian Air Force Chief of Staff.

Here is the full article with my comments in blue.
WASHINGTON (AP) — Senior U.S. intelligence officials said Tuesday that Russia was responsible for "creating the conditions" that led to the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, but they offered no evidence of direct Russian government involvement.

The intelligence officials were cautious in their assessment, noting that while the Russians have been arming separatists in eastern Ukraine, the U.S. had no direct evidence that the missile used to shoot down the passenger jet came from Russia.

The officials briefed reporters Tuesday under ground rules that their names not be used in discussing intelligence related to last week's air disaster, which killed 298 people.

The plane was likely shot down by an SA-11 surface-to-air missile fired by Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine, the intelligence officials said, citing intercepts, satellite photos and social media postings by separatists, some of which have been authenticated by U.S. experts.

But the officials said they did not know who fired the missile or whether any Russian operatives were present at the missile launch. They were not certain that the missile crew was trained in Russia, although they described a stepped-up campaign in recent weeks by Russia to arm and train the rebels, which they say has continued even after the downing of the commercial jetliner.

In terms of who fired the missile, "we don't know a name, we don't know a rank and we're not even 100 percent sure of a nationality," one official said, adding at another point, "There is not going to be a Perry Mason moment here."

White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes said the U.S. was still working to determine whether the missile launch had a "direct link" to Russia, including whether there were Russians on the ground during the attack and the degree to which Russians may have trained the separatists to launch such a strike.

"We do think President Putin and the Russian government bears responsibility for the support they provided to these separatists, the arms they provided to these separatists, the training they provided as well and the general unstable environment in eastern Ukraine," Rhodes said in an interview with CNN.

He added that heavy weaponry continues to flow into Ukraine from Russia following the downing of the plane.

The intelligence officials said the most likely explanation for the downing was that the rebels made a mistake. Separatists previously had shot down 12 Ukrainian military airplanes, the officials said.

The officials made clear they were relying in part on social media postings and videos made public in recent days by the Ukrainian government, even though they have not been able to authenticate all of it. For example, they cited a video of a missile launcher said to have been crossing the Russian border after the launch, appearing to be missing a missile.

But later, under questioning, the officials acknowledged they had not yet verified that the video was exactly what it purported to be.

Despite the fuzziness of some details, however, the intelligence officials said the case that the separatists were responsible for shooting down the plane was solid. Other scenarios — such as that the Ukrainian military shot down the plane — are implausible, they said. No Ukrainian surface-to-air missile system was in range. (That is a lie as proven by the Russian satellite imagery and signal intercepts which prove that they Ukies had plenty of batteries freshly brought right next to the combat zone even though the Novorissians had just one Su-25 close air support aircraft in their entire inventory)

From satellites, sensors and other intelligence gathering, officials said, they know where the missile originated — in separatist-held territory — and what its flight path was. But if they possess satellite or other imagery of the missile being fired, they did not release it Tuesday. A graphic they made public depicts their estimation of the missile's flight path with a green line. The jet's flight path was available from air traffic control data.

In the weeks before the plane was shot down, Russia had stepped up its arming and training of the separatists after the Ukrainian government won a string of battlefield victories. The working theory is that the SA-11 missile came from Russia, although the U.S. doesn't have proof of that, the officials said.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power said last week that "because of the technical complexity of the SA-11, it is unlikely that the separatists could effectively operate the system without assistance from knowledgeable personnel. Thus, we cannot rule out technical assistance from Russian personnel in operating the systems," she said.

Asked about evidence, one of the senior U.S. intelligence officials said it was conceivable that Russian paramilitary troops are operating in eastern Ukraine, but that there was no direct link from them to the missile launch.

Asked why civilian airline companies were not warned about a possible threat, the officials said they did not know the rebels possessed SA-11 missiles until after the Malaysian airliner was shot down. (WHAT?  Even I new this, just by reading the reports about the seized Buks, reports which even included photos.  They are really insulting our collective intelligence again!) 
Have you counted the "caveat words"?  I counted fifteen (depending on what you want to include).  Notice that they consider the Ukie missile as "implausible" but that they never explain why this would be implausible.  And they admit relying in part on social media and Ukie government info?  How absolutely utterly pathetic.  I mean - I feel sorry for them.  For any self-respecting intelligence official to admit such things is to commit a seppuku of your professional pride.  It's admitting that you are an amateur and a drooling moron.  And here is the deal - I very much doubt that these men are amateurs or morons.  So, yet again, they were back-stabbed by imbecile politicians like Obama and Power who just are not used to consulting with their own specialist before flapping their lips and nevermind if they make an entire intelligence community look like cretins.

I can barely imaging how much the US intelligence community must *hate* this administration.  Can you imagine what it must be to be a highly experienced US State Department or DIA career officer and listen to how the Russians constantly berate the US government for being "un-professional" and "amateurish" only to then hear that kind of absolute utter nonsense spoken in your name.

Look, in this game I am 100% on Russia's side, but part of me, on a (ex-) professional level if you want,  feels the pain that I am sure many career intelligence officers feel today in the USA and they have my sincere sympathy.  I met enough of them to know that they are not the idiots that this Administration makes them out to be.

But of course the big news here is this: the US fairy tale about Putin the terrorist is falling down in flames.  Yet again the Neocons by their sheer arrogance, hubris and boundless stupidity manged to lie their way into a corner from which there is no exit.  Not that the US had much street-cred anyway, not after Colin Powell's dishwasher powder in a vial at the UNSC.  But, of course, there is bad, very bad, even worse and outright terrible.  But now the US has reached the "terminal" stage.

The AngloZionists sure had this one coming.

The Saker 

PS: in the meantime, check the zoo that the freaks in Kiev made of their "Parliament":

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July 22nd Nigeria SITREP (Boko Haram) by Fulan Nasrullah

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Tue, 07/22/2014 - 22:13
Dear friends,

Today I have the pleasure to announce a new regular feature on this blog, a weekly SITREP about the Boko Haram movement and the conflict in Nigeria which has potential regional consequences.  This weekly SITREP will be written by 'Fulan Nasrullah', an ex-intelligence analyst and private intelligence contractor who is now an Imam of the Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jamaa'ah/Salafiyyah of Sunni Islam and a resident of Northern Nigeria.  No doubt, this will expose us to a very different view of Islam than the mostly Shia view which this blog is (correctly) known to have sympathies with.  As always, Fulan Nasrullah's views are his own and I post them here because I believe that they are interesting, not because I endorse them.

The Saker

First, a short introduction: Who Are Boko Haram?

1. They are not one group but rather several seperate groups who follow the Yusufiyya ideology founded by Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf.

2. The sect was established in 2002 by Sheikh Yusuf a controversial cleric who was Sufi and became Shia and then became traditionalist Sunni before espousing his own ideology that called for boycotting Modern Education schools in Nigeria until such lies and blasphemies such as the theories of evolution are removed from textbooks. He also called for his followers to segregate themselves and establish their own parallel institutions i.e schools, hospitals, courts etc.

3. Military operations ordered against the sect in 2009 based on false intelligence supplied to Nigeria by the CIA, SIS and Mossad, and serious American diplomatic pressure mounted on Nigeria's political leadership at the time. This assault on the hitherto peaceful movement in July 2009, would lead to the deaths of several thousand residents of Maiduguri, many of whom had no relationship to the sect or were Christians, would spark off the current war after Sheikh Yusuf surrendered to the Police and was tortured and killed in custody before his body was thrown out to his supporters gathered outside the Police headquarters in Maiduguri.

4. By 2011 group had split into four factions united in their ideology and their waging of a war against the Nigerian State.

5. Over 5million people affected in the three North-Eastern Nigerian states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, including thousands displaced.

6. Collectively the sect's factions have carried out scores of bomb attacks across the country, on mosques, churches, shopping malls, the National Police headquarters, the UN country headquarters etc. The factions have also carried out jail breaks to free thousands of their fighters and relatives held in prisons across the country.

7. Declared terrorist organizations in 2013 and 2014 by the US with both US and UN sanctions in place. the leaders of some of the factions have bounties on their heads of millions of dollars placed by the US and Nigeria.

Nigeria SITREP (Boko Haram)

Damboa: A Turning Point.


Damboa is a town and local government area (County or Parish to non-Nigerians) roughly 85km (53miles) south of Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State in North-East Nigeria. The local government area (LGA) hosts a population of around 350,00 persons with up to 80,000 in Damboa Town itself.

Damboa Town has a full Army Infantry battalion (Motorized) deployed in it along with up to a hundred police men of the Nigerian Police Force based there too. For two weeks a continuous under-reported battle has been raging with there with the Yusufiyya/Boko Haram groups (Jamaa’atu Ahlis-Sunnah of Sheikh Bukar Al-Barnawi, Jamaa’atu Ahlis-Sunnah of Abubakar Shekau, Ansorul-Muslimiin and Harakatul-Muhajiriin) joining forces and lunching a combined assault involving at least three full infantry battalion-size units (Nigerian standard= 510 per battalion).

Before this assault, the combined Yusufiyya forces had launched their first conventional campaign in April this year that had seen them push the military out of Talasla, Ajigin, Mangozam, Abima, and Kworua, thus cutting off Damboa Town (these villages are all around Damboa Tow) except for the highway northwards to Maiduguri that is still under government control, although extremely risky to use for non-military transports. The assault on Damboa Town was the culmination of this campaign.

The battle for Damboa Town began on 25th June when insurgent forces comprised mostly of Harakatul-Muhajiriin and some Ansorul-Muslimiin fighters, overran a military post 5km outside the town killing 21 soldiers and wounding dozens more. Hours later hundreds of insurgents (this time mostly from Ansorul-Muslimiin with the two Jamaa’atu Ahlis-Sunnah of Sheikh Bukar and Abubakar Shekau supplying a minority of the fighters) in Toyota pickups and utilizing dozens of captured Otokar APCs and BTR-3s would storm the town following intensive shelling from 75mm recoiless rifles and 81mm mortars for an hour or so.

The initial push into town would leave up to 30 soldiers dead including the battalion commander Lt. Col Shonva and the insurgents would press the attack until 5:00AM 26th June when they would break off the attack leaving a further 20 policemen dead in their wake including the local police commander.

Pulling back the insurgents instead concentrated on harassing government forces inside town with sniper and mortar attacks, until the soldiers and policemen began a controlled pullout. On July 7th, they again launched full scale combat operations (with increased troop strength on their part), overrunning the Army barracks after several hours of fighting which culminated in a full scale retreat by the soldiers. some 53 insurgents and 31 soldiers are killed and over a hundred more soldiers are injured, many of them badly. After the retreat of the Army to positions northwards along the highway to Maiduguri, it emerged that the rebels captured the battalion’s armouries almost intact many of which were newly delivered including dozens of APCs, 57.5mm Anti-Aircraft guns, hundreds of GPMGs, over fifty RPG-7 with several hundred rockets, over a hundred anti-tank missiles and some launchers, dozens of towed 75mm and 105mm howitzers with several thousand shells etc.

Following the rout and retreat of the Army and the Police, the defence of the town fell to local civil defence militias aka Civilian Joint Task Forces (CJTFs). Sevral thousand CJTF fighters from Maiduguri and other nearby towns and cities poured into Damboa by 10th July, setting off Phase IV of the fighting.

Airforce jets drop some bombs on 10th and 11th July, but the Airforce High Command soon rules out further operations due to heavy Anti-Aircraft flak from insurgent positions.

Army launches operations to re-enter and retake the town on 11th and 13th July, but the operations are called off after advancing troops are ambushed along Damboa-Biu and Damboa-Maiduguri highways by fighters from Harakatul-Muhajiriin and Ansorul-Muslimiin. At least a dozen troops are killed.

