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The Undoing of The European Union Over The South Stream Pipeline

The empire of the International Bankers is falling apart and for the same reason all empires fall; hubris, military over-reach, the cynical dismissal of the interests its citizens and the all delusions that accompany psychopathy.

Psychopathy is antithetical to humanity. We have a natural preference for co-operation but the psychopaths have a natural preference for domination and exploitation. Ordinary people 'co-operate' with this domination till the pain gets too great and the reality of the long term cost becomes clear. The International Bankers who dominate the US, also dominate European countries through the European Union and are in the process of sacrificing the various EU countries for the benefit of the bankers' power base which is centered in London, New York and Washington.

Russia is bringing about the demise of the $US as the world's trading currency by simply withdrawing from using it in its trade with the world (h/t Nicholas). This is taking away the power of the bankers who have instituted the IMF economic regimes that have led directly to poverty, falling living standards and many deaths in Europe (and elsewhere around our globe). These same bankers, by the way, caused the deaths of millions of Russians during the 1990's reign of the Oligarchs through Yeltsin who all fronted for these same bankers.

Putin is well aware of this and will be wanting to ensure there is no re-run of that time for Russia. Putin has identified Russia's perennial enemy and it is not the US per se or even British and certainly not the Europeans. It isn't even the thugs running rampant around Ukraine right now. They are just murderous dispensable patsies of the bankers who will shrivel up as a force and blow away after the money stream dries up. This is a struggle for life between the Russians and the bankers. The Russians were happy for the bankers to fade away slowly and quietly in time but that is not the way of psychopaths facing the demise of their power and their plans for the domination of the whole world.

Deconstructing Russophobia

The following is lifted in its entirety from Catherine Brown's blog at catherinebrown.org

The recommendation and link to this excellent piece of writing was provided to me by the ever-vigilant McJ. Many thanks, McJ!

Catherine Brown does what her title for the article indicates. She very successfully deconstructs the tidal wave of Russophobia sweeping the world at the moment and shows it to be illogical and hypocritical. Brown punctures many of the myths surrounding modern Russia including Putin's reputed wealth and Pussy Riot's supposed martydom.

Brown has witnessed the steady improvement of the lot of the Russians during Putin's leadership. This would not have happened if Putin was the corrupt oligarch that he is portrayed as. If he was, Russia would look like Ukraine now. Ukraine's state of economic collapse is the legacy of oligarchy; as was Russia's before Putin.

Catherine Brown's personal history with Russia goes back to the nineties when she first lived there. She has visited and lived there on and off over the following decades. So, like Sharon Tennison's earlier essay, her's is a personal first hand account and very valuable for that same reason.

Towards the end of the article, we learn of Brown's estimate for the reasons for this Russophobia.

"Cuyu bono? What are the most obvious motivations for fostering Russophobia?

In brief: Russia’s foreign policy does not follow that of the West. Western armaments manufacturers have an interest in stoking a new Cold War, because the War against Terror has not filled the gap in arms sales – especially of nuclear weapons – left by the end of the Cold War. And NATO desperately needs a raison d’être."

There are other valid reasons too, in my view, and I will get to them in time. Meanwhile this is an excellent view of the panorama of hostility shown towards Russia and Russians and systematically exposes it for the duplicity it is.

Deconstructing Russophobia
by Catherine Brown

"US Empire Collapsing: over-stretched, over-militarized"

This is the title of a short video clip taken from a longer RT show called "Worlds Apart". This episode features peace studies academic and researcher Dr Jan Oberg.


The full show (29 mins) can be seen below. From the RT video channel-

"Swedish and Finnish leaders have reinvigorated a push for their traditionally non-aligned countries to join NATO, in the face of what they say is a Russian threat. But does Russia really pose a threat to European security, or has it become a convenient scapegoat for growing militarism in Europe? How can Russia and the western world end the conflict in Ukraine, and rebuild peace by peace? Oksana is joined by the founder of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, Dr Jan Oberg, to examine these issues."


NATO 'Falling Forward' On The Sword That Is Ukraine

NATO is Destroying Itself

It is often said that while Russia plays chess, the US plays checkers. In checkers, or English Draughts, the players cannot move backwards. All pieces must move forwards (diagonally – zigzagging) and cannot move backwards until they reach the opponents end of the board. And so it is with the psychopaths running NATO, the British and US governments and the people behind them all; the bankers.