On 16th July, reports surface from Damboa Town that Khalid Al-Barnawi and over three hundred ‘shock troops’ from Harakatul-Muhajiriin have arrived to take charge of rooting the several thousand CJTF fighters in the town. Al-Barnawi is the Amir/Leader of Harakatul-Muhajiriin Wal-Mujahidiin (Movement Of Those Who Have Migrated And Those Who Strive/Struggle) the most capable of all the insurgent forces battling the government collectively named Boko Haram.

On 17th July, combined Boko Haram forces launch offensive combat operations to clear the CJTF forces from their positions in the town. This operations are spearheaded by Harakatul-Muhajiriin’s elite commandos wth Khalid Al-Barnawi said to be the theatre commander.

Fighting rages throughout the whole day and night of 17th July, well into the next morning. Local media reports an unspecified number of people were killed and most of the town’s few remaining residents (many of the civilians had already run away when the campaign began) had fled into the bushes.

CJTF commanders acknowledge that most of the town is under insurgent control (18th July) with the Imam of the town and the local government chairman dying in the fighting, and possibly ‘hundreds’ of their men killed in the last phase of the battle. Most of the town is in ruins. Bodies are still being collected of CJTF personnel (19th July). Military sources confirm the defeat but decline to give casualty figures.

Importance Of This Battle

Attached to this SITREP is a map showing Borno State and its various local government areas (LGAs, counties/parishes for non-Nigerians). Damboa is southwards from Maiduguri and north of Chibok where over 200 girls were abducted two months ago. It runs across the state like a belt from the Cameroun-Nigeria border area (and Lake Chad with the Republic of Chad just across on the other side) to Yobe State where the Jamaa’atu Ahlis-Sunnah factions of Sheikh Bukar and Abubakar Shekau both maintain significant presence. Already with most of Biu, Chibok, Gwoza and Askira-Uba LGAs under insurgent control except for the towns, the fall of Damboa creates a contiguous territory for the rebels which I will henceforth refer to as WarZone South.

WarZone South is ‘liberated’ territory running from the Adamawa Mountains (and insurgent safe havens and bases in Adamawa State and Northern Cameroun), to the southern part of Yobe State (Westwards from Borno).

This is the opposite of WarZone North which runs from the Chadian border at Bama, northwards through Ngala, Monguno, Kukawa and Abadam LGAs of Borno State (see map) across the inter-state boundary into Northern Yobe State.

The capture of Damboa represents a significant escalation and a strategic shift in the war. It is the first time the Boko Haram groups have jointly or individually launched a conventional operation, and also the first time they have come together and it was not to carry out a prison break. It is also the first time they have seized an urban centre and held on to it. This campaign marks a shift from their hit and run attacks to wear down government troops to a new phase of capturing and holding on to territory.

Simultaneously with the campaign to carve out territory in WarZone South, fighters have also been moving their bases in the inaccessible Mandara Mountains and Sambisa Forests and across the border in the Republic of Niger, to push out government forces from the strip of territory I have named WarZone North. I expect a major battle may soon be fought there.

The shift from guerilla operations to conventional warfare has been dramatic. Soldiers who have engaged the insurgents throughout the Damboa campaign and the battle for Damboa Town, have testified that they have employed complex tactics unlike before. They have for the first time taken to the field in regimental-size formations and have displayed remarkable command and control capabilities which the Army (amongst many other things) seems to lack.

The capture of Damboa Town and the clearing out of government forces from WarZone South has effectively cut off Maiduguri from Southern Borno, and with insurgent guerillas very active in Konduga LGA (see map), the capital of the state is gradually getting surrounded.

If Damboa is any indication of things to come, the Boko Haram/Yusufiyya groups are going to launch more combined operations, pushing out outwards from WarZones North and South, clearing rural ares of government troops and isolating them in towns before launching large-scale assaults to push them out of those towns until both WarZones meet in the Maiduguri-Jere axis (see map), thus leaving Maiduguri City surrounded by insurgent positions and rebel-held territory.

While the Army has tried to recapture Damboa, they have found themselves outmaneuvered by the rebels. Despite being overstretched on all fronts and lacking weaponry and equipment (this is due to massive entrenched corruption bleeding the $10billion defence budget dry), the Military’s greatest problem is that strategically speaking they are ten steps behind the insurgents. The rebels dictate the battle pace, and the course of the whole war. The strategic initiative is with them and the Military can only react to their moves. Already the Damboa Campaign has left the government confused on the response to give.
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Opening remarks of Vladimir Putin at the Russian Security Council meeting

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Tue, 07/22/2014 - 21:17
Note: normally the meetings of the Russian Security Council are held behind closed doors.  This time, however, the press was allowed in just to record the beginning of the opening remarks of Vladimir Putin.  Then the press was asked to leave.  Clearly, this is intended as a message to the Russian people.  I have bolded out the part which appear the most important to me.

The Saker
Good afternoon, colleagues.

Today we will consider the fundamental issues of maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of this country. We all understand how many political, ethnic, legal, social, economic and other aspects this topic encompasses.

Sovereignty and territorial integrity are fundamental values, as I have already said. We are referring to the maintenance of the independence and unity of our state, to the reliable protection of our territory, our constitutional system and to the timely neutralization of internal and external threats, of which there are quite a few in the world today. I should make it clear from the start that, obviously, there is no direct military threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of this country. Primarily, the strategic balance of forces in the world guarantees this.

We, on our part, strictly comply with the norms of international law and with our commitments to our partners, and we expect other countries, unions of states and military-political alliances to do the same, while Russia is fortunately not a member of any alliance. This is also a guarantee of our sovereignty.

Any nation that is part of an alliance gives up part of its sovereignty. This does not always meet the national interests of a given country, but this is their sovereign decision. We expect our national legal interests to be respected, while any controversies that always exist, to be resolved only through diplomatic efforts, by means of negotiations. Nobody should interfere in our internal affairs.

However, ever more frequently today we hear of ultimatums and sanctions. The very notion of state sovereignty is being washed out. Undesirable regimes, countries that conduct an independent policy or that simply stand in the way of somebody’s interests get destabilized. Tools used for this purpose are the so-called color revolutions, or, in simple terms – takeovers instigated and financed from the outside.

The focus is of course on internal problems. Any country always has plenty of problems, especially the more unstable states, or states with a complicated regime. Problems do exist, still it is not clear why they should be used to destabilize and break down a country – something we see rather frequently in various parts of the world.

Frequently the forces used here are radical, nationalist, often even neo-fascist, fundamentalist forces, as was the case, unfortunately, in many post-Soviet states, and as is the case with Ukraine now. What we see is practically the same thing.

People came to power through the use of armed force and by unconstitutional means. True, they held elections after the takeover, however, for some strange reason, power ended up again in the hands of those who either funded or carried out this takeover. Meanwhile, without any attempt at negotiations, they are trying to suppress by force that part of the population that does not agree with such a turn of events.

At the same time, they present Russia with an ultimatum: either you let us destroy the part of the population that is ethnically, culturally and historically close to Russia, or we introduce sanctions against you. This is a strange logic, and absolutely unacceptable, of course.

As for the terrible tragedy that occurred in the sky above Donetsk – we would like once again to express our condolences to the families of the victims; it is a terrible tragedy. Russia will do everything within its power to ensure a proper comprehensive and transparent investigation. We are asked to influence the militia in the southeast. As I have said, we will do everything in our power, but this is absolutely insufficient.

Yesterday when the militia forces were handing over the so-called black boxes, the armed forces of Ukraine launched a tank attack at the city of Donetsk. The tanks battled through to the railway station and opened fire at it. International experts who came to investigate the disaster site could not stick their heads out. It was clearly not the militia forces shooting at themselves.

We should finally call on the Kiev authorities to comply with elementary norms of human decency and introduce a cease-fire for at least some short period of time to make the investigation possible. We will of course do everything in our power to make sure the investigation is thorough.

This is exactly why Russia supported the [UN] Security Council Resolution proposed by Australia. We will continue working together with all our partners to ensure a complete and comprehensive investigation. However, if we get back to such scenarios in general, as I have said, they are absolutely unacceptable and counterproductive. They destabilize the existing world order.

Undoubtedly, such methods will not work with Russia. The recipes used regarding weaker states fraught with internal conflict will not work with us. Our people, the citizens of Russia will not let this happen and will never accept this.

However, attempts are clearly being made to destabilize the social and economic situation, to weaken Russia in one way or another or to strike at our weaker spots, and they will continue primarily to make us more agreeable in resolving international issues.

So-called international competition mechanisms are being used as well (this applies to both politics and the economy); for this purpose the special services’ capabilities are used, along with modern information and communication technologies and dependent, puppet non-governmental organizations – so-called soft force mechanisms. This, obviously, is how some countries understand democracy.

We have to give an adequate response to such challenges, and, most importantly, to continue working in a systematic way to resolve the issues that carry a potential risk for the unity of our country and our society.

In the past few years, we have strengthened our state and public institutions, the basics of Russian federalism, and we have made progress in regional development, in resolving economic and social tasks. Our law enforcement agencies and special services have become more efficient in combating terrorism and extremism; we are forming a modern basis of our ethnic policy, adjusting approaches to education; we are constantly combating corruption – all this guarantees our security and sovereignty.

At the same time, we should keep these issues in mind. If necessary, we have to quickly develop and implement additional measures. We need to have a long-term plan of action in these areas, strategic documents and resolutions.

In this regard, I would like to draw attention to several priority challenges.

The first is working consistently to strengthen inter-ethnic harmony, ensure a competent migration policy, and react rigidly to inactions by officials and crimes that may be triggered by inter-ethnic conflicts.

These are challenges for all levels of government, from the federal to the municipal. And, of course, it is extremely important for our civil society to take an active position and react to infringements on human rights and freedoms, helping to prevent radicalism and extremism.

We are particularly relying on civil society for effective help in improving the system of state governance with regard to ethnic policy and educating young people about the spirit of patriotism and responsibility for the fate of their Fatherland, which is particularly important. We discussed this in great detail recently at a meeting of the Council for Inter-ethnic Relations.

By the way, I want to clearly state that - with the help of the civil society – we will never entertain the thought of improving our work in these areas solely by cracking down, so to speak. We will not do that under any circumstances; we will rely on civil society, first and foremost.

Our second important challenge is protecting constitutional order. Constitutional supremacy and economic and legal unity must be ensured throughout all of Russia. Federal standards as defined by the Constitution are inviolable and nobody has the right to break the law and infringe on citizens’ rights.

It is important for all Russians, regardless of where they live, to have equal rights and equal opportunities. This is the foundation for a democratic system. We must rigorously observe these Constitutional principles, and to do this, we must build a clear system of state authority, striving to ensure that all its components function as a united whole, precisely and systemically; this should include increasing local authorities’ role as part of Russia’s overall government mechanism. And naturally, reinforcing the efficacy of the work of the judicial system, the prosecutors, and the regulatory and supervisory authorities should strengthen Russia’s statehood.

The third key challenge is sustainable and balanced economic and social development. At the same time, it is fundamentally important to take into account territorial and regional factors. I mean that we must ensure priority development for strategically important regions, including in the Far East and other areas; we must simultaneously reduce drastic gaps between regions in terms of the economic situation and people’s living standards. All this needs to be taken into account when developing federal and sectorial programmes, improving inter-budgetary relations and building plans to develop infrastructure, selecting locations for new plants and creating modern jobs.

I also feel that we must think about additional steps to decrease the dependence of the national economy and financial system on negative external factors. I am not just referring to instability in global markets, but possible political risks as well.

Fourth, our Armed Forces remain the most important guarantor of our sovereignty and Russia’s territorial integrity. We will react appropriately and proportionately to the approach of NATO’s military infrastructure toward our borders, and we will not fail to notice the expansion of global missile defense systems and increases in the reserves of strategic non-nuclear precision weaponry.

We are often told that the ABM system is a defense system. But that’s not the case. This is an offensive system; it is part of the offensive defense system of the United States on the periphery. Regardless of what our foreign colleagues say, we can clearly see what is actually happening: groups of NATO troops are clearly being reinforced in Eastern European states, including in the Black and Baltic seas. And the scale and intensity of operational and combat training is growing. In this regard, it is imperative to implement all planned measures to strength our nation’s defence capacity fully and on schedule, including, of course, in Crimea and Sevastopol, where essentially we need to fully recreate the military infrastructure.

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July 22nd Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo: A normal day in Iraq

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Tue, 07/22/2014 - 20:55
Quote of the Day, the bringer of Peace, the great hope of the Arabs, the destroyer of WMD, the remover of tyrants, and the liberator of oil, Tony Blair: I spend two-thirds of my time on unpaid work
Thought of the day: Does he mean unpaid or unpunished?

Second Quote of the day, Ban Ki Moon: I saw Hamas rockets hitting Israel! It is very sad!
No more thoughts for today, enough said!

Quote of the day Three, Professor Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan University (courtesy of the Israeli paper, Haaretz): “The only thing that can deter terrorists, like those who kidnapped the children and killed them, is the knowledge that their sister or their mother will be raped.”

22nd July: Daash has employed its female fighters to search women at checkpoints. The primary purpose these women serve is to confiscate valuables from fleeing women (as happened in the case of Christian women fleeing Mosul) and to try and indentify former security personnel from amongst fleeing residents.
22nd July: The Red Crescent is distributing thousands of packets of food aid to the displaced in Diyala
22nd July: Peshmerga forces are trying to get Daash fighters to withdraw from Jalawla, Diayla. Peshmerga forces control the north and centre of the town, while Daash fighters control the southern part that has arab inhabitants. The constant fighting has the local residents scared and the local tribes are asking Daash to leave rather than continue fighting the Peshmergas.
Daash terrorist carry out the death sentence for five residents of Jalawla by taking them to the centre of the town and publicly executing them
22nd July: Mosul is now empty of Christians. Daash rebels have called the azan (Muslim call for prayer) in the seized Mar Afram Syriac Church in Mosul. Loud speakers were installed on the church to make the call.
Muslims are not allowed to pray on or in stolen/snatched property, but then Daash are not Humans, let alone Muslim, Sistani’s Fatwa:
875. The first condition: The place where the prayers are offered should be Mubah. If a person prays on a usurped property, then as an obligatory precaution, his prayers are void, even if he prays on a carpet, or a couch, or similarly objects. However, there is no harm in offering prayers under a usurped roof or a usurped tent.
876. Prayers offered in a property whose use and benefit belongs to someone else, will be void, unless permission is taken from the entitled person. For example, if a house has been rented out, and the owner of the house, or anyone else offers prayers in that house without permission of the tenant, then as a measure of precaution, his prayers are void. And if a person made a will before his death that one-third of his estate should be used for a particular cause, prayers cannot be offered in that property until that one-third has been dispensed with.
22nd July: The Security Council unanimously condemns the persecution of Christians in Iraq
22nd July: The Government of Iraqi Kurdistan has decided to pay its employees in USD, as it does not have enough of Iraqi currency.
22nd July: Lukman Faily, the Iraqi Ambassador to the US, has asked the United States to bomb Daash targets in Iraq and those crossing over from Syria. He has pointed out that the “bureaucratic delay” in delivering Apache attack helicopters and F16 aircraft has raised serious questions in Baghdad. He has also stated that Iraq has so far refused the help that was offered by the Iranians.
Henry Wotton: An ambassador is an honest man sent abroad to lie for his country.
22nd July: Iraqi Kurdistan is facing an acute financial crisis because of suspension of payments by Baghdad in February after a dispute over Federal Budget allocations.
22nd July: The Naqshabandi army has rejected Daash’s levy of Jiziya (religious tax) from the Christians in Mosul. It has gone on to state that it does not believe in divisive policies being carried out by Daash fighters. The order stated that it believes in equal rights for all irrespective of ethnicity or religion.
22nd July: After the Shia and the Christians in Mosul, the Daash terrorists are putting pressure on the Kurds to leave Mosul city.
22nd July: Massoud Barzani rubbishes claims made by Baghdad that he visited Iran to gauge Iranian response/acceptance of an independent Kurdish state. He stated that Kurdistan does not need anyone’s permission.
22nd July: Ahmed al-Shami of the Fallujah Health Office stated that Iraqi Government Air Strikes have killed 19 civilians (mostly women and children) and injured another 38. The government is being blamed for the use of “barrel bombs.”
22nd July: The Iraqi Government has withdrawn its ambassador to Jordan over a “conference” held in Jordan of groups wanting to change/overthrow the government in Iraq.
The Jordanian government claims that it was not officially sponsoring the conference and had no say in the content being discussed or its conclusion.
22nd July: Al Qaida has renewed its allegiance to Mullah Omar in Afghanistan as its Emir. Looks like Caliphs are not welcome.
22nd July: Security Forces in Kirkuk are reporting rescuing a child kidnapped by a “Daash” rebel
22nd July: Security Forces in Kirkuk recover the body of 6 taxi drivers kidnapped and executed by Daash. Three men accused of kidnapping them have been arrested.
22nd July: First photos of the Caliph’s wife:
Not sure if her “level” of Hijab is acceptable to Daash
22nd July: The Imam of a mosque, Abdul Rahman al-Jobouri, is killed by Daash terrorists in eastern Baqouba
22nd July: A shell fired by insurgents in central Baiji kills a man and injures his wife
22nd July: Atta’s/Government claims for the day (Most statements are not being made by Atta any more but by other government spokespersons:
The Air Force claims to have killed 100 Daash/rebel fighters in Salah id Din
The Air Force kills five Daash/rebel fighters in southern Baqouba
Checkpoints of Government forces in Tikrit are attacked by rebels, but the assault is repelled

22nd July: The Syrian army claims to have killed scores of anti regime fighters “terrorist” throughout Syria
22nd July: Resistance news sources are reporting the death of Eftar Terceman, the son of the Israeli army’s south region commander
22nd July: Israel may have to end the war soon: US and European flights to Israel have been closed out of security concerns
22nd July: CNN says that most Americans support Israeli operation in Gaza
22nd July: Israel enjoys a huge base of support amongst Indian net commentators on Facebook and social media, most seem to hold an anti Muslim bias
22nd July: Mehmet Gormez, the Turkey’s Top Cleric calls the DI of Daash “illegitimate”
22nd July: The Israeli army states that the Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hamas is dead
22nd July: The UAE is livid over accusations made by Al Jazeera that UAE ministers met with Israelis to discuss the situation in Gaza. The UAE is asking for an official apology.
22nd July: “Moderate” rebels have been fighting hard to try and expel “Jihadist” fighters from four regions of Damascus. But have lost considerable ground to Islamists in the north of Syria.
22nd July: 2 women are stoned to death in Raqqa, Syria by Daash

Further Reading:
An excellent article by Reuters available on Haaretz (on Dassh’s use of terror tactics)
and Al Arabia
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The US backs off it's false flag! "No direct link to Russia in downing of MH17

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Tue, 07/22/2014 - 17:35
No direct link to Russia in downing of Flight MH17: U.S. officials
 The intelligence officials were cautious in their assessment, noting that while the Russians have been arming separatists in eastern Ukraine,(yet another claim made by the US that has never been proven)  the U.S. had no direct evidence that the missile used to shoot down the passenger jet came from Russia" I am going to ignore all the wild speculation these mouthpieces engaged in and cut to the chase!
In big bold lettering because I want this easily readable to all
"the officials said they did not know who fired the missile" 

"In terms of who fired the missile, "we don't know a name, we don't know a rank and we're not even 100 per cent sure of a nationality" 

 "The officials made clear they were relying in part on social media postings and videos made public in recent days by the Ukrainian government, even though they have not been able to authenticate all of it"
 Have they authenticated any of it?
 For example, they cited a video of a missile launcher said to have been crossing the Russian border after the launch, appearing to be missing a missile. But later, under questioning, the officials acknowledged they had not yet verified that the video was exactly what it purported to be.
 The missile launcher that US intelligence had claimed crossed the Russian border was shown in the video presentation by Russia

If the US is acknowledging they have no evidence of a SAM being fired. The question that begs asking is....
Did the Ukrainian military plane, that was mysteriously flying in the vicinity of MH-17, fire at the passenger plane bringing it down?

*Because what this admission all boils down to is that nothing the US has previously claimed as fact can be verified as truth, fact or even correct!*

And finally, from the linked news article. Last paragraph!

"On Monday, President Barack Obama said (directly quoted)  the Malaysia Airlines plane "was shot down over territory controlled by Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine." He also said Russia has both trained the separatists and "armed them with military equipment and weapons, including anti-aircraft weapons."
Obama LIED.  He LIED.  Many people died for these lies.

I will embed the Russian presentation below. I will also include one from the US representative.

 Russian MOD presentation

US State Department Presentation

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Mark Sleboda vs a typical BBC Presstitute

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Tue, 07/22/2014 - 13:15
Dear Mark,

I want to use this opportunity to send you a sincere big bear of a hug!  Your replies were perfect.  I also want to express here my admiration for your restraint.  We both know that for you and I each death, each person wounded in this ugly war is a wound on our soul, but for that BBC presstitute it's just an opportunity to make yet another snide comments expressing his full contempt and hatred for the people we love.  As Alexander Slozhenitsyn once said about another such arrogant russophobic liar "за это надругательство над всеми погибшими и подавленными — пусть его рассудят Небеса!"

Warmest regards to you and your loved ones,

The Saker
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FBI: Framing Muslims as “terrorists” to justify certain political agendas

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Tue, 07/22/2014 - 11:50
Let's call this type of action exactly what it is. It is state sponsored terrorism, perpetrated by the state against all of it's own citizens! Period!

This 'news' should come as no surprise to anyone who reads here. Or anyone who is at all in tune with reality? As opposed to being a spoon fed media manipulated dupe?

FBI: Framing Muslims as “terrorists” to justify certain political agendas

Not limited to but including these agendas:

1.Depriving all citizens of their innate human rights

2.Traumatizing citizens with state sponsored acts of tyranny the news of such occurences quickly spread  like any other venereal disease via the presstitutes

3. Justifying bloated security budgets

4. Eavesdropping on your private lives

5. Snooping through finances

6. Impeding your right to travel freely

I am sure the readers can think of more rights being trampled because of the terrorism meme.
A study  co-published by Human Rights Watch and the Columbia Law School Human Rights Institute. (I am no fan of HRW- they do the bare minimum necessary to present themselves as a human rights org- So, it was likely a good thing that another group was involved)Illusion of Justice

Illusion of Justice describes a number of prosecutions that implemented “radicalization” during a sting operation. In each of the selected cases below, a government agent or informant identified a young man who expressed a controversial political or religious opinion, and implemented a sting operation based on those opinions. In no case was there an identified nexus to suspected criminal conduct.

In one case in 2009, the subject of an HBO documentary premiering this week, an FBI informant met James Cromitie, a 45 year-old African-American man, outside a mosque in Newburgh, New York. The informant, under the instruction of his FBI handler, probed Cromitie with questions about jihad and his opinions on world politics. Having heard his target’s controversial opinions, the informant continued to push, eventually offering Cromitie $250,000 to participate in a fake attack. After losing his job at Walmart, Cromitie accepted the offer.