We have today what amounts to a declaration of war from Petro Poroshenko in his Inauguration Speech. After leading Vladimir Putin to believe he was interested in negotiating (i.e. moving backwards or, at least, standing still), he turned around and announced it would be 'forward into the Valley of Death'. Business as usual, in other words, for the psychopaths.

This is not unexpected because it is, indeed, business as usual. The bankers have been pushing this 'forward only' strategy since forever. There is one exception, some might say, to this; Syria. But it is not really an exception at all.

The US Game of 'Sanctions & Isolation' in the Hall of Mirrors

A few days ago, Pepe Escobar published a scathing piece at RT on Obama's $1b splash over Europe. I'll quote from it extensively-

. . . . “Stupid s**t though, doesn’t even begin to describe Obama’s first act after announcing the doctrine last week at West Point. For those who don’t get the message, one picture is enough to tell the whole story; Obama and the Polish president in front of an F-16 exhibition at a military airport near Warsaw.

(Straighten up and fly right, grunts) Ed.

Stupid s**t also irretrievably takes a backseat to serious s**t during Obama’s current European tour. We just need to examine what’s in store at the selected pit stops.
First is Warsaw – whose nervous poodle, US vassal government is absolutely hysterical over an imminent Russian “threat.” Then it’s the G7 in Brussels – the “ex-G8,” from which Russia was expelled by the self-proclaimed “great powers.” One of the items in the agenda is the possibility of slapping even more sanctions over Moscow’s “threat” to the Ukraine.
And then there are the ceremonies over the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings. It was the Soviet Union that essentially defeated Nazi Germany; the “West” only finished the job. Stalin’s generals should have easily entered Berlin; they didn’t because Stalin was afraid of ruffling Allied feathers at Yalta (and then the whole post-war scenario would have been a completely different story).
Check it out: the whole, fascinating process becomes quite visible by mixing Vojtech Mastny’s “Russia’s Road to the Cold War. Diplomacy, Warfare and the Politics of Communism, 1941-1945,” with Vladislav Zubok’s and Constantine Pleshakov’s “Inside the Kremlin’s Cold War.”
Now a serious World War II event like the Normandy landings has been marred by – what else – stupid s**t.
Because Barack the First simply cannot be in the same room with Vladimir Putin – as he would have no teleprompter to guide him – French President Francois Hollande must host two dinners in a row on Thursday. This was essentially leaked to American media by one of Obama’s foreign policy advisers, the astounding mediocrity Ben Rhodes.
And the most startling absurdity is that all this is taking place with the background of a Kiev-conducted, Washington-enabled “anti-terrorist operation” – for instance in Lugansk – where civilian “collateral damage” is being framed as the culprit. Neo-Nazis are positively gloating – in their graves or in their contemporary balaclavas. “

Crazy stuff, no?

A Little History On The Purveyors Of Death

Two offerings from the net looking into the history of death squads deployed around the world and their sponsors, the ultimate purveyors of death, the international anglo/zionist regime.

The first is a net interview with Dan Welch (h/t McJ). I first saw him on an RT Crosstalk show and was struck by his logic, his grasp of historical facts and how to use them. He also has an engaging manner that communicates the absurdity of the talk of the psychopaths in power and those that carry water for them.

Dan clearly identifies the perps in power as psychopaths. He talks about the genesis of the death squads in Latin America and how they were trained by the US at places like The School of the Americas. He points out that Al Qaeda and affiliated jihadist groups in Syria and elsewhere are in fact the continuation of the death squads trained by the US and deployed in Latin and South America in decades gone by. Same same in every way.

One point especially pleased me, I must say. I have been saying for some time that the factor that stopped the military bombardment of Syria was the Russian Navy's downing of the two missiles fired at Damascus by the US Navy. Dan Welch makes a point of this and is the only media commentator that I have come across who calls it and emphasises the point that the only thing these psychopaths respond to is a credible military deterent. All the nonsense about Obama being reasonable or facing a potential revolt from Congress etc is just that; nonsense. Psychopaths cannot be reasoned with. There is no conscience, no compassion and no ultruism there to appeal to. They only know what they want and only think about how to get it.

It is an excellent interview. It links a lot of things together historically and covers a lot of ground including that the US will fail in Ukraine whether it takes 6 months or 6 years. He also maintains that the US already knows this but is now intent on causing as much harm and destruction as it can (Plan B) just as it is doing in Syria.

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