In a 2012 case from Chicago, an FBI undercover agent began targeting Adel Daoud in an online chat room shortly after his 18th birthday. He was not a member of a terror cell, or seeking one out. Still, Daoud had questions that he posed online about Islam and jihad. The undercover online agent answered his questions, offering responses that strung Daoud along into a violent plot which he and the agent planned together. Daoud was arrested in front of a bar in downtown Chicago, having attempted to detonate a jeep full of false explosives that he drove downtown. The FBI provided Daoud with the jeep, fake explosives, and driving directions.

And in a 2004 case in New York City, a government informant targeted Matin Siraj, a Muslim teen with documented mental health problems. The informant, who met Siraj through his regular surveillance of a Bay Ridge mosque and bookstore, began by speaking with the young man about politics, and eventually showed Siraj pictures of abuse at Abu Ghraib. “There were articles and photos of children mangled or decapitated or burnt alive,” Siraj wrote to me. Over the course of a year, the informant developed a fatherly relationship with Siraj, as they developed a plot together to attack the 34th Street Herald Square subway station. Siraj never agreed to finally execute the plot, defaulting to a lookout position. He told the informant, “I have to, you know, ask my mom’s permission.”US: Terrorism Prosecutions Often An IllusionAnd here-  Government agents 'directly involved' in most high-profile US terror plots.
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What Makes Strelkov Feel "Melancholy" - Military-Political Situation Report, July 20, 2014

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Tue, 07/22/2014 - 06:26
Note: this article is dated July 20th because it took 2 days to translate it. I think that this is a *must read* for all those who wonder about the nature of the ugle behind-the-scenes infighting between various Russian groups about the future of Novorussia. A huge "thank you!!!" to all those who helped translate this most interesting text.

The Saker
What Makes Strelkov Feel "Melancholy" - Military-Political Situation Report, July 20, 2014 

by Boris Rozhin aka "Colonel Cassad" 

Some genuinely do not understand why, for some time now, along with his usual military briefings, Strelkov has been making fairly pessimistic statements. In reality, the reasons here are fairly transparent.
The Change in the Russian Political Line

In May-June, when the political line that changed in April (the question of military intervention was taken off the agenda on April 24) progressively started to influence the operational-tactical situation on Donbass, the hostilities also gradually gained momentum, leading to a scenario in which an irregular militia was forced to fight against a regular army. At the stage when the seizure of power in Donetsk, Lugansk and Slavyansk occurred, this scenario was not initially planned for – everyone was betting on the recognition by the Russian Federation and the intervention by the Russian army.

After the commencement of hostilities and the change in the political line, the agenda became dominated by the question of tacit assistance. So you can understand it from Strelkov’s example, all he had during the three months of fighting in Slavyansk was 2-2.5 thousand men (wielding light arms and heavy machine guns, automatic grenade launchers, ATGMs (many of them non-functional), a few MANPADS, and so on), only 3 tanks, as well as an IS-3 monument taken off the pedestal, several BMPs and BMDs, 4 or 5 Nonas, and several 12.7mm and 23mm calibre antiaircraft guns. This is about the size of one column from the Voyentorg “military supplies store” that the Junta now records almost daily.

That is about all that Strelkov received sitting in Slavyansk for 3 months, and the meager size of this aid was apparent from the amount of equipment that was taken out of Slavyansk at the end and by the very modest trophies that the Junta was able to demonstrate [after taking Slavyansk] (1 BMD, a batch of inoperative ATGMs, a few automatic rifles, and several mortar shells). That is about all that kept Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Nikolayevka, Semyonovka, Krasniy Liman, and other settlements from falling into the hands of the enemy, despite the manpower ratio of 1 to 3.5-4.5 in favour of the Ukrainian army. In other words, it must be understood that, from the standpoint of weaponry, aid was coming in, but in the amounts entirely insufficient to fight an enemy grouping totaling up to 10-12 thousand men, even without taking into account the tanks, the artillery and the air force.
Strelkov's Appeals for Assistance That is why, with the development of hostilities and the outpacing rate of the enemy’s concentration of its forces, Strelkov started openly to make complaints, the general sense of which could be boiled down to the message that the aid was insufficient. Nevertheless, the curators of Russian policies in Donbass (and this was, first and foremost, Surkov, who was given partial reigns of control over Russian policies in Donbass, while, at the same time, Volodin was pushed to the side) fairly calmly contemplated how the Junta slowly, but surely enveloped Slavyansk, closing the ring of the operational encirclement.

Equally as calmly, they contemplated the enclave in Soledar (which has been defended by the Junta spetsnaz forces – 150-200 men – since the beginning of March), where over 1 million units of light arms were kept, making their way into the hands of the Militia for money (the trade started approximately at the end of April – beginning of May, when the sides of the conflict were noted massively to be armed with old weaponry). In fact, Strelkov himself wrote in the spring that they were forced to buy weapons from the Junta officers.

Also, over the 3 months period, no intelligible assault was organized on the tank base in Artymovosk, despite the fact that even pessimistic estimates suggested that there were 20-25 battle-worthy tanks, without even taking account the possibility of repairing other more-or-less preserved units at the expense of the non-functional ones. Over the months, no one bothered to take the base, let alone create a group to de-blockade Slavyansk by conducting strikes against the columns of the Junta enveloping the city, which would have enabled the Militia to continue to retain Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and so forth.

Despite the fact that Slavyansk was being encircled and was, finally, encircled, no one in Donetsk moved a muscle to assist. Sheer heresy was started to be written about Strelkov’s briefings, to wit “if Strelkov is melancholic, success is not far behind,” even though, looking at his briefings now, they objectively reflected the worsening situation near Slavyansk. The reasons why Strelkov was ignored are fairly obvious – while he fought in Slavyansk, negotiations between Surkov’s people and Akhmetov’s people were being conducted through Donetsk. Moreover, in the city itself, a conspiracy to surrender the city to the Junta was developing. You can read about the political underpinnings of these processes here, where they are covered in greater details: Colonel Cassad LiveJournal.
Strelkov's Breakout from Slavyansk and Its Significance

On July 2nd, the battles for Nikolayevka commenced, leading to the loss of control over the last significant highway that enabled supplies to flow to Slavayansk. Strelkov grew more “melancholic,” as it became obvious that Slavyansk, along with him and the garrison, were written off, and that no one was going to come to their aid. On July 2nd-3rd, when street battles still persisted in the surrounded Nikolayevka, where Motorola’s unit continued their heroic resistance (even despite the betrayal of two field commanders who stripped the irflank of defences), a decision to break out of the encirclement was adopted in Slavyansk; it must be understood that this decision had both a military and a political component – Strelkov was warned from Moscow that a surrender of Donetsk was being prepared.

In the night of July 4th-5th, the Militia effected a successful breakout, sustaining only minimal casualties. In doing this, Strelkov thwarted the secret negotiations being conducted between Surkov’s people and the people of Akhmetov and Kolomoiskiy (through Kurginyan’s people). The gist of these negotiations was an attempt by near-Kremlin circles to coordinate with the Ukrainian oligarchs the question of a “large Transnistria,” to be fashioned out of the Lugansk and the Donetsk Republics, at the head of which would have been Oleg Tsaryov, with a part of the financing flows feeding the South-East being locked on him.

In these contacts were implicated the mayor of Donetsk, Lukjanchenko (who has since fled to Kiev), the speaker of the Novorossiya Parliament, Pushilin (since dismissed from his position of his own volition), DPR minister of State Security, Khodakovskiy (since dismissed from his position as a minister, with Batallion Vostok having been transformed into a brigade and operationally subordinated to Strelkov’s staff), and police general Pozhidayev (the local command of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was purged almost immediately after the arrival of Strelkov’s brigade in Donetsk). All these people were, in one way or another, connected to Akhmetov. Antjufeev was sent to cleanse the upper echelons of DPR, following which a series of dismissals took place.

The Secret Collusion is Thwarted and the Hostilities Explode

As soon as Strelkov’s retreat from Slavyansk scuttled the secret negotiations, hostilities across the entire front sharply activated – Ukrainian oligarchs, who were contact with Moscow, immediately became the targets of a mass media campaign. Following contacts between Kolomoiskiy’s deputy, Korban, and a person from Kurginyan’s circles, the campaign against Kolomoiskiy in the Ukrainian mass media took on wide-scale proportions, including even traditional SBU [Ukrainian Security Service] leaks, such as the discussion about the preparation of a harassment campaign against Lyashko, the goal of which was to turn the Nazi radicals against one of their sponsors.

At the same time, open declarations by Kolomoiskiy, Filatov and Korban that time had come to confiscate Akhmetov’s property were no longer finding support in the mass media. The Junta mass media en masse defended Akhmetov, who had already given up Mariupol to the Junta and was preparing the groundwork for Donetsk to be surrendered. After the negotiations were thwarted, the Junta completely ceased to have any scruples about destroying cities and the infrastructure (there was no longer any chance that they could be obtained without battle through a collusion with the curators of Kurginyan and co.), as control over Donbass could only be established in a military manner.

Immediately following this, almost right away, the Militia gained access to a fairly significant number of tanks, BMPs, artillery (D-30 howitzers and Govzdika self-propelled artillery systems), and MLRS. To make the point clear, in one week the Militia obtained more heavy armour and military equipment than over the entire preceding three months. This immediately led to operational successes – the “Southern Cauldron” was formed, and the Junta offensive that began on July 1st, became bogged down on all directions by July 13th-14th. It is quite obvious that if the aid that has been provided in July had come in May, in the same quantities, then the battles would have now been taking place somewhere in the vicinity of Izyum, rather than near Donetsk.
Insufficient Piecemeal Military Assistance

At the same time, even despite the ongoing material and technical assistance, which was provided, and continues to be provided, the Junta’s rates of accumulating manpower and military equipment are still higher (without even taking into account the material, technical and organizational assistance from the United States and from NATO). That is why, due to the overall numerical superiority in manpower and military equipment, the Junta regrouped and continued its offensive despite the defeat, attacking the weaker sections of the front (the Militia simply has insufficient manpower and military equipment to defend everything equally well).

For clarity – Strelkov broke through to Donetsk from Slavyansk with 1 tank, 3 Nonas and several BMDs/BMPs. To his aid came 4 tanks, 3 Gvozdika self-propelled artillery units and several BTRs/BMPs; somewhat earlier a few Grad MLRS turned up near Donetsk. All this equipment is spread over the wide front that stretches from Snezhnoye, through Donetsk, to Gorlovka, and, from there, to Mozogovoi’s zone of responsibility. Whatever Strelkov could spare for Mozgovoi, he has sent off to him. At this time, his military equipment is tied up in the battles for Marinovka (DPR) and the airport, while also ensuring the defence of Donetsk and Gorlovka. He just does not have sufficient forces for anything more.

In fact, his continuing pessimistic statements arise from an objective assessment of the real balance of forces at the front. Fantasies of the “a bullet is dumb, but a bayonet is true” and “so what if the enemy has a lot of tanks and aircraft, we will break them with our fighting spirit and prayers” kind naturally can have no effect on the difficult operational situation. And that is why Strelkov’s “melancholy” is essentially a way to convey through the public (where he enjoys widespread support) to the government that he needs more weaponry and military equipment. It is understood that requests like this are also passed on through closed channels – in a more objective and less emotional manner. But this is just one aspect of the problem.

The Political Dimensions of Strelkov's "Melancholy"

The second aspect of Strelkov “melancholic” statements is a political one. The failure of the defeatists’ faction in the conspiracy to surrender Donetsk did not at all lead to their elimination. It is not difficult to glean from the continuing informational campaign against Strelkov that his presence in Donetsk obviously inhibits the plans of the collusion with the oligarchs and the Junta with respect to the future of Novorossiya.

Strelkov wants to continue fighting and to advance on Kiev, but to do this he requires men and arms, which he receives in insufficient quantities. And because this idea enjoy widespread public support, it is not possible to conduct open negotiations about the future of the “larger Transnistria” with the Junta and the oligarchs. In essence, Strelkov is not allowing to die the idea of the “larger Novorossiya” – an idea which Surkov and co. already wrote off, for the most part, in the spring.

In other words, Strelkov is a political hindrance in the way of the attempts to effect a political exchange of Ukraine for DPR and LPR. And that is why he will continue to be blamed for all mortal sins (today, the provocateur Kurginyan, in Dorenko’s best style, gave birth to the idea that Strelkov allegedly wanted to shoot down Putin, and, if we follow his reasoning, ended up hitting the Boeing), so as to clear the scene for a future collusion with the Nazi Junta about the future of DPR and LPR.

At the same time, military aid to DPR will be apportioned so as to keep the resistance from collapsing entirely (the version of complete abandonment of DPR and LPR appears to the Kremlin to be too burdensome), while simultaneously trying to chop off the assistance channels organized by the public – resources of informational support for DPR and LPR are being blocked, accounts are being closed, including through collusion between Russian banks and SBU and its curators. Junta’s provocation with the Boeing has already been picked up by the Russian faction of defeatists, who are, in effect, playing into the hands of the Junta propaganda machine by floating suppositions that Strelkov and the Militia stand behind the downing of the aircraft.
The Attack on DPR - from Without and from Within

In other words, the attack on DPR is, essentially, two-fold – on the one hand, there is the United States, its satellites and the Junta, and, on the other hand, the Russian comprador-defeatists and their mass media servants, such as Kurginyan. The floating of the idea about Putin, whom Strelkov allegedly attempted to kill, is necessary to create the conditions for someone in the highest echelones to give the go-ahead for the cessation of support to Strelkov. In other words, the necessary picture is being painted for the highest leadership of the Russian Federation, equally as much as for the public.

The gist of the operation is the following: (1) discredit Strelkov in the mass media (start taking note of those who participate in this campaign – by considering this wave you will be able easily to determine which of the talking heads are tied to Surkov and those who are preparing the groundwork for collusion with the Nazi Junta – they are the ones who constitute the mass media infrastructure of the real fifth column, and not the liberal buffoons who are usually represented as such); and (2) prepare the groundwork for his replacement.

If to implement this plan it would require the surrender of Mozgovoi or a part of the territory around Donetsk, this possibility cannot be excluded because it was exactly in this manner that, very recently, they tried to prepare the groundwork for the “heroic death of Strelkov in Slavyangrad.” The “heroic death of Mozgovoi in Lisichansk” might become a very convenient opportunity to continue attacks on Strelkov, who, they would argue, was unable to support him – with all of his 4 tanks.

Their ideal option is to subordinate the military command of DPR to Surkov and Co., so as to preclude any independence, and then to start negotiations with the Junta. While Strelkov, and such field commander as Mozgovoi, are alive, these plans have plainly stalled, and the defeatists are forced to spend time and political capital on Strelkov’s elimination. For Strelkov, the attack is obvious, and that is why, same as he did before, he continues to communicate to the society and the government, through public means, the simple idea that it will be impossible to backstab him that easily (i.e. that he will not go gentle into that good night [Note: original – he will not go silently to be sacrificed]) and that to win this war real aid is required, therebu appealing to the “war faction”, which provides real (rather than token PR) deliveries of aid and which is interested in spreading the insurrection beyond the boundaries of Donbass.

The Fork in the Road Demands Decisive Action

Understandably, he is not a lone wolf and that there are structures in Moscow that support him – otherwise, he would long ago have been buried somewhere near Slavyansk. And the generalized essence of all this fuss in Moscow consists in the fact that the options proposed by Strelkov are simple and clear, and Strelkov formulates them pessimistically – either the war is conducted more actively on the territory of Ukraine, or a capitulation and the transfer of the hostilities onto the territory of the Russian Federation will follow. And over the backdrop of the “all is lost, all has been given up”-style hysterics, this evaluation indicates a realistic fork in the road, which has been obvious since May.

Strelkov does not say “all is lost” – he says that the trend is unfavourable. And the development of the situation continues to confirm his conclusions. The defeatists’ faction, which increased its influence following the decision in April not to intervene militarily, is still trying to occupy two diverging chairs of war and capitulation, in the hopes of achieving an agreement with the Nazi Junta (which Strelkov is preventing) and the Ukrainian oligarchs. They hope, in the end, to secure an outcome that can be represented over the backdrop of the declarations made in February-March 2014 as something other than a complete surrender.

In this scenario, Strelkov, whatever his own views may be, has long ago become a symbol for those who wish to continue the fight either for the entirety of Ukraine or at least for a part of it. Strelkov’s opponents, on the other hand, have long ago written off Ukraine and are now attempting to find a way to escape this situation, so as not to cause unrest in Russia proper, even if, over the long term, the surrender of Ukraine will have the most catastrophic consequences for Russia itself.

And while this confrontation continues, Strelkov will continue to feel “melancholic” and “sad” until the moment when the choice between the two obviously unpleasant decisions is made. Or until the moment of his death, when both unpleasant decisions will be realized at once.

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July 22nd combat SITREP by Juan

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Tue, 07/22/2014 - 03:55
1. Donetsk, Lugansk and surrounding towns and villages being bombarded ceaselessly by Uke forces using every weapon in their possession, Grad, Hurricane, Tornado and Smerch MLRS and arty up to 20.3 cm.

2. In last 4 days over 300 civilians in the aforementioned areas have been killed and a like number and more wounded. Civilian and industrial areas completely devoid of any Army of Novorossiya facilities and troops are targeted as is infrastructure such as gas, water and electric services.

3. Shoot down of MH17 has focused all world eyes on the aircraft. The Ukes are using this to unleash an assault on the civilians of Novorossiya with unprecedented savagery. Entire MLRS volleys are being fired in to cities, towns and villages away from the prying eyes of the press.

4. The Cauldron has not been reduced. Although the remaining two battalions of airborne and armor troops have been decimated and have lost most of their equipment and transport both are still dangerous.

5. The Ukes are pressing Army of Novorossiya very strong. There has been a noticeable change of tactics in some areas of fighting by the Ukes, obviously a change of command or advisors.

6. Heavy fighting around both Lugansk and Donetsk Aerodromes. Neither side seems to have an advantage.

7. Situation in and around Slavyansk and Kramatorsk is grave. Little food and water, some electric in certain areas. Many roads blocked by Uke block posts. Military age men and some women are still being arrested.

8. The fate of the Militsiya detachments from Slavyansk and Kramatorsk arrested after Strelkov withdrew are still unknown. No information or contact to any of their families since 05 July afternoon.

9. Travel by private vehicle in areas of Novorossiya from the Kherson Oblast/Novorossiya border is dangerous. In the countryside at some small road intersections there are one, two or three civilian cars and trucks with the occupants shot dead.

10. At one intersection of two country dirt roads two cars are shot. Lying beside one of the cars are three local villagers, one man and two women, obviously shot to death while trying to either help the wounded occupants of a car or trying to remove the bodies. Locals are terrified and rarely leave their villages. Crops are untended.

11. One small natsgardia/right sector unit of 8 was ambushed in Kherson/Novorossiya Border area by unknown assailants and their bodies left neatly arranged along the forest path, weapons and equipment removed by unknown personnel. Near the ambush sight a young woman was found dead. She had been outraged and murdered.

12. Civilian travel in east and southern areas of Kherson Oblast can be dangerous. In the areas north of the Krimea/Kherson Oblast border numerous patrols of natsgarda/right sector.

13. Vehicles and the few trains coming to Krimea from Kherson Oblast are searched for valuables and most of the military age men detained and taken 'to the office'. They either pay a large bribe to be allowed to continue to Krimea or are press ganged in to Uke service and sent to the fronts.

14. The refugee situation in Krimea is difficult. No one is left without succor that need it. As in reports from Cassad and Strelkov there are many entire families of refugees fleeing to Krimea, arriving in cars and vans packed with personal belongings, food and drink, vehicles often with the tell tale 'special' license number arrangements. Russia tells all they will be moved to other oblasti in Russia. Many of this category of refugees demand to be housed 'near the beaches', demand refugee status and demand services.

15. 35000 refugees are in Krimea alone, over 300000 refugees have fled to Rostov Oblast and many moved to other oblasti. It is estimated that a like number of refugees are staying with family and friends in Russian Federation. Another 50000 have fled west to Ukeland.

16. In the area around the MH17 crash scene the Ukes are using the local truce for the crash investigation to move and gather units for an assault designed to split Donetsk from Lugansk. OSCE and foreign press on sight fail to see armored columns gathering in the general area.

17. Novorossiya is being hard pressed. The Ukes are using their overwhelming numbers of armor, arty and MLRS to 'mob' the Army of Novorossiya. Opinion is the situation is in balance and could tip either way, victory for Novorossiya or total defeat.
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Why I removed the post about RT's DDoS

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Tue, 07/22/2014 - 03:49
Dear friends, 
I decided to remove the post about the DDoS attack on RT because while the outage appears to be real, the claim from AntiLeaks I mentioned was old. Since the post was written with that claim assumed to be current there was no way to only correct the post. 
I will keep you posted if I find out more details about what happened yesterday. 
My apologies for the screw-up. 
The Saker 
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Russia Today under DDoS attack from pro-US government group

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Mon, 07/21/2014 - 21:09
As some of you have noticed Russia Today is under a massive Distributed Denial of Service attack, a basic form of network attack which consists of flooding a server with too many requests.  It is called 'distributed' because the attack appears to originate from many locations simultaneously.

The group behind the attack is called AntiLeaks.  It was made famous when it attacked the Wikileaks website in an attempt to prevent it from spreading the truth.  I think that in these difficult times RT should take it as a badge of honor to have been seen worthy of such an attack.  Clearly, Uncle Sam - for whom AntiLeaks obviously works - is as frightened  by the information made available by RT, especially about the MH17 tragedy, as he was of the information made available by Wikileaks.  AntiLeaks, by the way, proudly claims on Twitter that it is behind this latest attack.  See for yourself and click here.

To be honest, after a long and very depressing day, this news put a smile on my face as it reminded me of how much our enemy fears our most formidable weapon - the truth.

I sincerely congratulate all the folks at Russia Today for the honor which AntiLeaks has thus bestowed upon them.  At a time when the world media has totally prostituted itself to the AngloZionist Empire, to be DDoSed by Uncle Sam's AntiLeaks is a far greater honor than a Pulitzer!

The Saker
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"It Stops Today!"

freedominourtime - Mon, 07/21/2014 - 19:38

“Every time you see me, you want to mess with me! I’m tired of it! It stops today!”
Eric Garner, a peaceful and productive citizen, had suffered years of pointless and unnecessary harassment by the costumed predators employed by the NYPD. He told one of them to leave him alone. Such impudence by a mere Mundane cannot be tolerated, so Garner was murdered in the street in full public view.
Several plainclothes officers were prowling Garner’s Staten Island neighborhood on the afternoon of July 17 seeking to harvest revenue by catching harmless people in the act of committing petty infractions. Police Commissioner William Bratton describes this as “stamping out petty offenses as a way of heading off larger ones.” in practice, this means authorizing police to commit actual crimes in their efforts to turn harmless people into “offenders.”

When a fight erupted in Garner’s neighborhood, the plainclothes officers – who have no enforceable duty to protect persons or property – didn’t intervene. Garner did, according to witnesses, breaking up the fight and restoring peaceful order. This made Garner conspicuous to the officers whose uselessness he had just demonstrated. 
The 43-year-old father of six and grandfather of two had been arrested on dozens of occasions and had court dates scheduled later this year for charges of marijuana possession and selling untaxed cigarettes. Even if one assumes – and one shouldn’t -- that either of those charges involved an actual crime, on the day he was killed Garner had done nothing whatsoever to justify being interrogated by the police, let alone arrested.

The first fatal mistake Garner made was to act as a peacemaker. The second was to assert his self-ownership in the face of someone employed by the contemporary equivalent of a slave patrol. Within minutes, five police officers attacked him, one of them slipping behind him to apply an illegal chokehold. Garner died of cardiac arrest after being swarmed and suffocated in front of numerous horrified witnesses, one of whom captured the entire event – from first confrontation to homicide – on camera. 
Those who visit the fetidand disreputable social media neighborhoods where police congregate anonymously and express themselves candidly will quickly learn that Garner has only himself to blame. He was an overweight, combative black man who didn’t know his proper place, which was at the feet of his betters, meekly accepting the shackles and submitting to whatever indignities they deemed appropriate. 
“Anytime a person says `I’m tired of it, it stops today,’ that will almost always end with the use of force,” insisted one contributor to an LEO-exclusive forum. “He made that decision, not the police. The Police must effect the arrest and rise above any resistance” – including verbal resistance to unwarranted harassment by the police, which as Garner’s death illustrates can be treated as a capital offense. 
Elsewhere police and their apologists – both paid and uncompensated – are caviling about the nature of the restraint used by Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who attacked the victim’s throat. Because the victim reportedlydidn’t suffer significant damage to his throat and trachea, the illegal restraint wasn’t a “true” chokehold, or so the apologists insist. Under NYPD guidelines in place since 1993, this isn’t relevant: The policy explicitly and categorically forbids the use of any restraint involving pressure against the neck or throat. 
Lead assailant Daniel Pantaleo. Furthermore, since 2011, thousands of New York residents have been arrested and convicted under a law that makes any aggressive contact resulting in “obstruction of breathing or blood circulation”a criminal offense – a felonywhen that act results in the victim suffering “stupor, loss of consciousness, impairment and/or physical or serious physical injury….”
 If that statute were applied equitably, as it almost certainly will not be, Pantaleo and his accomplices would be prosecuted for murder.
Atrocities of this kind happen every day across the soyuz, many of them generated by the decades-long derangement known as the war on drugs. The murder of Eric Garner demonstrates that even if drugs were “legalized,” police would still find ways to kill innocent people while collecting the state’s cut of drug proceeds: Remember, the officers who harassed, surrounded, and eventually killed Garner accused him of selling “untaxed” cigarettes.
Three days before the NYPD murdered Eric Garner, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that his Cigarette Strike Force had “seized nearly $1.7 million in cash and contraband” during its first six months of operation. Directed by the state Tax Department, the strike force is a public works project for the coercive sector, encompassing twelve federal and local law enforcement bodies.
Through the task force, participating agencies, from the Department of Homeland Security to the NYPD’s 120th Precinct – the on-duty home to Eric Garner’s murderers – have access to “crime-related intelligence” to help them collaborate in the supposedly vital task of dismantling “major cigarette trafficking organizations.”
None of this has even the remotest connection to the protection of persons and property. This is law enforcement pared down to its detestable essentials -- state-licensed aggressors dispatched to harass, detain, and kill people purely for the purpose of revenue collection. “All these agencies realize those among us who sell illegal cigarettes are a threat to government tax revenue,” belched New York State Commissar for Taxation Thomas H. Mattox, describing cigarette sales conducted without giving a cut to the political class as “economic crimes that fill the pockets of criminals.”
The expression “economic crimes” is a Soviet-grade collectivist coinage, and Comrade Cuomo channeled the hell-dwelling spirit of Feliks Dzherzhinsky in expressing his determination to punish those who participate in black market cigarette sales.
“Cigarette smugglers should be on notice – our administration will not stand for [sic] those who break the law and steal from taxpayers,” decreed Cuomo, determined to protect his regime’s exclusive privilege of stealing from the productive public. “New York has zero tolerance for this illegal activity, and those who further it will be brought to justice.”
Or, as the killing of Eric Garner demonstrated, those suspected of violating the “zero tolerance” standard by occasionally selling loose cigarettes will be hounded beyond forbearance and then slaughtered in the streets.

Tobacco, like marijuana, is a substance with mood-altering properties. Unlike marijuana, tobacco is legal; another distinction is that tobacco, unlike marijuana, has no known beneficial uses. Apart from a handful of very small jurisdictions, sale and consumption of tobacco have never been prohibited. Instead, the parasite class has expanded efforts to impose “sin taxes” on tobacco: By some estimates, taxes account for more than half the retail price of the typical carton of cigarettes.
Over the past five years, as revenue-hungry governments have ruthlessly increased cigarette taxes, the black market has expanded in similar – and predictable -- fashion. Not surprisingly, New York, where taxes are confiscatory, has the highest “inbound cigarette smuggling rate” in the country, according to the Tax Foundation.
Two hundred and forty-six years ago, revenue agents in Boston impounded a large cargo ship christened Liberty that contained a bounty of untaxed goods. The owner of that vessel was a notorious scofflaw and extremist who had been cheating the government by withholding its cut of his commerce. 
The officials responsible for this seizure acted out of the smug assurance that the “decent” majority would support this righteous assertion of authority. They were wrong. Rather than rallying to the cause of law and order, the population turned against its government, assaulting officers and attacking their facilities. 

Acting on the principle that law enforcement “must rise above resistance,” authorities escalated their efforts to restore order, eventually sending in the military. This led to a massacre that triggered a revolution in which that same supposedly reprehensible smuggler, John Hancock, would play a significant role
Eric Garner’s exasperated proclamation “It stops today!” is cognate with “Don’t tread on me,” and his murder by an army of occupation immeasurably more vicious and corrupt than the Redcoats could precipitate a long-overdue rebellion against the omnivorous elite that army serves. This is why no effort will be spared to redirect outrage over this atrocity into racial collectivist channels, were it will serve the interest of people who encourage ordinary Americans to look with suspicion and hostility at each other, rather than directing such attention at those who presume to rule the rest of us. 
 Obiter dicta 
Last week I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jeff Deist, President of the Mises Institute, on the subject of "Police State Keynesianism":
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Dum spiro, pugno!

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MH-17 changed course over Poland- Why? How could MH370 have been lost?

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Mon, 07/21/2014 - 17:42
A couple of images that really got me wondering?
And another question that is really bugging me?
It looks to me the course change that sent MH-17 over a war zone took place in Poland?
Why? We know Poland is embedded with NATO...
Had this course change not taken place in Poland. MH17 would not have been in position for a take down
So, what took place over Poland that would cause MH-17 to change course

First image BBC

Second image

It's very, very, very clear that MH-17 changed course in Poland. Why?

Does NATO have something to do with this?
BRUSSELS, July 18. /ITAR-TASS/. A total of two jets of the Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) were on combat duty in the airspace over Romania and Poland Thursday at the moment the Boeing 777 jet of the Malaysian Airlines crashed in highly controversial circumstances in eastern Ukraine, a NATO source told ITAR-TASS.
One last question. And it's a big one! 

If the US can present such a specific narrative to the international audience concerning MH17, why, oh why can they not tell us all what happened to MH37/0?How could they have completely lost that MH37/0?
 I mean completely? No satellite. No nothing.That is just NOT copasetic.

Unless....  the US wanted to lose MH37?

One last item- Call it mass manipulation via main stream media

"Russia airs conspiracy theories over downed airline"

If it wasn't such a pathetic headline, it might be funny? Or not. But, really it's just pathetic.
Since all we have had is one state sanctioned 'conspiracy theory' from the moment this plane came down.
Originating in Kiev and bolstered by the US to serve their mutual political agenda

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From Gaza to Donetsk

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Mon, 07/21/2014 - 16:47
I spent most of the day recovering from my latest flu (feeling better today, thanks) and watching the latest news.  And I noticed that the footage coming out of Gaza and Novorussia was almost identical. RT just showed some families bathing in a lake near Donetsk who had to run for their lives because the Ukrainian Nazis decided to launch an artillery strike on the lake (go figure).  Then the next report was about kids murdered by the Israeli Nazis while they were playing on the beach.  The more I think about it, the more similarities I see between these conflicts.  Oh sure, Russia and Palestine are different, but the similarity I see is not between the victims, but between the methods and motives of the perpetrators.  The kind of random, stupid, useless and yet systematic murder of civilians in which the Nazis are engaged in Gaza and Donetsk is exactly the same one.  And Emperor Obama regularly takes to the air to tell us that the perpetrators are only defending themselves.  Another similitude is the "crime" committed by the victims: all they want is to be left in peace to live on their own land as they wish.

What is being murdered day after day after day in Gaza and Novorussia is not just children or civilians.  It's decency, honor, freedom, dignity, truth, memory, kindness, compassion and beauty.  They could not murder the Creator, so they take out their revenge on His creatures.  What is being murdered today in Gaza and Novorussia is, I sincerely believe, simply humanity. 

The Saker

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July 21st Iraq SITREP: Bloody Monday

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Mon, 07/21/2014 - 14:50
Quote of the day, Bhadrakumar on the Malaysian Plane Tragedy: The alacrity with which Obama scrambled to take early lead in the propaganda war over Moscow on Ukraine almost makes it appear he was expecting such a horrendous tragedy to happen
Thought of the day: Pity Sherlock Holmes did not have a case called the “dog that barked before the crime”

20th July: Government air strikes on Daash held Hawija have killed 10 civilians. Women and children are amongst the dead.
20th July: The Shia militia Asa’ib Ahl al Haq has seized 22 men (most likely Sunni) near Baqouba in Diyala on suspicion of being rebels. Their fate remains unknown.
21st July: Daash terrorist attack and seize the Mar Behman Monastery near the Christian town of Qaraqosh, south east of Mosul. The terrorist forced the monks to leave the monastery wearing only their robes. The monastery dates back to the 4th Century and is a pilgrimage site. The monks are now safe with the Kurds but the relics at the monastery might be destroyed by Daash terrorist who refused the monks to carry any of them.
21st July: Three mortar rounds fired by insurgents fall within 60 meters of the Imam Al Askari (as) Shrine in Samarra.
21st July: Australian authorities have identified the Australian national suicide bomber who targeted a mosque in Baghdad on Thursday the 17th, as 18 year old Abu Bakr. The Australians are concerned as over 150 Australians are fighting in Iraq and Syria
21st July: Turf war between Daash and Naqshabandi order heats up: Abu Hisham a Palestinian “Mufti” of Daash is killed by unidentified gunmen in Saadia, Diyala.
Fighting between Daash and Ansar al Sunnah break out in Saadia over who will pay allegiance to whom (so many Caliphs these days, dime/Rolex a dozen). Six men from Ansar al Sunnah are killed and five from Daash. Daash is believed to have instigated the clashes after executing a leader within Ansar al Sunnah.
21st July: Daash uses explosives to demolish six houses belonging to security personnel in Metaibij, Diyala.
21st July: Tribal fighters in Sinjar, Nineveh have fought and taken control of the town from Daash rebels
21st July: Some sort of understanding has been reached between Baghdad and the Kurdish authorities in control of the Kirkuk oil fields. It allows the Kurds to pump 25000 barrels/day that had been secretly agreed upon by the federal government and Kurdish ones over a year ago. The provincial government was not informed of this arrangement. The understanding also calls for the repatriation of Kudish, Arab, and Turkoman workers to the oil fields.
21st July: Khanaqin in Diyala is preparing make shift camps to accommodate more than 4000 families displaced by Daash’s advance. The local authorities are complaining of very little assistance coming from the government in Baghdad. Muqdadiyah has another 800 refugees to look after.
21st July: Daash continues to harass and attack government troops on the border of Kirkuk, Salah id Din and Diyala. Daash fighters attack troops in Muqdadiyah from the northern towns of Nofal and Twakul in order to relieve pressure being applied to militants in Al Atheem.
21st July: Fighting between Peshmerga forces and Daash/rebel fighters in Jalawla, Diyala is continuing. Peshmerga fighters engage rebels in the centre of the town and kill eight after a 5 hour long gun battle.
21st July: Daash has released photographs of its troops performing drills in Mosul All are wearing Khaki long shirts and are marching in step. Child soldiers are also seen armed and in training.
21st July: Kamel Ameen, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Human Rights urges the government in Baghdad to open channels with rebel groups affiliated with Daash in order to negotiate terms or develop a mutual front against Daash. He says that the conflict should not be seen purely in military terms.
21st July: Maysan in eastern Iraq sets up a camp for displaced Iraqis with 1000 tents with water and electricity. The refugees are from all over, even from Fallujah and not just minorities.
21st July: Hoshyar Abdullah, Kurdish MP of the Change Bloc calls the exodus of Christians a “Humanitarian Disaster” for Iraq.
21st July: Tragedy strikes a family in Dili Abbas village in Diyala. Mortar shells fired by insurgents kills three and injure four members of their family.
21st July: Daash rebels attack and kill Emad al-Ubaidi, a Sahawa (Awakening) leader in Diyala and injure his bodyguards
21st July: Five car bombs are defused in Baghdad, thank God.
21st July: An explosion in a shelter used by Daash/rebel fighters causes the building to collapse and kills 12 of them. The building located in Jurf al-Sakhar, Babel was filled with explosives and it is not yet clear what purpose it was serving.
21st July: Louis Raphael Sacco, the Patriarch of the Catholic calls the Daash rebels as worse than Genghis Khan and his grandson Hulagu Khan (Don’t agree on the Mongols being bad at all). The Patriarch also expressed surprise that in an age of atheist somebody (Daash) is persecuting Christians, Shiites or Sunnis, and Yezdis for having faith.
Pope Francis referred to the actions of Daash as “a persecution of Christians in the cradle of their faith.”
Ban Ki Moon refers to the exodus of Christians as a crime against humanity.
21st July: Never a bad idea to be high in Baghdad: Police in Baghdad bust a smugglers ring importing pills from Lebanon into Iraq. The arrests were made in Diwaniyah to the south of Baghdad, with 30000 pills being seized.
21st July: The Bani Sa’ad tribe in Thi-Qar province has formed a brigade to fight Daash led rebels in Diyala. The tribe has done so following the call made by Sistani.
21st July: Atta’s/Government claims for the day:
Government airstrikes in Anbar destroy 7 vehicles and kill 50 rebels, rebels have also been targeted in Salah id Din and Nineveh provinces.
59 Daash/rebel fighters are killed in government air strikes in Fallujah
The Iraqi air force has carried out air strikes in and around Mosul and Tal Afar killing 47 Daash/rebel fighters
12 vehicles belonging to Daash/rebels are destroyed and rebels killed in Mosul in government air strikes
Security forces kill 5 Daash/rebel fighters and destroy their vehicle in al Khasfa, Anbar. The fighters were carrying a large amount of weapons and ammunition.

Related News:
18th July: The Israeli Army crosses the border with Syria in Sheba Farms and detains goats belonging to a shepherd when it is unable to locate the shepherd
21st July: The spread of Takfir: Militants in Libya behead a Filipino worker for not being a “Takfiri” Muslim
21st July: Israel strikes at a hospital and uses phosphorus rounds on civilians in Gaza
21st July: Syria’s FM, Al Muallim, thanks the friends of Syria to help it fight “terrorists” with special thanks to Russia nad its people
21st July: Nasrallah tells Khalid Meshaal of Hamas “Hezbollah and the Lebanese resistance stand firmly on the side of the Intifada and the Palestinian people's resistance, and support Hamas’ strategy and the just conditions it has set to end the conflict.”
Nasrallah is to address a rally on Friday in support of Palestinians on Al Qods day
21st July: Protestors in Belfast refer to the BBC as the “British Bullshit Corporation” in frustration of the news agencies biased coverage of the atrocities being committed in Gaza
21st June: The UN reports that Iran has eliminated its stock of 20% plus Enriched Uranium in compliance with an agreement linked to the nuclear negotiations
21st July: President Assad of Syria has not yet appointed Farouq Sharaa to any post within his government. Seventy two year old Sharaa was a regime loyalist who was reported to be critical of the regime crackdown on armed rebels. He was a Sunni politician from Daraa.

Further reading:
Bhadrakumar criticizes the Indian government on its cowardly stance on Gaza. He has linked the massacre in Gaza to the Jallianwallah Bagh massacre in Punjab:
An excellent piece by Bhadrakumar:
Bhadrakumar at his best “The US president Barack Obama has earned the dubious legacy of destroying three sovereign countries so far during his term in office”:
Taking on the MSM:
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The Russian military finally speaks!

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Mon, 07/21/2014 - 10:22
Finally!  The Russian military has decided to speak out about some of what it knows about what happened to MH17.  It was a typical Russian event: the interpreters were nothing short of *terrible* (I speak as a former military interpreter myself), the visual aids were badly designed (the shape of a SU-24 bomber was used to represent a totally different SU-25 close air support aircraft), and there was no Q&A.  See for yourself:

Still, a few very interesting things came out of this press conference.

First, the Ukies have been caught lying about their military aircraft in the area of the disaster.  They had claimed that no UAF aircraft were in the area.  The Russians have shown the recorded radar tracks which reveal the following: there was what appears to have been a military aircraft (with no transponder) flying below 5000m which suddenly began climbing just before MH17 was hit by some kind of missile.  This unidentified aircraft then stayed and observed as MH17 fell to the ground.  The Russians added that a SU-25 armed with a R-60 air to air missile could have shot down MH17.  Maybe.  But what is certain is that the civilian radars did detected this strange Ukie aircraft.

Now, these radar tracks are from *civilian* radars.  The Russians apparently are not willing to share the data from their military radars.  This is why this mysterious Ukie aircraft 'appears' at 5'000m altitude and then 'disappears' again, but you can be certain that their military radars, especially on their A-50 AWACs did track that aircraft before and after its strange maneuver.  Again, I think that the Russians hope that the experts will come to the correct conclusions on the basis of what they have shown today and that they will not have to reveal more.  But we can be certain that they have the full picture and that they know exactly what happened.

Second, the Russians are challenging their American colleagues to show the images they claim show the launch of the BukM1 rocket.  They also point out at the interesting coincidence that an US experimental launch detection satellite was exactly over the area at the moment of the tragedy.  Clearly, they are tossing the world experts some kind of lead here, but I am not sure what this is.

Third, the Russians have shown their own space-based imagery which shows that one battery of BukM1 had been moved just prior to the incident (See for yourself here).  It will be interesting to see if the Ukies explain what is shown on these picture and, if yes, how?

As a public information this conference gets a C+ but as a lead for experts I would give it a much higher A-.  We know have hard proof that the Ukies lied at least twice.  They lied about the footage of the Buk missiles being moved back to Russia (the footage was taken in Ukie-occupied territory) and they most definitely lied when they denied having any military aircraft in the area when in reality they had one in the immediate proximity of MH17.  That is a huge lie which the Ukies will have a very hard time dismissing.

As I said in my first post about MH17, I have no hope whatsoever that the western plutocracy will ever admit that the junta did it.  Ditto for the corporate presstitues of the MSM, but I do hope that the world will see this tragedy for what is clearly was: a deliberate false flag on the part of the Nazi junta in Kiev.  As David Chandler correctly points out about 9/11, the proof of a cover up is in itself already a proof of a conspiracy.

The Saker
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Gazan to Netanyahu- Thanks monster, my life is ruined. MH17 spin/sanctions/BRICS bank

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Mon, 07/21/2014 - 08:04
No, post title is not a real headline. It's fictional. Like most mainstream media content 
But, it could be very real? When applied to Mr Putin, of course

This is a rambling post.... 
You may not think so, but, all these subject are intertwined
Gaza, MH17, Sanctions, BRICS, spin and perception management so let's get started

Seen this news today?

In a grief-stricken open letter that went viral after being posted on social media sites, he signed off as "Hans de Borst – whose life is ruined".

In my opinion. And this may be controversial. No grief stricken father or mother would post such a letter on social media. I couldn't imagine it. From the perspective of a parent. Grieving, being so intensely personal.

At a time of grief, there is nothing more important to anyone then having real humans, in the flesh, close to you. Speaking from personal experience. It is the embracing of loved ones- the reconnection with memories- long forgotten or recent, the sharing of experiences, which makes the loss both more poignant and yet gives us more to cherish.

If this is a legit letter, which I doubt, then humanity is more f'd up then I could ever have imagined.


Couldn't help but notice today the death toll thanks to Israeli brutality has reached 509 dead Gazans- Mostly women and children. As Israel targets civilians.

Israel intensifies Gaza assault, death toll hits 509

509 dead in Gaza- 
Following the deadliest day in Gaza in more than five years. in which at least 140 Palestinians were killed, medics pulled another 45 bodies from the rubble early Monday, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said.
And 15 more Palestinians were killed in a series of strikes across Gaza, one of which hit a house in the southern city of Rafah, killing seven children and two adults, Qudra said.- No headlines screaming "Netanyahu bring me my children back"?
 - No, bereaved father writing an open letter on social media saying to Netanyahu "Many thanks, monster, my life is ruined" No social media letter, going viral, conveniently promoting, the very agenda of demonization that NATO media has been pushing for quite some time now. How curious? How coincidental?
The very same NATO media  that practices & publishes endless excuse making for and by Israel.
509 dead Palestinian civilians are apparently unworthy when compared to a false flag operation that resulted in the deaths of an indeterminate number of victims.  

We know who killed the Palestinians, with certainty. Israeli's military and it's leadership. And we know the civilians were targeted employing maximum brutality while Israel enjoys the impunity of the international community and the mainstream media 
 Impunity means "exemption from punishment or loss or escape from fines".[1] In the international law of human rights, it refers to the failure to bring perpetrators of human rights violations to justice and, as such, itself constitutes a denial of the victims' right to justice and redress. While MH17 is little more then an exercise in state sanctioned conspiracy theory spun through a media that is incessantly pushing a war agenda!


Has anyone noticed that the body tally recovered is vastly shy of the total claimed deceased?

I see figures of 192 bodies being recovered.- Quite a bit shy of the total claimed to be on the plane.
Which was reported at 295. 
 Digression- In a previous post, in the comment section, we were discussing the prevalence of the number 7 in this incident. Immediate casualty total 295.  2+9+5=16.  1+6= 7

So, we are about 100 bodies shy of the original count. Perhaps they won't recover every body? Or be able to account for everyone on board?  But, I would expect the difference to be much less then 100 plus bodies.
Of course more time is needed for recovery..... so hopefully the gap will be filled.
But still......
 MH-17 Cui Bono?

Recall last week I mentioned that the US took a go it alone attitude towards sanctions when the EU declined to follow the dictates of  US foreign policy:

Wednesday July 16/14 - The Big Cheese stands alone- US expands sanctions against Russia- Unilaterally A post that included the information about the BRICS forming an alternative to the US dominated banking system 
This move comes hot on the heels of this BRICS bank being set up

- Leaders of the BRICS emerging market nations launched a $100 billion development bank and a currency reserve pool on Tuesday in their first concrete step toward reshaping the Western-dominated international financial system. What a difference a downed airliner makes?
Europe's wake up call?!  MH-17: Obama gains on Putin?
 "We are trying to encourage our European friends to realise this is a wake-up call," Mr Kerry said on Fox News Sunday, invoking a phrase used last week by Mr Obama. A wake up call from who? Who wanted Europe to enact harsher sanctions?

Britain and other European countries must not view the crisis through the "prism" of their national interests, the Deputy Prime Minister says
If these nations should not view the 'crisis' through the 'prism' of their national interests, exactly whose 'prism' should they be viewing the crisis through? The US prism? Because it was the US that has and is pushing the EU into a sanctions regime these nations cannot afford to undertake.
And what crisis is being referenced. Of course MH-17.

 The chancellor said Russia’s disregard for international borders and role in downing flight MH17 poses a risk to the economy that makes sanctions a necessary price to stop him. There is zero proof to date that Russia had anything to do with the downing of this flight. None. Zero. Zilch.

And still the biggest beneficiary of the downing of MH-17 is US, Israel, NATO.
Cui Bono? I ask, who benefits?!


The marked disparity between the five economies in terms of economic structure, political institutions, and even demographic profiles poses significant constraints for the launch of the [development bank]. However, the fact that these differences have been overcome suggests this is a case in which foreign policy interests trump economics. It is worth noting that the creation of the bank takes place in a context of growing global political confrontation between China, Russia, and the United States, and the reluctance of Japan and the US to dilute their leading roles in existing supranational bodies.The Brics development bank can release Africa from World Bank tyrannyThe bank will rival the US- and European-led World Bank and its private lending affiliate, the International Finance Corporation, which have dominated development finance since the second world war. The Brics bank is positioned as a financial institution that will provide developing countries with alternative funding minus the punishing strings attached to World Bank lending, which strip recipient countries of the power to make their own policies.Hmmmmm..... can't have that?!
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Just a thought, not even a hypothesis

THE VINEYARD OF THE SAKER - Mon, 07/21/2014 - 07:46
A number of bloggers and media outlets have suggested that maybe the Ukies had tried to down President Putin's Il-96-300PU which externally looks like a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777.  I am frankly dubious.  Yes, the junta in Kiev is evil and crazy, but not suicidal and such an attack is an act of war which would trigger an absolutely devastating retaliation from Russia.  Besides, even though their liveries look similar, the Il-96-300PU is a four engine aircraft whereas the Boeing 777 has two engines.  See for yourself:

President Putin's Il-96-300PU

Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200ER

Liveries don't make much of a difference on radar anyway, but engines are a very strong radar signal reflector.

A far more likely hypothesis would be that the Ukies wanted to shoot down just any Russian civilian airliner not necessarily Putin's.  Shooting down a Russian airliner would be consistent with the pattern of systematic provocation which the junta has been engaged in since months already and which included the kidnapping and beating up of Russian journalists, the assault of the Russian embassy in Kiev, the regular artillery strikes across the border and even one instance of a Ukie Air Force Su-25 straying into Russian air space.  It so happens that Russia does operate a number of Boeing 777-300ER every similar to the Malaysian one.

Aeroflot Boeing 777-300ER

I am personally inclined to think that this was no error and that the Ukies knew exactly what aircraft they were shooting down.  But if we assume a case of mistaken identity, then I say that their real target was not Putin's presidential l-96-300PU which, according to the FSO has not overflown the Ukraine in a very long time anyway, but a Russian civilian airliner like the Aeroflot Boeing shown above.

There is also the very real possibility that MH17 was not shot by a BukM1 at all, but by a Ukrainian SU-27, at least this is what the pattern of damage on the debris seems to be showing.  Of course, we will have to wait to see if this information is correct.  The Russian military has declared that Russian signal intelligence had detected the radar associated with a BukM1 operating in the "track" mode right at the time when the Malaysian Boeing was hit.  Is that compatible with the notion of a Ukie interceptor shooting down MH17?  Yes, absolutely, in fact, it would have to be part of the plan.  Think of it - the Resistance has no fighters or interceptors, only one single Su-25 close air support aircraft.  But it does seem to have at least some BukM1s (though whether they are operational or not is unknown).  If the Ukies did use a Su-27 to shoot down MH17 it would make sense for them to switch on the engagement radar of the BukM1 just to be able to point the finger to a BukM1 battery as the source of the attack.

Right now I have the feeling that the Russians are hoping for the international community and the various investigating teams to come to the correct conclusions without any Russian input.  I am not at all sure that this is the right approach, but then I have been frustrated to tears with the Kremlin's communication policy for a long time already.  Just listen to Putin's latest statement about MH17:

I don't know about you, but to me Putin looks nervous and even sick.   Does he not act as if he was guilty or afraid of being caught?  I know, I know, there is zero chance of Russia being guilty of this crime, but to many, especially in the West, appearances matter more than facts and this latest appearance is, in my opinion, a total disaster.

I always "marvel" at how incompetent Russians are in public communications and how they systematically fail to appreciate how important appearances can be.  In contrast, the USA, which Chris Hedges correctly calls the Empire of Illusion, has a superb appreciation for the importance of the superficial and uses it against its enemies with devastating effectiveness.

In conclusion of these musings, I will like to repeat here: the tragedy of MH17 is being used by the Kiev junta not only to conceal its recent defeats, but to also conceal the murderous attacks against civilians all across the frontlines.  Right now, as the world discusses the fate of MH17 the Ukies have open fire with barrages of heavy artillery on Luganks and Donetsk and in every town and village and they are murdering scores of civilians in an apparent retaliation for their recent setbacks.  This is the big story, not MH17.  This is why I want to suggest to you all that we wait until some hard facts come out about what really happened, and that we refrain from discussions ad nauseam of every hypothesis or rumor.  Since what I posted above is exactly that, then let's keep the topic of MH17 to the comments section below and let us keep the other posts MH17-free at least until we have some hard facts to discuss, okay?

I wish you all a great week, kind regards,

The Saker
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Rockets From Gaza? Human Shields? Tunnels? Again?

bigdanblogger - Sun, 07/20/2014 - 19:43

(above, REALLY LOOK at how tiny Gaza is, and how tiny it is compared to Israel and the entire Middle East...the TINY little black box in the upper-left of the map really brings it home to you how small Gaza is about 6 miles across in some spots)

Practically the entire world's 99% (not governments or the 1%) are against the Israeli's brutal attack against the Palestinians in Gaza. Their reason, though, is different than mine. They are against one of the top 5 nuclear powers using their full force against civilians, women, children...but begin with accepting the "news" stories that "Islamic militants" are firing THOUSANDS of rockets at Israel. I go back a step further and question whether there's even THOUSANDS of rockets being fired at Israel from Gaza "Islamic militants".

Here's what doesn't pass the smell test for me: Gaza is very tiny and controlled by Israel to the extent that the civilians there are having trouble "smuggling" in food and medicine. Therefore, I don't believe that somehow "Islamic militants" are smuggling in THOUSANDS of rockets (or building them, whichever you prefer) right under the noses of the occupying Israelis.

Every time Israel pummels Gaza, over my entire lifetime, I hear the same old stories rolled out by the "news" and governments: "ROCKETS FROM GAZA" and "HUMAN SHIELDS". Over and over again. In fact, this time I predicted these same old/same old stories would be rolled out once again, even though it started with the "3 Israeli Teens Killed" by Hamas (although there is no proof of it), which, by the way, I also do not believe. Isn't it funny how the Israeli teens story, which began as 2 Israeli teens and an American, suddenly disappeared and the "ROCKETS FROM GAZA" & "HUMAN SHIELDS" playbook was once again brought out? They can't resist this old formula.

Oh, and don't forget, the "TUNNELS" stories will soon come out. There's TUNNELS everywhere in Gaza where they're smuggling in THOUSANDS OF ROCKETS...but nothing else: not food, not medicine, just rockets. Soon the "TUNNELS" stories will come out, too.

And finally, here's the biggest thing that doesn't pass the smell test: THOUSAND OF "ROCKETS FROM GAZA" killed...wait for it...wait for it...ONE ISRAELI!!! Are you seriously going to believe THOUSANDS of rockets killed ONE person? Gimme a break, please!

So, even though I have common ground with 99% of regular people around the world and condemn Israel for killing children and civilians in Gaza, I take one big step back and question the "ROCKETS FROM GAZA" "news" stories to begin with.

The last time they used this old formula "ROCKETS FROM GAZA", I also wrote about it:

Sunday, November 18, 2012 - Questions About "Rockets From Gaza" - Big Dan's Big Blog

Do you believe there's "Islamic militants" smuggling in THOUSANDS of rockets into this small strip called Gaza, for decades, even though Gaza is an open-air prison? The only way I would believe this is if Israel either knows about it and lets rockets, but nothing else, be smuggled in or is actually supplying the "militants" with the rockets or if the "militants" either work for Israel or are Israeli operatives or, lastly, it isn't even happening. Don't forget, if you believe any stories in the "news" you have blind belief in liars, and there's no difference between that and religion. The "news" is your religion, if you constantly believe known liars with no evidence. You rely on FAITH, 100% FAITH in these NEWS LIARS and government liars.

Gaza medical officials: Four children killed by Israeli Navy shelling

1 in 5 of Gaza dead are children

Israel Invades Gaza: At Least 248 Killed. Seven More Children Slain in Latest Salvo

Israeli Massacre in Gaza City kills at least 66

Photos Show Tariq Abu Khdeir's Family Home Ransacked By Israeli Police

Israelis openly rejoice at the death of Palestinians in Gaza

Gaza: *VERY GRAPHIC* Dozens of civilians killed in fresh attacks on Gaza

Israel using flechette shells in Gaza. Palestinian human rights group accuses Israel military of using shells that spray out thousands of tiny and potentially lethal darts

Expel Palestinians, populate Gaza with Jews, says Knesset deputy speaker

But now we have an honest Israeli Jew, Miko Peled, the son of a Zionist General, telling the Real Truth about Israel and the ravages of unchecked Zionism.

Are those firing "ROCKETS FROM GAZA", if you even believe it to begin with:
  •  HAMAS ?

I've seen those accused of firing rockets described as all 3 of the above. Which is it? Or is it all 3? Or none of the above, just total BULLSHIT?

Hamas, whom Israel claims are the "Islamic militants, is a creation of Israel. Did you know that? Is the "news" telling you that? Who controls the "news"?

If Hamas is a creation of Israel, isn't it what they call an "inside job" if the thing they created is the excuse for attacking Gaza?

Hamas is a Creation of Mossad

U.S. CONGRESS: ISRAELI-OCCUPIED TERRITORY - US House Unanimously Passes Resolution Supporting Israeli Attack on Gaza. The US House of Representatives voted unanimously to support a non-binding resolution to reaffirm full U.S. support for Israel’s “defense of its citizens” and condemning Palestinian “unprovoked rocket fire”. The resolution made no mention of the nearly 2,000 tons of bombs that had been dropped by Israel on Gaza at the time it was passed

3 Congressmen Call for Release of Secret 9/11 Documents After Reading Them

Five Dancing Israelis - Our Purpose Was To Document The Event

Israel did 9/11 - ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD

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Inhumane Humans

kennysideshow - Sun, 07/20/2014 - 18:39
You take my water
Burn my olive trees
Destroy my house
Take my job
Steal my land
Imprison my father
Kill my mother
Bomb my country
Starve us all
Humiliate us all
I am to blame: I shot a rocket back.


My question to a few here lately is "why are there so many humans who are so inhumane?" No one seems to have the answer and can only speculate, sometimes wildly. There are reasons though. Perhaps so deep that most of us are afraid to entertain certain thoughts of the why?

What can we do?

The Art of Peace

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